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  • From Luxury Balconies to Warehouses

    In countless story books, movies, celebrity homes and other dreamy locations, often there is the perfect staircase that will lead up to an indoor sort of balcony. These are magnificent structures that add even more personality and a stronger atmosphere to the room. My personal favorites are the ones located in a library. However, no matter where they are they are large and exquisite, with intricate railings to make it look even more amazing. These large and breathtaking structures are a form of a mezzanine. Mezzanines are essentially a mini-floor...

  • Mezzanine Safety

    Simply by virtue of being raised platforms, mezzanines have to be equipped with safety equipment. Because mezzanines vary in terms of their size, height, function and overall design, different mezzanines must be equipped with different kinds of safety equipment. That equipment can range from safety gates, railings, stair treads and railings, anti-slip floor treads and coatings, warning signs and a variety of other utilities that can reduce the risk of injury or product damage on or near a mezzanine. Office mezzanines require comparatively few safety additions because there are few...

  • Consider Mezzanine Construction

    $2,690,740. That's the cost of a new, 30,000 square foot brick warehouse, including union labor, contractor fees and architectural fees, according to Reed Construction Data. Even in less turbulent economic conditions, management has to think long and hard before spending that kind of money on anything. For distributors and suppliers, growth depends on many factors, and one of those factors is available space. When a supplier grows to the point where storage capacity limits further growth, a decision must be made: accept growth stagnation, invest in new construction or find...

  • Office Mezzanines at Work

    Office Mezzanines Image Courtesy of Abtech I used to work at an apparel wholesaler as an order picker. Picture the warehouse from Raiders of the Lost Ark, but instead of racks filled with mystical artifacts and frozen aliens, there are thousands and thousands of boxes of plain T-shirts. My job was to ride a tricycle up and down the rows, placing single orders in a basket mounted on the back wheels. I have never had a more novel job. What struck me as I whizzed through the rows looking for...

  • More Benefits of Mezzanine Construction

    A commenter on the last post made a good point that I'd like to bring to light in this post. He highlighted how investing in free-standing mezzanines and platforms can, over time, amount to significant property tax savings. Here's part of the comment: Free-standing mezzanines and platforms can be considered capital equipment, therefore the depreciation is quicker than the depreciation would be for a building addition. In the United States, there are provisions written into the tax code that allow businesses to recover investment costs in business or income-producing property...

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Mezzanine Construction

Mezzanine construction is the process of design, assembly and installation of mezzanine systems. Mezzanines are raised platforms that create extra workspace and storage space. In industrial settings like warehouses and factories, mezzanines allow for the storage of supplies and equipment, and they can also provide office space.

Mezzanine construction companies offer a valuable service to industrial and commercial operations that require an expansion of their work or storage space. A company faces a few choices when it grows to the limits of its facility’s capacity: the company can move to a new facility, expand its current facility, accept the indefinite stagnation of its business or construct mezzanines (assuming it has not built them already). The purchase or construction of a new facility is expensive and time consuming. Also, the costs of construction and labor, building permits, taxes and other expenses can be quite high in structural expansion projects. Mezzanines effectively double the capacities of the spaces in which they are installed, and their construction incurs a fraction of the expenses involved in new building construction or expansion. They are versatile, many designs are modular and they can be designed to accommodate a range of load weights.

The most basic mezzanine design features a platform supported by columns. They can be designed in many shapes, constructed out of many materials and fitted with many accessories. Simple, free-standing square and rectangular mezzanines can be placed anywhere on a warehouse or factory floor while minimizing the impedance to movement below; these designs allow for easy and quick access to supplies (many prefabricated mezzanines are designed and used in this way). Other mezzanines can be built around the entire perimeter of a space to allow for easy personnel movement throughout a facility, for observation and even for visitor tours. Any number of grated or treaded stairs can be attached to allow for multiple access points. In applications where heavy items are stored or where machinery operates on mezzanine platforms, lifts and conveyors can be built into mezzanine systems, allowing for the safe and easy transportation of materials between the mezzanine and other levels. Some buildings can be designed to accommodate structural mezzanines, which are raised platforms that are integrated into building construction. These systems are usually designed for companies that anticipate the need for extra storage, workspace or observation platforms in advance of relocation or expansion.
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