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  • Safety in the Workplace

    In today's industrial world, safety is everything. It is important for the workers and employers alike, and several groups are dedicated to ensuring that safety is abided by at all times. We are a very fortunate country to have this because it can save lives in some of the harsher working situations. The most popular of these groups is the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, more commonly known as OSHA. Dedicated to assuring that men and women have safe and healthy working conditions, they enforce a set level of standards...

  • Mezzanine Builders Create New Space

    If you've seen the first Indiana Jones movie, you may remember the massive warehouse where the Ark gets stored at the end of the movie. It's become an iconic shot in American cinema, and it's been parodied and recreated in a lot of other movies and TV shows (and even by another Indiana Jones movie). What makes the warehouse look so distinct is that it is seemingly endless; you see row upon endless row of top-secret clutter. I imagine two warehouse managers seated next to each other in the movie...

  • Industrial Mezzanines - Something to Get Excited About

    It can be hard to get excited about seemingly mundane industrial utilities like mezzanines. After all, what's exciting about an elevated storage platform? Industrial mezzanines are far less ornate and novel than their non-industrial counterparts, which can be found in theaters and in sports arenas. However, despite their seeming boringness, they serve important purposes, and the implications of their use ripple out beyond the boundaries of industry. Consider, for example, the costs, both in terms of financial capital and in terms of natural resources, associated with the construction of new...

  • IQS Featured Profile: Equipment Roundup Manufacturing

    Mezzanines The Equipment Roundup Manufacturing staff has over 100 years of combined experience designing, building, and installing mezzanines, catwalks and other material handling systems for many applications including retail, manufacturing, and distribution. Our in-house design team utilizes state of the art software to quickly respond to design requests, always remaining flexible to each customer's specific needs as plans and projects grow and change. Read More......

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Industrial Mezzanines

Industrial mezzanines are raised platforms that are used by a wide variety of industrial companies to create extra space for many applications. All industrial operations are concerned with efficiency. Effective use of workspace contributes directly to operational efficiency, especially for supply and distribution companies that base their operations in warehouses.

When an industrial company’s operations consume the limits of their facilities’ capacity to accommodate them, that company is presented with four choices. In order to continue growth, the company can move to larger premises, the company can expand its current premises, the company can accept indefinite stagnation or it can invest in industrial mezzanines (unless it has already installed them). Mezzanines effectively double the capacity of the spaces in which they are installed. They create extra storage space, they create spaces from which factory or warehouse floor operations can be observed and they can even accommodate small offices. The tens of thousands of dollars that a company would spend on construction materials and labor costs, permits, taxes and all other manner of expenses can be dramatically reduced by investing instead in a mezzanine system. There are many possible mezzanine configurations. The two main categories into which all of those configurations fall are free-standing and structural.

Free-standing mezzanines are the simpler of the two varieties. When a company has already established its operations and requires more space, free-standing mezzanines most easily accommodate existing machinery, workspaces and mobile equipment like forklifts and hi-lows. They consist of platforms, beams and columns that can be spaced in a way that minimizes impedance of operations on warehouse or factory floors. If, after installation, they must be moved or torn down, many free-standing mezzanine designs can be easily disassembled or adjusted to make the addition of more platforms and supports possible. They can be designed to varying load-bearing specifications for use in applications ranging from light-duty storage to support for small office spaces. Structural mezzanines are built into the structure of industrial facilities. They are generally much less easily modified than free-standing models, though they have their own advantages. They can sometimes bear heavier loads than can free-standing models and can sometimes even permanently accommodate light machinery. They can be lined with electrical conduits and water pipes, allowing for easy maintenance. They are usually attached to walls, support beams or other strong, structural load bearing components and are intended to be permanent.

Industrial Mezzanines
Industrial Mezzanines
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Industrial Mezzanines - Abtech, Inc.

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