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  • South Holland, IL 800-875-1038

    Since 1962, Maren has led the industry, building powerful and reliable manual tie, automatic tie and two ram balers, shredders and conveyors. That’s why many of the most successful paper & box plants, distribution centers, post consumer recyclers, and printers rely on Maren Balers to bolster their bottom line. Maren’s reputation for great customer service has carried from generation to generation of operators, service technicians and equipment buyers worldwide.

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  • Jacksonville, FL 800-231-9286

    If you are currently paying for the disposal of cardboard, paper, plastic or non-ferrous metals; than consider our range of industrial compactors and related equipment. We carry a large variety of models. We can even customize a piece of baling equipment to fit a client’s specific needs. You will be surprised at the variety of options that fit your budget.

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  • North Chili, NY 585-594-0200

    Baling Technologies Inc. is an industry leader in the design and installation of waste handling systems. The baler is often the central machine in a waste handling. Whether you manage a 400 ton per day recycling facility, or a small printing plant, when the baler goes down, it is a big problem! That is why we have chosen to represent the finest baler equipment manufacturers in the industry.

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  • Portland, OR 855-268-3393

    We have been providing industrial waste and recycling equipment to Oregon and the southwestern part of Washington since 1987. Some of our equipment includes cardboard balers, industrial trash compactors and medical waste sterilizers. We sell, rent and lease. 24/7 service is available. Contact us.

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  • Van Nuys, CA 800-220-6776

    EPAX Systems supplies superior baling & compaction equipment for many commercial & industrial waste handling applications, even the heavy tasks. Choose from our General Purpose Compactors, Rotary Compactor, Stationary & Self-Contained Compactors, Industrial Compactors, Indoor Commercial Compactors, Vertical & Horizontal Balers, plus entire waste management programs, including disposal & recycling.

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  • Wilsonville, OR 503-682-3633

    SSI Shredding Systems provides a wide range of waste management products, including industrial shredders, industrial balers, industrial reducers and industrial compactors. Our products are utilized in a variety of industries, serving a wide range of applications.

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Paper Balers - One

A driving force behind environmental concerns is a need to reduce the tons of waste that is dumped into landfills. This concern has led to the rise of the recycling industry, which has developed methods and plans to take waste materials and repurpose them for the production of new products.

One of the materials that is the easiest to recycle is paper since it can be easily broken down into its chemical components. To assist in the effort for recycling paper has been the development of the paper baler. These large machines are capable of taking all forms of paper products such as cardboard, bags, and advertisements and convert them into large bales to be used as raw material to produce new paper products.

What is a Paper Baler?

There are various types of paper balers that range from ones that sit in offices to ones that are large enough to produce bales that are several feet high. Regardless of the varieties of balers, the operating principles are essentially the same, which is to compress paper, under pressure, to form it into a bale.

The central mechanism of a baler is the hydraulic rams that supply the necessary pressure and compression. Hydraulics on a baler depend on the baler design, which can variety from a single ram to multiple rams. The increase in the number of rams determines the types of control device required to operate the mechanism.

Small paper balers, such as vertical balers, normally compress paper into a container or bag. This type of baler is loaded from the top and compresses by a safety switch that activates the mechanism. They can be found in grocery stores, office buildings, and office supply stores.

Larger balers, like horizontal and two ram balers, compress the material with the added feature of binding it with wire or twine. High-capacity balers are designed to operate continuously as paper is fed into them by a loader or conveyor belt. This type of baler is found at recycling plants or waste disposal facilities.

The most advanced of the paper balers is the automatic type that does not require any form of operator. Waste material is loaded into the baler. When it reaches its capacity, it automatically compresses the paper into a bale and ties it with twine or wire. Though wire and twine are common forms of baler restraining materials, some types use plastic wrap, paper, or tape to achieve the same result. The main purpose of the binding is to keep the material from falling out of the bale.

Why are Paper Balers Becoming So Useful?

In an effort to reduce costs, companies are using balers to control the amount of waste they produce. Since paper is the most prevalent of waste materials, paper balers have become a very popular and widely used piece of equipment.

Most locations that rely on hard copies for study and passing information have a shredder that works in concert with a baler. Shredding paper is another aspect of the recycling process and makes the repurposing of paper more efficient and easier.

The biggest factor in the use of balers is to save the environment. This has become the commitment of most businesses, industrial enterprises, and manufacturers.