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Metal processes encompass a wide range of methods that are used to alter the condition of metallic materials. Metal processing is most often performed for two main purposes: to shape the metal, such as in the metal spinning process and the metal stamping process, or to alter the state of the metal’s surface, such as in galvanization or coating processes. The metal forming process is more common than latter purpose, and can include such processes as the metal injection molding process, the metal casting process, the metal extrusion process and more. Even though many of these processes are complex metal manufacturing processes, even such simple process as the metal cutting process should be included in the metal process category. In addition, some processes are specific to the type or form of metal: for instance, there are the type-specific processes of the aluminum extrusion process as well as the sheet metal forming process. Although there is a wide variety of metal processes, some of the most common methods of metal processing for industrial applications include electroless nickel plating, metal etching, roll forming, water jet cutting, die casting, forging and metal stamping.

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