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Warehouse Mezzanines

Warehouse mezzanines are mezzanines used specifically in, as their indicates, warehouses. Warehouse mezzanines, like most other mezzanines, are raised platforms created to streamline and maximize the space used for material handling. They create more room for storage and/or working by making using of idle ceiling space. These brilliant structures save time and money by allowing their users to have more space inside the workhouse without having to extend the building itself or significantly change its layout.

Warehouse mezzanines are typically constructed of some combination of a deck or landing and one or more guardrails. They may also come equipped with one or more ladder, staircase and/or gate. The deck may be made using a few different material and pattern combinations, such as: open bar grating, open steel planking, steel bar grating, press lock grating, diamond textured steel grating or corrugated decking. They may additionally be crafted from structural steel, concrete or resin floor or plywood. Warehouse mezzanine guardrails or handrails are typically available in standard designs featuring two rails, three rails or wire mesh. Ladders, which are implemented not only for easy access to the mezzanine but also quick and easy dismount from the mezzanine, are placed strategically at different access points. Staircases are typically constructed from structural steel, but they may have different types of tread, such as diamond textured steel plating or diamond textured open bars, and they may also be complemented by opened or closed risers. Gates are available in different dimensions as well as different styles, such as lift out, sliding, single swing, double swing and safety pivot. Also, they can be equipped with spring loaded safety locks. Warehouse mezzanines may be placed around the perimeter of a room or building, the middle of a room or building or around or above existing shelving (provided the shelving can support the extra weight of the mezzanine).

Mezzanine manufacturers offer warehouse mezzanines in both pre-constructed or prefabricated designs or custom designs. Both options have different advantages and disadvantages. First, prefab warehouse mezzanines are less costly, get sent out more quickly and are easy to implement. They arrive partially constructed already and are available in both rectangular and square designs. However, if the setting in which one or more warehouse mezzanines will be placed is very unique, difficult to rearrange or irregular, prefab models will be more difficult to install. In this case, it is better that customers seek out custom designed mezzanines. To create the absolute best custom warehouse mezzanines, an architect from a mezzanine construction company will visit the work site in which it will be installed in order to take note of the space’s dimensions and layouts. Armed with this information, the architect can go back to work and draft the most useful and efficient warehouse mezzanine configuration possible. She or he considers such factors as: warehouse dimensions (including ceiling height), the layout of existing equipment and storage space, building codes, how much weight a mezzanine must bear, whether the space will be used for storage or more work and what integrative equipment a mezzanine may require. Some equipment that may be added to a mezzanine space includes: lights, outlets and electrical conduits. In addition, a warehouse mezzanine that is meant to double as an office space can be outfitted with windows, doors and paneled enclosures. While a customized warehouse mezzanine takes longer to build and will likely be more expensive, it offers the most precise dimensions, load bearing and accessibility.

Regardless of whether a customer decides to go with a pre-constructed warehouse mezzanine or a custom made warehouse mezzanine, a manufacturer must make sure that the product sent out is in compliance with the International Building Code (IBC) standards put forth by the International Code Council (ICC) and the requirements of the Occupational Health and Safety Administration (OSHA), as well as any individual building codes and fire safety codes to which a customer must comply. Not all warehouse mezzanines are created equal; that is why it is so important to find a manufacturer that you can trust. During your search for a trustworthy and skilled manufacturer, IQS recommends that you reach out to one or more of the many excellent mezzanine manufacturers listed on this page. They all have what it takes to make you a structure that will increase the efficiency and organization in your space for many years to come. Maximize your space by purchasing a warehouse mezzanine. No matter the application, whether it is light duty, heavy duty or somewhere in between, warehouse mezzanines have value to add.

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