Power Transmission Equipment

Power Transmission products refers to various components that allow for internal parts to operate properly in machinery. These items typically include: belts, chains, couplings, pulleys, sprockets, bushings, hubs, bearings, linear actuators, slide rails, bevel gears, worm gears, and various other components.

Power transmission products are generally made from heavy duty materials such as stainless steel. Reliable power transmission solutions are require in a number of industries such as mining, pulp & paper, mineral processing, food processing, oil & gas, medical and military. These items are designed for high efficiency, long workloads and versatility.

Ball Screws

Ball Screws Suppliers – Universal Thread Grinding Company

Ball screws are products that are designed to convert rotational motion into linear motion.

This function allows for movement of parts and devices along a single axis. These come in different configurations such as ground ball screws, rolled ball screws, precision ball screws, and more.

business Leading Ball Screws Manufacturers

Universal Thread Grinding Company
Fairfield, CT | 203-336-1849

PIC® Design
Middlebury, CT | 800-243-6125

RBC® Bearings
Oxford, CT | 203-255-1512

Robert's Ballscrew Repair Services Inc.
Dansville, MI | 800-530-0794

Rolled Threads Unlimited, LLC
Waukesha, WI | 800-553-5682

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Electric Motors

Brushless DC Motor – Electric Motor SolutionsElectric motors are used to convert electrical energy into mechanical energy. These motors are comprised of electric coils and magnets.

The electromagnetic interactions between the coils and magnets produce mechanical forces which can be utilized to power many different kinds of devices and machinery.

There are many different kinds of electric motors including DC motors, AC motors, universal motors, servo motors, stepper motors, linear motors, and many others. These different electric motors are used in a broad range of applications like in powering hard drives, household appliances, and power tools.

business Leading Electric Motors Manufacturers

Electric Motor Solutions
Mankato, MN | 612-746-7624

ElectroCraft, Inc.
Dover, NH | 844-858-5030

Merkle-Korff Industries
Elk Grove Village, IL | 847-439-3760

Schaumburg, IL | 847-439-4949

Nanotec Electronic U.S., Inc.
Stoneham, MA | 781-219-3343

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Gear ManufacturersGears are devices used to transfer torque from one part of a mechanical system to another. Equally spaced teeth along the outside of the gear interlock with the teeth of other gears to transfer rotational motion.

There are many shapes, sizes, and types of gears, and each type serves different applications. Spur gears, splines, and planetary gears all utilize straight, axis-aligned teeth, while worm and helical gears have teeth that wrap around the axis like a screw. There are also conically shaped bevel gears which are frequently used as rear end gears in automobiles.

business Leading Gear Manufacturers

Omni Gear & Machine Corporation
Joliet, IL | 800-876-7216

Commercial Gear & Sprocket Company, Inc.
East Walpole, MA | 800-491-1073

Comtec Mfg., Inc.
St. Marys, PA | 814-834-9300

Gear Motions, Inc.
Syracuse, NY | 315-488-0100

Perry Tool & Research, Inc.
Hayward, CA | 510-782-9226

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Quick Disconnect Couplings

Quick Disconnect Couplings – Foster Manufacturing CompanyQuick disconnect couplings are mechanical devices used to swiftly join fluid transfer lines.

They are simple devices, but they are important to all applications that could potentially require an easy and fast solution to fluid spillage or mingling. They also go by many names, including quick disconnect fittings, quick disconnects, quick release couplings, quick connect couplings, quick couplings, and breakaway couplings. Fluids quick disconnects commonly work with include air, chemicals, fuel, gas, hydraulic fluids, oil, solid transfer, steam, and water.

business Leading Quick Disconnect Manufacturers

West Valley City, UT | 800-316-5342

Oetiker, Inc.
Marlette, MI | 989-635-3621

Thorburn Flex, Inc.
Point-Claire, QC | 800-363-6613

TIPCO Technologies, Inc.
Owings Mills, MD | 410-356-0003

Tompkins Industries, Inc.
Olathe, KS | 913-764-8088

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Shaft Couplings

Shaft Couplings ManufacturersA shaft coupling is used to join two shafts together and to ensure that the two shafts rotate together.

Rigid couplings connect well-aligned shafts, while flexible shaft couplings are used to cancel out the misalignment between two shafts.

These components can also be used to absorb or reduce shock and vibrations. Some of the many different kinds of couplings include bellows couplings, flywheel couplings, jaw couplings, universal joints, fluid couplings, and torque limiters. Couplings are commonly used in power transmissions, generators, wheels, pumps, and turbines.

business Leading Shaft Coupling Manufacturers

DieQua Corporation
Bloomingdale, IL | 630-980-1133

R+W America
Bensenville, IL | 888-479-8728

Renold Inc
Westfield, NY | 716-326-3121

Ringfeder Power Transmission
Westwood, NJ | 888-746-4333

Stafford Manufacturing Corp.
Wilmington, MA | 800-695-5551

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Speed Reducers

Speed Reducers – DieQua CorporationSpeed reducers are used to redirect the output of a high-speed motor to another component at a lower speed. Gears within the speed reducer provide the mechanism for reducing the output speed of the motor.

The size ratio of the input gear to the output gear is directly related to the speed reduction, so different sized gears can be used to achieve different speeds. Speed reducers are know by many names and come in a variety of configurations. These include cyclo reducers, gear reducers, gearboxes, right angle gear boxes, and planetary gearboxes.

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