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  • Bethel, CT 203-778-2727

    Del-Tron Precision is your one-stop shop for ball & crossed roller slides, multi-axis positioning and motor-ready lead screw stages, air actuators, recirculating slide guides and crossed roller rail sets. Custom linear slides are available. Visit our website to find life/load calculators. Our greatest strength is to offer components which provide a reliable mechanical interface for equipment.

  • Erie, PA 800-345-4946

    It is our goal to provide our customers with the best assembly machines in the industry. We take the time to provide the ultimate in pricing, customer service, dependability, and durability on all our products. We believe in placing the customer first above all else. You can learn more when you contact us for details or visit our website for more info!

  • Warren, MI 517-512-4233

    Eckhart designs, builds, and sustains assembly lines for the largest operations in the world. Solutions include lift assists, torque systems, conveyance, AGVs, robotics, collaborative robotics, 3D printed tooling, poka-yokes, sub-assembly stations, and error proofing vision systems.

  • Forest, VA 800-294-2003

    Simplimatic Automation provides conveyor systems, robotics, and custom factory automation to a variety of manufacturing, assembly and packaging operations worldwide. We are dedicated to the on-time delivery of quality products at a competitive price, backed by the best customer support in the industry

    Simplimatic Automation
  • Rochester, NH 603-332-7733

    Intec Automation offers world-class expertise for designing and building custom, automated assembly solutions for a variety of industries. We have experience producing systems for filling and dispensing, bulk material handling, tape application, inspection, and more. Our promise is to provide the highest quality, best performing, most robust turn-key solution for your manufacturing, development, and assembly needs.

    Intec Automation, Inc.
  • Hicksville, NY 516-595-7495

    Isel has a variety of patented automation equipment for various industries. We are a stocking distributor of linear motion and automation components. Products in our inventory include a wide variety of products such as linear rails, bearings, V guide rollers, and many more. We would also be happy to discuss customization of our products for unique OEM applications.

    Isel USA, Inc.
  • Apex, NC 919-772-0115

    ATI is a recognized leader in Automated Assembly Products and Services. To stay competitive, take advantage of our products such as Auto-fed Part Placers, Pick & Place Mechanisms, Placer/Presses, Feed Systems, Assembly Work Cells, and Robotic and Vision Applications. All of ATI's products are manufactured to assure quality, accuracy, and dependability for constant assembly production. Contact us today!

    ATI Industrial Automation, Inc.
  • Belleville, NJ 800-822-8629

    The assembly machines that we offer are manufactured from the latest technology using the most innovative designs in the business. We believe in providing solutions that will last at an affordable price. No matter whether you need a pneumatic or vacuum system, we can help you meet your needs. Contact us for more info today!

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Assembly Machines

Assembly machines are used to perform the many tasks associated with the assembly of products. They are often used in conjunction with other machines in an assembly line. Assembly machines do a variety of tasks and can make countless products. They are crucial to the production process in manufacturing industries.

Assembly machines can be operated manually or by computer, although the computerized aspect of assembly machines is what makes them so popular. The computerized aspect is referred to as CNC machining, or machines run by computer programs such as computer assisted design (CAD) and computer aided manufacturing (CAM) as well as other advanced programming such as photo imaging. Because these programs allow each individual machine to be programmed to repeat a task with very little human interaction, they cut down on costs and increase productivity time. The original assembly line in 1908, developed by a team of engineers including Henry Ford did not involve much assembly machinery yet. Instead it was an organizational system, directing a group of workers to perform a single step in the process of producing a product rather then doing every step for one product from beginning to end. This sped up production to such an extent that producing cars, which was Henry Ford’s business, went from taking hours to taking minutes. The technological advances of our modern society have pushed this idea into a new realm of mass production.

What was done by many human hands in 1908 is now done by many manufacturing automation machines. These automated assembly machines are capable of performing a wide variety of tasks, including riveting, brazing, welding, eyeleting, metal injecting, screw driving, nut driving and soldering. They are faster, more accurate and more efficient than their human counterparts. Human workers are now employed as practitioners of machine maintenance and overseeing the quality of the products coming from the assembly lines. Most assembly machines require regular monitoring and lubrication in order to continue to run smoothly and well. Although this means fewer workers are necessary in a manufacturing factory, it does require an educated employee who understands the intricacies of machinery and is very observant. When assembly machines are involved, the human counterparts are now about quality mind power rather then the quantity employed. A vast number of industries utilize assembly machines, including aerospace, automotive, medical suppliers and food and beverage processing plants. Large products, such as cars and major sections of ships may be produced by assembly lines just as easily as the small products such as cell-phones, screws, gears, and computer pieces.

Assembly Machines

Assembly Machines

Assembly Machines - PHD, Inc.

Assembly Machines - PHD, Inc.