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  • Santa Ana, CA

    As a manufacturer of mezzanines, including inplant modular offices, exterior steel buildings, guard buildings, fork liftable and crane liftable buildings, multi-level buildings and mezzanines, Abtech offers turnkey installations or packages for install by end user. Our modular structures are constructed of steel, are free-standing & manufactured under strict quality control methods.

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  • Vancouver, WA

    Since 1982, Equipment Roundup Manufacturing has manufactured products such as mezzanines. Our mezzanine structures include mezzanine systems, mezzanine floors, industrial mezzanines & plant mezzanines. Like other customers, you will discover the difference our enthusiastic can-do attitude brings. We help you discover solutions to problems you may not have considered. Your success is our success.

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  • Nappanee, IN

    Are you looking for a ready-to-use mezzanine? Our team can handle the design and install so that when we're done, it is ready for you to go to work. When you choose PWI we drastically increase your workspace, in many cases customers create new work or additional storage space. Our steel mezzanines are an affordable alternative to new construction and ensures you are getting the most out of your existing space. A mezzanine costs a fraction of new construction and doesn't require building permits.

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  • Vero Beach, FL

    At Next Level Storage, we specialize in creating custom mezzanine solutions that elevate your space to new heights. As a team of dedicated professionals, we take pride in our ability to handle your entire mezzanine project from start to finish. When it comes to mezzanines, we're the experts you can trust.

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  • Cincinnati, OH

    ResinDek® flooring is the solution for mezzanines, work platforms, pick module flooring, and equipment storage. ResinDek® panels have been installed in distribution centers, manufacturing plants, cold storage facilities and many other applications because of its strength, durability, versatility, and variety.

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  • Blairsville, GA

    Panel Built is a manufacturer and distributor of industrial mezzanines and other storage and equipment platforms for many industries. Our products are built for durability and long-lasting performance. Panel Built products are bolt-together wide-span frames designed and detailed for installation and functionality. Use your imagination to design a mezzanine for your needs.

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  • Salem, IN

    Since 1985, Donobrog has been providing low cost easy mezzanines, inplant offices, pick modules, pallet racking and shelving systems…. “Turn Key – New and Used””. Sales, Engineering, Fabrication and Installation. Our labor also can tear down, move, re-assemble and repair existing storage systems. Contact us to discuss your facility improvements.

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Mezzanine Design Industry Information

Mezzanine Design

Mezzanine design is selecting building materials and plans in advance of building a mezzanine in a workspace. The mezzanine design process generates plans for office mezzanines, storage mezzanines, and a wide variety of other elevated platforms.

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Why Use Mezzanines

Mezzanines, outside of the context of theaters, are elevated platforms on which items can be stored, office spaces can be constructed, and various other industrial and commercial purposes can be served. Space conservation is of utmost importance in most commercial and industrial workplaces. When its space runs out, a company has just a few options. The first option is to expand its structure or build new ones. This process can be very time-consuming and expensive; it involves purchasing building permits, submitting to safety and environmental friendliness tests, and various other expenses. Another option is relocation, which involves moving all equipment and personnel to entirely different premises. This process can also be expensive and time consuming. The third option is mezzanine construction. Mezzanine construction requires no permits, no major structural changes, and can cost a fraction of building construction or relocation.

Mezzanine Applications

Mezzanines can be used for a variety of invaluable purposes. Office mezzanines are used to create office spaces in industrial or commercial settings. They can be used to create office space above working machinery or storage areas, or they can be used to create office space beneath an elevated working or storage platform. Storage mezzanines are designed specifically to create additional storage space. The creation of additional internal storage space can be invaluable for distributors and other warehouse-based operations. It allows companies to hold a larger inventory stock at a comparatively low cost. Mezzanines can be constructed out of a wide variety of materials, and they are available in an equally large variety of configurations. They can be pre-assembled in mezzanine prefabrication facilities, or they can be custom-made to fit the needs of individual spaces. Because mezzanines are designed to support people's weight and important equipment and materials, they are always designed to provide maximum safety to their users; mezzanine safety consideration is an integral part of the mezzanine design. Because they are such an inexpensive alternative to new space construction, mezzanines are popular, highly valued utilities.

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Steel King Industries® Launches New Industrial Platform Group – NexCaliber Structures™

    Cincinnati, OH, January 12, 2021 – Steel King Industries® continues to strengthen its presence in the material handling marketplace with the launch of NexCaliber Structures™, a new business unit that will supply turnkey solutions for engineered elevated work platforms.    The NexCaliber team has harnessed decades of high-capacity engineering and software experience to develop smart design technology for large-scale, complex automated systems required by the growing 3PL, ecommerce, logistics, and food & beverage industries.   These robust systems, manufactured at Steel King’s facility in Rome, GA, can be... Read More About This