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  • For A Durable Option, Consider Metal

    While there may be a wide variety of options for mezzanine construction materials, one that many choose is metal. Metals are ideal because they are incredibly strong and durable. Popular metal mezzanine materials include steel, stainless steel, titanium and a variety of other similar materials. Other parts of the mezzanine might be made out of other materials, for example the railings or paneling might be made out of plastic, but the majority of the mezzanine, especially its foundation is most often made out of a metal material. There are many...

  • More Space For Warehouses

    As a bargain shopper, I do not mind shopping for the items I will need in bulk. And my favorite place to do so is Costco. A giant shopping warehouse, they are capable of carrying anything that I might want, and what seems to be roughly a billion other things on top of that From food to clothes to appliances and everything in between, they have all of my desires covered. The only problem is, when everything you sell is in large bulk packaging, space gets taken up very quick....

  • Metal Mezzanines for Dependability and Strength

    A company that invests in a mezzanine system is a company that expects growth. Installing a mezzanine in existing warehouse space is one way that companies expand the usable space in their facilities. Space expansion happens as a consequence of growth or in anticipation of it. Especially in the case of suppliers and distributors, space use and management are central contributing factors to profitability. The more space such companies have to stock products, the higher their potential sales can be. Because there are many different kinds of companies that can...

  • Steel Mezzanines for Heavy Storage

    When a company chooses to install a mezzanine in its facilities, it has to be able to depend on the strength and durability of that mezzanine. Especially in situations in which mezzanines are used to bear heavy loads over extended periods of time, the strength of the building material is essential and must not be capable of question. Of course, no company wants to subject its mezzanine system to risk, but it is not always necessary to build mezzanines out of the absolute strongest materials. In the case of light-duty...

  • 3 Benefits to Steel Mezzanines

    All factories, warehouses and facilities have a limited amount of floor space and storage. Storage racks can only be stacked so high and your square footage is a fixed number. So what other options are there to optimizing the dead space above that you are still obligated to heat and air condition? One of the easiest and most popular options to taking full advantage of the high ceiling space is the use of steel mezzanines. Steel mezzanines are platforms, walkways or a combination of both to successfully create more square...

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Steel Mezzanines

Steel mezzanines are raised platforms that create extra space for a variety of applications in many industrial and commercial settings. Building a mezzanine in an existing factory or warehouse building is like adding a second floor without incurring the cost of construction materials, labor, building permits, land use permits, taxes and other expenses. Industrial companies that reach the capacity of their facilities must find a way to allow for the continued growth of their operations, and mezzanine construction is one of the most efficient means of space expansion available to industry.

Steel mezzanines are among the sturdiest available mezzanine systems. While mezzanines effectively double the capacity of the areas in which they are installed, companies that plan to add mezzanine expansions (or that plan to build new buildings with integral, structural mezzanines) must carefully choose the mezzanine’s design and materials based on its planned application. A mezzanine system is worthless (or dangerous) if it collapses because of incompatibility between building materials and their application. Steel mezzanines provide superior structural support and are often used in facilities and warehouses as storage platforms. Some light industrial equipment can also be mounted on steel mezzanine platforms.

Steel mezzanines can be made from solid, grated or perforated platforms. The platforms are supported by beams and columns that support the structure and minimize impedance to movement below. There are three varieties of steel used in mezzanine platform construction: cold-rolled steel, structural steel and stainless steel. Cold-rolled steel mezzanine platforms are lighter than structural steel platforms, though this does not cause any significant reduction in its strength or load-bearing capacity. Cold-rolled steel can also have a smoother finish than structural steel, which makes it suitable for highly visible applications. Structural steel platforms can be the most cost-effective types of mezzanine floors, though they are heavier than other flooring types. Structural steel mezzanines use I-beams, joints and tubular columns for support. Stainless steel mezzanine platforms are the most expensive, but are highly corrosion-resistant; they are most often used by food processing operations. Each construction material features benefits and drawbacks, each of which must be considered carefully in advance of installation. 

Steel Mezzanines
Steel Mezzanines
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