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  • A Whole New Office

    As your business, office or other place frequented starts to seem a little small, and you become ready to expand, the idea of a mezzanine might be a logical one. This method is often the best way to go because it does not require relocating and is less costly than an addition. However, simply deciding that you want a mezzanine does not mean the decision process is over. Next you must decide on the materials, headroom, weight load, size, railings and other modifications. All of these types of decisions will...

  • Platforms and More Platforms

    Storage platforms can mean different things to different people. For the electronic junkies of the world it could be referring to digital storage of documents, songs, data, etc. Meanwhile to the industrial world it would more likely refer to a type of mezzanine used in various offices and buildings. These two variations of ideas have a lot of similarities while remaining very different. Both are able to store something, in some instances both can be used to store data, just in slightly different forms. Further, they both increase the storage...

  • Up, Up, and Not Away

    Why is the industrial mezzanine such a popular utility within industry? I see the explanation all around me, even when I'm not near a mezzanine. To the left of my computer monitor I have a stack of five paper racks. If I set those paper racks next to each other instead of on top of each other, I'd have much less usable space on my desk, and the functionality and value of each rack would become diminished. When I drive around downtown, I see tall buildings. Why are those buildings...

  • Storage Platforms for Space Expansion

    Storage platforms are often the solution to the space expansion needs of distributors and manufacturers. When such companies expand to the point where they have outgrown their facilities, they are faced with a choice. They can construct new facilities, relocate to new facilities, do nothing or find a way to expand within their existing facilities. Storage platforms present one way of expanding existing storage space at a fraction of the cost of building expansion or relocation. Distributors and suppliers know better than any other operations the value of efficient space...

  • Shopping Problems to Storage Problems...

    For girls with shopping problems, and guys for that matter, storage problems can occur quickly. Whether it is random junk like candles and picture frames, mountains worth of clothes or various electronics and pieces of equipment that guys insist they can fix but never get around to, items can build up fast. This happens even more quickly when kids become part of the equation because they have all of their toys and clothes that they will grow out of quickly that become too sentimental to simply throw away. And moving...

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Storage Platforms

Storage platforms are mezzanines used for temporary placement of materials and equipment. Many public, commercial, warehouse and industrial buildings make use of storage platforms to increase existing floor space for storage. Every industrial operation, particularly those that operate in warehouses and factories, must contend with the issue of efficient space utilization.

As a warehouse or factory-based business grows, it must find innovative ways to use its space efficiently. But these innovations can only go so far, as space is never unlimited. Eventually, a growing company will reach the limits of its storage or workspace capacity. A company that faces this problem has a few options. The company can move to new, larger facilities, expand current facilities, do nothing (and face the indefinite stagnation of business) or it can construct storage mezzanine platforms. Storage platforms are a highly cost-effective solution; their construction and installation can be 60-80% less expensive than the cost of building new facilities. Storage platforms can be custom-fitted to existing layouts. They can be designed with any number of treaded or grated stairways to provide easy and safe platform access from multiple locations. Storage platforms can be made from a variety of different materials, but they are most commonly made with steel (other materials include aluminum and fiberglass).

Storage platform materials can range from smooth, cold-rolled steel to grated or treaded varieties of other metals. Depending on the materials to be stored, the weight of those materials and the frequency with which materials will be moved on and off of the platform, certain materials and configurations can be more appropriate than others. Some storage platforms are equipped with accessories like conveyors and lifts to simplify the transportation of heavy or bulky products on and off of the platform. Storage platforms are supported by a collection of beams and columns, both of which must be arranged in a way that minimizes impedance to operations beneath the platform. Storage mezzanines can be free-standing or structural. Free-standing storage mezzanines can be introduced to existing operations and placed around machinery. They are used as expansions of storage space for growing operations. Structural storage mezzanines are integrated into the structure of buildings and are permanent. They are less modular than free-standing models, but they can often be sturdier because they are supported by permanent structural support components.

Storage Platforms
Storage Platforms
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