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  • South Holland, IL 800-875-1038

    For over the past 40 years, hundreds of our “WIDE MOUTH” Horizontal Balers have been installed in warehouse and distribution center operations across North America. Major retailers across North America depend on us to provide their corrugated box trash baling requirements.

    Maren Engineering Corporation
  • Jacksonville, FL 800-231-9286

    The advantage in purchasing horizontal balers or associated pieces of machinery from us makes the deal more attractive in a way that other businesses will pay you for your waste rather than paying someone else for removal, making your waste a new profit stream. Give us a call today to see what sort of standard or custom solutions we can provide for your waste removal needs.

  • Salt Lake City, UT 801-565-1033

    Action Compaction specializes in recycling and trash handling equipment We sell and service 2-ram balers, horizontal balers, trash compactors, and conveyors. We also design complete trash/recycling systems. Our large inventory and committed service department allows us to buy, sell, service, rebuild, and repair all makes and models of balers. Contact us today for more detailed information or to inquire about specific products.

    Action Compaction Equipment
  • Quakertown, PA 215-536-0700

    BE Equipment offers more than 35 years experience providing professional installations of a wide range of recycling equipment types and sizes. Our trained installation crews are equipment experts who know what to anticipate during your installation. They arrive at your site equipped with the proper parts, tools and supplies to complete the installation properly and on schedule.

    BE Equipment, Inc.
  • Antigo, WI 715-627-2400

    Established in 1997, ACE Equipment Company is a leading manufacturer of quality industrial balers and related equipment. We are always creating new products using state-of-the-art technology and the highest standards. With excellent customer service and competitive pricing, satisfaction is guaranteed. We would love to be your source for all of your solid waste management projects and solutions. Contact us today for further information!

    ACE Equipment Company
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Horizontal Balers:

Horizontal balers are one of two main structures industrial balers use to compress waste materials or byproducts to improve the ease of handling, transportation, storage or recycling. The style of industrial baler is differentiated by the way material is loaded into and travels through the machine, either horizontally or vertically. While vertical balers are typically loaded from the top and tend to be more compact, horizontal balers take up more floor space and are used in larger facilities producing high amounts of dense scrap.

As one of the two basic styles of industrial balers,horizontal balers are used to compress and bind materials for shipping andrecycling. The style of industrial baler differentiates in the way the materialtravels through the machine as well as in the way the material is loaded intothe machine. In addition, horizontal balers take up take up more floor spacethan vertical balers and are generally used in larger facilities that producehigh amounts of waste and deal with high volumes of dense scrap. Typical scrapmaterials that horizontal balers process include old corrugated cartons,non-ferrous scrap, textiles, newsprint and aluminum cans. The automotive orpackaging industries often utilize larger horizontal industrial balers to makethe removal and transportation of scrap materials easier, along with industriesincluding packaging, industrial manufacturing, waste transfer and recycling.

Horizontal balers typically have input areas, loading areas,on one side of the machine so that the material can travel to the other side ina horizontal motion. However, horizontal balers may also have input areas onthe top of the machine. Material can be loaded by hand, by conveyors or loadersystems or by air systems. The input area leads to a chamber where the materialis pounded, smashed or squeezed into a compact size. The compaction of thematerial can be powered through a hydraulic system, generally designed tominimize heat output and energy loss. Horizontal balers can be either open-endedor close-ended; open-ended balers can offer automatic binding or manual bindingwhile close-ended balers generally require manual binding. The material istypically bound using wire, plastic or string and one bound is referred to as abale and offers improved handling, disposal, transportation or secondaryprocessing versus the raw material. Horizontal balers are can handle multiplematerials at once and offer a higher throughput capacity as well as moreautomated functions than a vertical baler.

As recycling becomes more central to industrial andmanufacturing processes, horizontal baling equipment will continue to play acentral role in the process as well. Materials are baled and compacted in orderto be shipped to recycling facilities to be reused in the production of futureitems within the same industry, such as scrap metal recycled into new sheetmetal for car bodies. An environmentally friendly process, most horizontalbaler manufacturers offer information such as the horizontal baler’s carbonfootprint, or the machine’s total greenhouse gas emissions, so that consumerscan be aware of their environmental impact. For high waste-producingindustries, such as automotive manufacturing, the choice of compacting wastematerials for recycling is also a matter of cost economy. Waste must bedisposed of whether it is recycled or not, but recycling used materials forprofit or for material recuperation provides an ROI on waste which would nothave existed otherwise.

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Horizontal Balers - Maren Engineering Corporation

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