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  • Saving the Power Tools for the Pros

    It was a revelation when I first learned that people could own air compressors. That experience, as well as my experiences of learning that people can own power washers, power tools or power anything, really, was the impetus for the restructuring of my understanding of my parents' abilities as handy people. I was always impressed by my mom's thrift and my dad's elocution, but it didn't occur to me how un-handy they both are until I started realizing how handy some other people are. Granted, our garage was filled with...

  • Pressure Switches in Emergency Shutdown Systems

    Emergency shutdown systems are lifesavers, literally and figuratively. An emergency shutdown system is designed to automatically respond to crisis conditions in order to prevent or contain the failure of a system. Different kinds of equipment that involve the use of emergency shutdown systems tend to have a few things in common. First, they all tend to be expensive, and their emergency shutdown systems are designed so that an error and the consequences of that error can be contained so as to limit damage to the system. Many varieties of equipment...

  • When Adjustable Pressure Switches are a Good Idea (And When They Aren't)

    Pressure switches are valued because of the control they give their operators over the systems in which they're included. In an air compressor, for example, the pressure switch is triggered when the pressure within an enclosure reaches a certain reading, either activating or deactivating the equipment that causes compressed air to be forced into the enclosure. In such cases, the switch prevents the air compressor from being overfilled, which prevents damage to the compressor, the tank and to any other objects or people who may be nearby. Many of the...

  • IQS Newsroom Featured Profile: SOR Inc.

    by Amy Harris, IQS Editor Putting the pressure on the competition with a quality range of products, SOR Inc. is a leading global supplier of temperature, pressure, flow and level measuring instruments. Believing in their first pressure switch so much that the company was renamed after it, SOR still has as much faith in each of its products today as it did six decades ago. SOR Inc. was founded in 1946 as Mechni-Arts and the pressure switch based on the static o-ring was developed by the company in 1956. As...

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Adjustable Pressure Switches

Adjustable pressure switches, unlike traditional pressure switches, are not manufactured with fixed pressure set points but are field adjustable, meaning that the set points can be adjusted at the place of operation. As a result, adjustable pressure switches can be utilized at a range of pressures, allowing for use on multiple devices or pressure systems. In order to adjust the set points, there is typically a control on the switch, which can be electrical or mechanical, which allows for the required pressure change.

Adjustable pressure switches are beneficial for wide-ranging industries such as: defense, for applications in unstable environments or that require travel to different terrains; aerospace, for entering, exiting and re-entering the earth’s atmosphere; industrial manufacturing, for applications with multi-step processes, or even multiple different process; and medical and instrumentation, in which testing is performed at various pressures in order to establish expected results. Available in single, double or triple switch configurations, each switch in the configuration may be individually adjusted to required pressures. In addition, adjustable pressure switches may be used with a wide range of liquid or gaseous mediums, such as hydraulic fluids, air and chemicals.

Adjustable pressures switches can come in a wide range of sizes and configurations as well as being actuated or powered through various means. Adjustable pressure switches are most often powered by electromechanical means, although they can be fully mechanical or electrical. In addition, many different means of actuation can be used for adjustable pressure switches including diaphragms, pistons and electronic sensors with snap action switches. Diaphragms are very common, and are actuated as the result of pressure fluctuation when the flow exceeds the set point. When this occurs, the diaphragm is pushed open and the medium is able to flow through. Pistons are also fairly common, and are actuated in much the same way as a valve, opening or closing in response to high pressure flow. Electronic sensors with snap-action switches are the most common means of actuation for electromechanical adjustable pressure switches. If the pressure reaches above or falls below the set pressure points, the electronic sensors will send a signal to the snap-action switch, which will immediately close off medium flow so that the process is not compromised in any way. Adjustable pressure switches are typically differential, meaning that they measure or regulate between two points of differing pressure and actuate based on these set points.

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