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  • IQS Newsroom Featured Profile: Tecmark Corporation

    by Amy Harris, IQS Editor Control. The guiding principle of the products and accessories produced by leading designer and engineer Tecmark Corporation is simply that one word: control. For a wide range of equipment and appliances, Tecmark manufactures the control systems and components required for the opening and closing of circuits based on pressure. From simple electro-mechanical pressure switches to intricate or complex electronic systems, the need for control switches and parts is the consistent factor among industries as broad as woodworking, drain cleaning, leisure water applications and medical uses....

  • Choosing Air Pressure Switches

    The choice of air pressure switch in your machines and appliances is important to the integrity and performance of your products. Without accurate pressure sensor and switch monitoring, your systems could give off inaccurate measurements and readings, leading to product failure, explosions, and injuries. Luckily, choosing a high quality air pressure switch for your machines is not as difficult as you would at first imagine. Use the following guidelines to help you choose the best air pressure switch manufacturers possible: Reliability: The manufacturing company that you choose to use for...

  • Pressure Switch Manufacturers and Warning Systems

    Imagine the following situation. You are the pilot of a commercial airliner on a sold-out flight. You are carefully monitoring all of the instrumentation in the cockpit, and so far the flight is going smoothly. Unbeknownst to you, though, a piece of a decrepit satellite that broke off in orbit is on a collision course with the body of your aircraft. The piece strikes the fuselage and causes a breach in the cabin. Immediately, the sensors in the cockpit indicate that there has been a loss in cabin pressure, and...

  • Air Pressure Switches for Industry, Commerce and Elsewhere

    Air pressure switches are a rare example of a widely used industrial utility that also has crossover appeal. An air pressure switch could be used, for example, as part of the control system for a pneumatic conveyor's air compression system in a heavy industrial setting, and in a commercial setting an air pressure switch could be used to regulate the operation of an air compressor used to power pneumatic hand tools in a high school theatre scene construction shop. In either case, they are widely available at relatively low cost,...

  • Automotive Compressor Pressure Switches

    Yesterday, I took my 1997 Ford Escort in for an oil change. I know very little about cars, so I almost never undertake even the most basic maintenance tasks by myself. Here's what I do know about my car. I know that it needs gas in order to run. I know the battery has to be charged if I want the engine to start. I do know where the wiper fluid goes, and I actually put duct tape on the rusty spots in order to keep the doors from rusting...

  • Air Compressor Pressure Switches Make Life Easier

    Imagine what life would be like if there was no such thing as an air compressor pressure switch. Instead of a small device regulating the operation of an air compressor's electric motor, imagine some guy whose job it is to constantly stand next to an air compressor and turn it on and off as needed. This would not be a very pleasant job, and it would probably end up causing problems for workplace safety. Happily, this is not the case. Instead of using a person who guesses the level of...

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Air Pressure Switches

Air pressure switches help control air flow and pressure by sensing changes in pneumatic pressure and responding in a predetermined way. When an air pressure switch is actuated, it will either produce an alarm or automatically open or close a valve to interrupt or continue the flow of air. Air pressure switches are programmed to automatically respond when the pressure either falls or rises to one or more set points of pressure, or actuation points.

Most of the time switches are programmed so that the actuation points are triggered either by pressure fall or pressure rise. For example, air compressor pressure switches signal to the compressor to turn on when pressure falls below a certain base level, and signal to the compressor to turn off when pressure reaches a certain ceiling level; nothing is triggered when the pressure rises above base level, and nothing is triggered when the pressure falls below the ceiling level. In this way air pressure switches are capable of regulating gas systems to keep them within a specified pressure range. There are a number of different types of air pressure switches, including adjustable pressure switches, air compressor pressure switches, differential pressure switches, furnace pressure switches, high pressure switches, low pressure switches and vacuum switches.

Air pressure switches are widespread and versatile, being designed to work in any compressed gas environment. These switches come in a variety of forms, including as a sensor or chip, a transducer, a meter, a gauge, or a controller. Some air pressure switches use mechanical devices to sense changes in pressure, for example using an elastomeric diaphragm in a pressure cavity, while others rely on piezoelectric or piezoresistive electronic sensors. Air pressure switches have a variety of uses in many different industries. Air pressure switches are important for the secure operation of filters, furnaces, blowers, generators, cars, compressors, turbines, process equipment, air pumps, panels and gas lines. Air pressure switches are especially useful because they are a safe and cost-effective alternative to safety relief valves. Air pressure switches, unlike safety relief valves, can detect when pressure begins to leak during operation and will either send an alert or automatically shut down the process until the trouble is fixed and an operator restarts the operation. Industries that make use of air pressure switches include process manufacturing and assembly, CNC machining, automotive, appliance, and utilities. Air pressure switches have an important part in making processes that use compressed air consistent and safe.

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Air Pressure Switches
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Air Pressure Switches - Tecmark Corporation

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