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  • Mentor, OH

    Tecmark is a designer and manufacturer of remotely actuated controls used by OEMs worldwide. We offer an extensive line of high pressure switches, and our customer service representatives will help you find the perfect model for your application. Whether you are looking for an in-house solution, or an industry need, we continue to develop technological advancements.

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  • Lenexa, KS

    SOR® pressure switches have earned a long-time reputation for their high quality, rugged construction and reliable performance under the most demanding applications. We offer explosion proof, hermetically sealed, and weatherproof switches. We design our pressure switches with high performance in mind, crafting custom, durable pressure switches with the approval of multiple agencies. Our products are designed to be long-lasting, cost effective, and easy to use.

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  • Pompano Beach, FL

    For over 35 years, MPL has specialized in unique miniature pressure switch solutions to the world’s leading manufacturers. MPL pressure sensors and switches can be found in the most demanding environments from automotive to health care where long-life, reliable solutions are required. Visit our website for details.

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  • Los Angeles, CA

    Barksdale Control Products specializes in manufacturing top-quality pressure switches, solid-state pressure switches and other controls which are used for the control and measurement of fluids in industrial applications. Barksdale is a subsidiary of The Crane Company.

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Low Pressure Switches Industry Information

Low-Pressure Switches

Low-pressure switches, also referred to as light pressure switches, are used to sense changes in hydraulic or pneumatic input pressure, specifically, if the pressure falls below or rises above the set pressure point, and to respond by making electrical contact, either through switching on or off. Used for negative, positive, and differential pressure applications, low-pressure switches can be designed to function for liquid and/or gaseous materials.

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Industries Using Low-Pressure Switches

Low-pressure switches are used in a wide range of industries, including:

The Aviation Industry
They are essential for many hydraulic applications.
Chemical Processing Industries
For sensitive material handling applications.
Laboratory or Research Industries
For accurate testing.
Wastewater Systems
Fast and efficient system control.

Applications of Low-Pressure Switches

Designed to actuate in response to minute, small and reduced pressure situations, low-pressure switches react solely in direct correlation to the pressure of the system. Advantageous for systems such as pneumatic, plumbing, foam processing, sewer, and steam, all of which can and often do operate at low pressures, low-pressure switches can offer features such as explosion proof, adjustable and electronic in order to better fit the required application.

Low-Pressure Switch Design

Low-pressure switches are designed to regulate material flow within pressure systems. In order to be responsive to pressure changes, low-pressure systems are constructed using materials such as diaphragms and sometimes piezoelectric crystals.

Diaphragms respond to pressure fluctuation because when the flow exceeds the set point, the diaphragm will be pushed open, and the medium will flow through.

Piezoelectric crystals respond to pressure changes because when they are pressed or released, they produce a voltage that is used to actuate the switch.

Types of Low-Pressure Switches

There are three main types of low-pressure switches: negative, positive, and differential.

Negative Low Pressure Switches
Function by converting the negative pressure signal to an electrical output; thus, the switch is designed to respond only to changes in the negative pressure chamber.
Positive Low-Pressure Switches
Function in much the same way; essentially, they work by converting the positive pressure signal to electrical output, thus only responding to changes in the positive pressure chamber.
Differential Low-Pressure Switches
Function in a significantly different manner. These switches work by measuring or regulating between two points of differing pressure and actuate based on a set point. Differential low-pressure switches are extremely sensitive to any changes in pressure, no matter if the pressure is negative or positive.

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