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  • A Good Investment

    Every business situation is unique. So when it comes to the materials needed to get started, each business might be looking for something slightly different than the standard and traditional options. For example, balers can be quite useful in all sorts of businesses from farming to restaurants to retail. Yet, not all of these will want large standard horizontal balers. For restaurants and retail, vertical balers will be of more use. And depending on the size of the business, whether it is corporate or a small hometown business, a used...

  • Good As New

    Many are not quite ready for buying a baler. While they can see the many benefits to having one, the fact is they are still very large and if you do not have a ton of items to bale, they may not seem completely worth the large initial investment. Yes it will cut down on space wasted by having a billion empty boxes stacked in the corner, but it will also take up a lot of space on its own. The average baler is huge and designed to process large...

  • Vertical Balers for Lighter Materials

    Balers can be either horizontal or vertical. This directional set up refers to how the materials flow and are compacted, and certain methods work better for certain materials. Horizontal balers tend to be more popular because they can compact large amounts of waste and can handle medium and heavy items. Vertical balers are typically used in industries and facilities that produce smaller amounts of waste. They often deal with materials that are lighter in both density and volume. Because vertical balers tend to be more compact than their horizontal counterparts,...

  • Utilize a Vertical Baler Before the Boxes Stack Up

    One of my favorite things is when a new package comes in the mail. For me, it does not happen terribly often, usually just when I order something whether it is books or clothes. But occasionally there will be a surprise package from a friend or relative that can make you incredibly excited. And while for me this might just be an occasional occurrence, for those with businesses, or possibly slight shopping addictions, packages might be a little more common. Many businesses receive several packages a day. So what happens...

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Vertical Balers

Vertical balers are one type of industrial baler used in the compression and binding of materials to ease the process of handling, storage, transportation or recycling. The style of baler is determined by the method of input and direction of material flow in the baler, and can be either horizontal or vertical. Vertical balers tend to be more compact than horizontal balers and are used in facilities that produce lower amounts of waste, and deal with materials that are light in density and volume.

With a large input area on the top of the vertical baler, the scrap or waste material is fed into a compression chamber where it is pounded and squeezed by metal rams into a compact, cubic bale. Vertical balers are generally electrically powered, with hydraulic systems which provide the necessary pressure to crush the materials, and help minimize heat production and energy loss. After compression, the cubic bale is tightly bound using wire, plastic or string in order to maintain its compact shape. Vertical balers are typically single-load machines, but multi-bin vertical balers are available that have more than one chamber and can process different types or grades of materials. Output rate is lower for vertical balers whereas horizontal balers are able to run on a continuous process, and to handle heavier, denser materials. Horizontal balers, however, take up more floor space and this needs to be taken into consideration when determining choice of baler.

Typical scrap materials processed with a vertical baler include: corrugated cardboard, shrink-wrap, plastic bottles, aluminum cans and scrap textiles. Loading and unloading of vertical balers is often done manually, but automated systems can be installed to help with the process depending on the baled material. For high waste-producing industries, reducing the bulk of their waste material is important not only environmentally, but also economically. Using compactors and balers to reduce the volume of waste makes it easier and cheaper to transport and dispose of, and also cuts back on the carbon dioxide emissions produced during the recycling process. Baling equipment is playing an important part in helping industrial businesses to be environmentally friendly. Materials are baled and compacted in order to be shipped to recycling facilities to be used in producing other items, either within the same industry, or within an entirely different industry. Complete recycling systems can be designed around a basic baler, allowing businesses to be responsible in each stage of their waste management.

Vertical Balers
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