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  • Designing Possibilities

    Inherited from my mother and sisters, I love rearranging and designing things. I quickly get bored with the same look to my room or outgrow it and need something completely new. Luckily in college, moving about everywhere I had plenty of chances to do this. Now however, it has been over a year with the same look and I am starting to go stir crazy! I need to paint the walls, switch the decorations or do something! One thing I would love to do in my living room is build...

  • The Joy of Clear Span Mezzanines

    Warehouse and factory floors can be chaotic places. Ideally they're not, but in reality they can be. Especially in the case of large scale distribution operations, which sometimes are staffed by temporary workers and which can have high turnover rates, the common denominator of worker attention to detail and safety can be lower than optimal. I worked in such a place for a short while after graduating, and I was thankful upon emerging from that job that I never banged my head on anything and that I was never run...

  • Mezzanine Design: Making Sense of Space Management

    Some warehouses are better laid out than others. Certainly no industrial professional would deny the importance of careful space management, but it's also true that not every warehouse's layout is designed and policed as diligently as possible. The good news is that in most cases, problems of disorganization can be solved by organizing. Products can be accounted for and stored correctly, equipment can be placed in a way that maximizes safety and productivity; most of the things that take up space in warehouses can be, with some effort, arranged in...

  • Mezzanine Design Options

    Mezzanines are useful for many reasons in manufacturing and processing plants, retail stores, office buildings, distribution centers and warehouses. They are used to create more space for storage, production and assembly, and can be designed around existing equipment and structural columns. There are several aspects to consider when it comes to mezzanine design. Today, I'd like to look at the three main options there are in terms of design: Free Standing, Catwalk, and Full Mat. The first option would be a Free Standing Mezzanine. These allow for the most use...

Industry Information

Mezzanine Design

Mezzanine design is the process of selecting building materials and building plans in advance of building a mezzanine in a workspace. The mezzanine design process is used to generate plans for office mezzanines, storage mezzanines and a wide variety of other elevated platforms.

Mezzanines, outside of the context of theaters, are elevated platforms on which items can be stored, office spaces can be constructed and a variety of other industrial and commercial purposes can be served. Space conservation is of utmost importance in the overwhelming majority of commercial and industrial workplaces. When its space runs out, a company has just a few options. The first option is to expand its structure or build new ones. This process can be very time consuming and expensive; it involves purchasing building permits, submitting to safety and environmental friendliness tests and a variety of other expenses. Another option is relocation, which involves moving all equipment and personnel to entirely different premises. This process can also be expensive and time consuming. The third option is mezzanine construction. Mezzanine construction requires no permits, no major structural changes and can cost a fraction of building construction or relocation.

Mezzanines can be used for a variety of invaluable purposes. Office mezzanines are used to create office spaces in industrial or commercial settings. They can be used to create office space above working machinery or storage areas, or they can be used to create office space beneath an elevated working or storage platform. Storage mezzanines are designed specifically to create additional storage space. The creation of additional internal storage space can be invaluable for distributors and other warehouse-based operations. It allows companies to hold a larger stock of inventory at a comparatively low cost. Mezzanines can be constructed out of a wide variety of materials, and they are available in an equally large variety of configurations. They can be pre-assembled in mezzanine prefabrication facilities, or they can be custom-made to fit the needs of individual spaces. Because mezzanines are designed to support the weight of people as well as important equipment and materials, they are always designed to provide maximum safety to their users; mezzanine safety consideration is an integral part of mezzanine design. Because they are such an inexpensive alternative to new space construction, mezzanines are popular, highly valued utilities.

Mezzanine Design
Mezzanine Design
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