Bulk Material Handling Equipment

Granulated and dry bulk materials such as grain, powdered chemicals, sugar, flour and dry cereal require specialized conveying, mixing and processing systems. These bulk material handling and powder bulk handling systems are designed for the integrated industrial mixing, conveying, measuring and packaging of delicate, friable, sticky or free-flowing solids. Unlike parts, equipment and other products which are conveyed through fabrication, assembly and packaging by belt and chain conveyors, bulk solids and powdered solids require a closed screw conveyor, flexible screw conveyor or pneumatic conveyor system which prevents caking, packing, liquefying, contamination and agglomeration. Industrial mixers, dryers, pulverizers and vibratory feeders are integrated into bulk material handling systems for complete processing.

Equipment Used in Bulk & Powder Bulk Solid Handling

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Pneumatic Conveyors

Pneumatic conveyors are hollow, tubular structures which transport bulk solids and powdered solids from one processing station to another. Bulk materials are pushed through these conveyors by an airstream generated at the base of the tube by a blower or vacuum.

Flexicon Pneumatic Conveyors PRAB Pneumatic Conveyors
Images provided by Flexicon® Corporation and Vac-U-Max

Litco's Inca Presswood Pallets

Inca presswood pallets are molded and are free of nails that cause bag puncture. The solid deck provides protection from bag sagging and fork tine puncture. Bags also settle into the deck for increased load stability.
The finished pallet has a moisture content of less than 9%, is resistant to mold and free of any resident insects or fungi. Inca pallets are IPPC-ISPM 15 compliant for export wooden packaging regulations and are free of chemical treatments, including TBP and TCP. Inca pallets are a compliment to corporate sustainable efforts because they are Cradle to Cradle(CM) certified sustainable by MBDC. Priced for the budget minded, they are space saving and available in a variety of weight capacities and sizes including a new 24" x 40" for small lot unit loads.

Litco Corrugated Pallets PRAB Screw Conveyors
Images provided by Litco International, Inc.

Screw Conveyors

Screw conveyors use single rotating screws encased within a hollow, tubular structure which transport friable bulk materials from one process to another. Also known as auger conveyors, screw conveyors are often fabricated as flexible screw conveyors in order to reach across areas and building stories more easily. Without the restriction of rigidity, flexible screw conveyors can bend and conform to virtually any configuration.

Flexicon Screw Conveyors PRAB Screw Conveyors
Images provided by Flexicon® Corporation

Vibratory Feeders

Vibratory feeders are conveying ramps or feeding tubes which assist in transferring bulk and powder solids to and from conveyors, processes and hoppers. By vibrating the discharge end of a hopper or conveyor, powdered material caked on the sides and within is loosened until it falls freely. Bulk handling sometimes uses vibratory feeding ramps to convey over short distances, and most bulk bag filling, bag dumping and hoppers are equipped with vibrating feeders.

Eriez Vibratory Feeders Eriez Vibratory Feeders
Images provided by Eriez Manufacturing Company


Pulverizers de-agglomerate clumps or blocks of bulk solid materials into friable or free-flowing materials with uniform consistency. This is necessary for pneumatic or screw conveying as well as for uniform processing.

IPEC Rotor Mill 3000 IPEC Rotor Mill 9500
Images provided by International Process Equipment Company

Industrial Dryers

Industrial dryers are often integrated into the final processing stages of a variety of bulk materials for the final removal of contaminating moisture. Products such as dry cereal or flour are rotated through an air dryer, rotary dryer or flash dryer to ensure the bulk solid or powdered material has the proper uniform consistency and will not grow bacteria due to moisture.

Carrier Industrial Dryers Carrier Industrial Dryers
Images provided by Carrier Vibrating Equipment, Inc.

Industrial Blowers

Industrial blowers provide air and gas movement in ventilation, circulation and drying applications. Pneumatic conveying systems depend on blowers and vacuums to convey bulk materials, and drying and dust collecting stations within a bulk material handling system use blowers at multiple stages as well.

AMETEK Industrial Blowers AMETEK Industrial Blowers
Images provided by AMETEK Technical & Industrial Products

Industrial Mixers

Industrial mixers in a variety of configurations are used to blend multiple bulk or powdered materials together as part of a bulk material processing system. Mixers used in powder & bulk applications are typically paddle mixers or ribbon blenders; sometimes powdered or dry materials are mixed with wet materials to form products such as bread dough or slurries.

Arde Barinco Inc. Industrial Mixers Arde Barinco Inc. Industrial Mixers
Images provided by Arde Barinco Inc.

Bulk Bags

Bulk bags are used as large volume portable containers in multiple stages of bulk and powder material processing systems. Materials are loaded into bags through conveyors by bulk bag fillers, a frame designed specifically to hold a bag during filling; bag fillers often serve dually as bulk bag conditioners by weighing the materials within the bag and shaping the filled bag into a manageable shape. Bag dump stations, or bulk bag dischargers, turn filled bags upside-down over a pneumatic conveyor, screw conveyor, hopper or vibratory feeder for the powdered or bulk material inside to be distributed to other processes.

Flexicon Bulk Bags
Image provided by Flexicon Corporation


Bulk Material Handling System Diagram

bulk material handling diagram

Types of Materials - Bulk & Powder Bulk Solid Handling

Types of Materials Handled in Bulk & Powder Bulk Solid Handling

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