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  • South Holland, IL 800-875-1038

    As industry leaders for more than 45 years, our company is the gold standard for engineering and manufacturing powerful, reliable and durable balers including used balers. Call us or visit our website to see how we can help you!

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  • Jacksonville, FL 800-231-9286

    Whether you are a small business looking for a way to stop paying for cardboard removal, the owner of an older industrial baler looking for a less labor intensive and a more "hands free" operation, or maybe a large company in need of multiple materials, custom sized bales, or super high production, we can build a cost effective application that fits your needs.

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  • Hendersonville, NC 828-696-2111

    At RCBC Global, we have established ourselves as pioneers of the waste-to-energy movement. We offer various types of new and used balers such as vertical, horizontal, logger balers, and many more. Our team will help you find a baler that fits within both your space requirements and your budget—all while ensuring waste is properly managed. When you choose RCBC, you choose an investment into the future of waste and pollution management.

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  • Addison, IL 312-261-6006

    Bramidan Balers US is the leading supplier of vertical balers, and and one of the fastest growing suppliers of recycling equipment in the US. We manufacture compact, durable, noiseless, safe and user-friendly balers. Our stockroom- and small footprint balers meet and exceed ANSI Standards Z245.5 and have UL® & CUL® Approved Control Panels. Contact us today to get in touch with our dedicated resellers.

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  • Mendham, NJ 973-543-3200

    Save nearly 80% on your trash hauling costs with the KenBay RotoPac industrial waste compactor. We manufacture and distribute: standard RotoPacs, hazardous waste HazPacs, SS marine industry SeaPacs, food industry SacPacs and explosion proof BlastPacs. We also sell vertical balers.

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  • Crown Point, IN 219-663-4525

    For over 60 years, Balemaster® has distinguished itself as the world's leading manufacturer of heavy duty reliable balers, shredders, hoggers, fluffers & perforators to meet nearly any requirement. We have equipment to meet your exact needs from a broad line of closed-door, auto-tier, wide-mouth & large feed hopper models--built to be the best & backed by flexible service programs.

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Used Balers

Balers are machines that assist their users in waste management by turning any number of high or low volumes of materials into bales, which are bundles of material that have been compressed and tightly wrapped and bound with cords or hoops. Also called compactors, balers are highly durable and reliable. When properly refurbished, used balers serve as an excellent alternative purchase to more expensive new baler machines. Purchasing used balers saves companies money in both the short and long run; not only is the initial investment much less expensive, but companies will see a much faster turnaround time with them, and because they are so reliable, the machine or machines will likely last for many years to come. These budget-friendly machines are used for a variety of compressing applications, including recycling, disposing of waste and preparing waste materials for transportation, handling or storage. Mostly, they are used by manufacturing and recycling facilities.

Balers, also known as baler or baling machines, are available in several forms, depending on the type of bale they produce, how they bind bales, whether or not they are mobile, what type of material they bale and more. Bales, which are produced in various sizes, are either rectangular or cylindrical and they may be bound by wire, netting, strapping or twine. While some balers are stationary, others are made to move. The latter are often designed to be pulled behind a towing vehicle, such as a tractor or a tow truck. Though they are most frequently employed with industrial waste and recycling applications, balers can also be used to compress agricultural materials, like hay, an application for which the hay baler was created. Material loaded into balers may be loaded by hand, by loader systems, by air systems or by conveyors. The area into which they are loaded is called the input area. Once material enters the input area, it is carried into a chamber, where, through the power of hydraulics, it is smashed, pounded or squeezed into a compact bale.

Companies in the market for used balers have a number of different design options to consider. However, the choice of style is usually fairly simple, as there are only two main styles of baler machines, both of which are based on direction and material flow. Customers may choose from horizontal balers and vertical balers. Materials to be compressed by horizontal balers are loaded and travel through them horizontally. In other words, horizontal balers are loaded from the side. Typically, they are used to process denser and heavier materials, such as non-ferrous scrap, newspapers, textiles and aluminum cans. Industries that often used horizontal balers include automotive, packaging and industrial manufacturing. While they are less space efficient, taking up more floor room than vertical balers, horizontal balers have the advantage of being able to run on a continuous process with a greater load capacity. Vertical balers are loaded from the top and they are generally used to compress less dense and lighter materials, such as plastic bottles, corrugated cardboard and shrink wrap. Because vertical balers require manual unloading, they work more slowly and have a lower overall output. However, they produce significantly less waste than horizontal balers and they take up less room.

Beyond monetary savings, there are a number of reasons that companies should invest in used balers. One significant advantage of used balers is their contribution to sustainability and green solutions. Baling, of course, is already a green process, since it cuts down on waste volumes, which reduces the carbon emissions required to recycle it. However, buying used expands upon this endeavor. This is especially appealing for recycling operations, which are already looking to reduce, reuse and recycle. Companies focused on recycling applications can further reduce their carbon footprint when they purchase used balers that have been designed for integration with entire recycling and composting systems.

Used balers are available for purchase via online suppliers who buy and sell used industrial equipment, or through local baler or refurbishment companies. To make the most out of a used baler investment, potential purchasers would be wise to have the baler they are considering thoroughly tested before purchase. Though they usually have long lifes, it is best to make sure they have been properly refurbished and do not have any malfunctions or incorrectly working components. When they speak with a used baler supplier representative, it is also important that potential customers go in knowing what type or types and what volume of material they plan on baling. This way, the representative can help them select the best baler configuration for their application.

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