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  • Trying to Stay Green with Trash Compactor Manufacturers

    At home, we have a decently large trashcan in our kitchen. With this one, we are able to change it about once a week. Meanwhile at our small cottage, the main trash is very tiny. This one usually needs to be taken out every couple days. In both cases, a decent amount of trash is produced. Some households purchase small trash compactors so that these amounts can be reduced. However, the majority of us rely on garbage trucks with compactors to come take care of the waste for us. By...

  • Trash Compactors, Compacting the Waste in the World

    The human race goes through a lot of trash. The average American is estimated to produce almost 4.5 pounds of garbage each day. In a year, it is around 16,000 pounds. This is no small number. Once you add up the population of the United States, we are talking insanely gross amounts of trash. Where does all of this go? The hope is to landfills, but let's face it, a lot ends up as pollution on land and in lakes, rivers and oceans. While the best option is to start...

  • A Need for Waste Solutions: Trash Compactors

    Waste is one item that is talked about almost constantly. Whether it is discussing how much food people waste, how much garbage is produced, how parts and products are made so that they can be thrown away and replaced in a year We no longer re-use much of anything, plastic containers, bottles and baggies are used once and then tossed. While it may be easier to throw away a water bottle instead of carrying around an empty reusable one, it is extremely hard on the environment. Many easily disposed products...

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Trash Compactors

Trash compactors are used in the waste reduction and garbage removal industries to compact waste material and scraps for easier transportation and handling, and better space efficiency. Also known as garbage compactors, or waste compactors, trash compactors are able to reduce the volume of waste materials by up to 75%, saving space in landfills and reducing the costs of storing and removing trash. Industries such as food processing, hospitality, retail and consumer, material handling and pharmaceutical benefit from trash compacting either in reducing waste volume for landfill disposal, or in preparing trash for recycling.

Trash compactors, or industrial compactors, are used to crush, flatten and compress cans, bottles, fibrous materials, food products, paper etc. Most waste materials can be handled safely in a trash compactor; however aerosol cans, batteries, flammable or explosive materials and poisonous materials should be disposed of in approved ways. Trash compactors can be designed to process dry and solid waste, or manufactured with extraction capabilities for food products or other trash items that may contain residual liquids. Residential trash compactors are smaller and used for household waste, whereas many garbage collection trucks have trash compactors on board to conserve space when transporting garbage to landfills. Warehouses, manufacturing facilities, medical centers, hotels etc. all use compactors on their premises. As trash is produced, it is compacted and readied for disposal or recycling.

There are three main components to a basic trash compactor: a trash container, a motor and a flat steel press. The motor has to exert a great amount of pressure and is typically powered by a hydraulic system which minimizes heat production and reduces energy loss. During the compaction process, the waste materials and trash are placed in the container and the steel press is lowered onto it with great force. The pressure results in the compression of the materials into a smaller volume. When the pressure measures a set point and the trash can be no further compressed, the motor reverts to its original position, allowing the compacted trash to be removed, either manually or by an automated system. Commercial trash compactors typically use bins or bags to store the newly compressed materials, while industrial compactors and industrial balers produce bales of compressed waste. Trash compactors will continue to play a role in the process of reducing the carbon footprint of industrial activity. They reduce the frequency of waste removal, minimize the potential for overflowing waste and contaminants, provide more hygienic environments and improve facility maintenance.

Trash Compactors
Trash Compactors
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