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  • Mentor, OH

    Control is the basic principle behind the products manufactured by Tecmark. Their in-house fabrication, assembly and calibration of key components facilitate effective quality control and assure the consistent performance and reliability of all products, including your needed differential pressure switch. For superior service and a company you can depend on, call Tecmark today!

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  • Berea, OH

    Established in 1967, NOSHOK can make or provide many different kinds of gauges, valves and seals. We were one of the first to offer liquid filled gauges. Today, we have expanded our catalog to include pressure gauges, vacuum gauges, low pressure gauges and stainless steel gauges for a multitude of industrial applications. We are ISO 9001:2015 registered. For more information, contact NOSHOK today!

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  • Pittsburgh, PA

    Since 1980, KOBOLD has been a leading manufacturer of high-quality pressure switches, gauges and transmitters. KOBOLD brings to you 25 years of experience, excellent customer service and FREE technical support. Call today or visit our website for all of your instrumentation needs. Our highly trained engineers and sales team can find the optimal solution for even the most demanding applications.

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  • Abita Springs, LA

    We offer diverse options that are equipped with an assortment of features and we offer excellent customer support that will work with you every step of the way. Our differential pressure switch technology are great for precision utilization and you will not be let down when you select us as your supplier. Our top of the line products allow for high usability and these items are extremely accurate. Contact us today!

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  • Batavia, IL

    The standard and custom pressure switches, controls and pressure-sensing electrical devices we manufacture are used in car wash, consumer, medical and industrial applications. The Recora Sensi-Switch® is a weather-resistant, light-touch shut-off device; Auto Alert® is for auto vehicle detection.

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  • New Orleans, LA

    At Ruelco, you can count on us to use our expertise to design, manufacture, install, and service top quality process control equipment. In business since 1980, we have a broad selection of products that include high flow, standard, electric, standard differential pressure switches, high or low pressure switches (hydraulic). For more information, contact Ruelco today!

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Differential Pressure Switch Benefits

Pressure switches are very important in part in industrial machine equipment. Their job is to monitor the changes in fluid or gas pressure at any given time in a specific area. Some are automatic and can create a reaction if a pressure level has gone too high or too low and take care of the situation. Others set off an alarm so the correct action can be taken by a person. A few different types of them include adjustable, air compressor, differential, furnace, high, hydraulic, low, oil, vacuum, water and... Read More

The Optical Zero-Differential Pressure Switch

Differential pressure switches are implements to detect changes in relative pressure between two points and are programmed to respond a specific way. Normally the switch will react with an alarm or automatically switch something on or off if differential pressure rises or falls to a set actuation point. This type of pressure switch is mainly used to keep pressures in various parts of a system equalized or to maintain the pressure disparity. These switches can be found in applications such as fuel cells and fridges. There is one partially differential... Read More

Understanding Differential Pressure Switches

Differential pressure switches can seem difficult to understand at first. To the layperson, their name doesn't immediately indicate what they are or what they do. The average person might have heard what a pressure switch is and does; it's a metering and control utility that can control the flow of something and in some cases provide a meter reading as well. But knowing the difference between that and a differential pressure switch requires some specific knowledge. What is differential pressure, anyway? For the engineers in the audience, go grab a... Read More

Examining the Differential Pressure Switch

A differential pressure switch is a type of instrument that can covert a differential pressure change between two different systems into an electrical signal. Whenever the pressure increases or decreases in one of the systems, the electrical state of the switch changes. The switch can turn on or off depending on the programming of the individual switch. Many industries use these switches, including refrigeration, fuel cells, oil filters, and transmission filter heads. Differential pressure switch manufacturers create a wide variety of switches for specific uses. Usually, the designs vary depending... Read More

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Differential Pressure Switches

Differential pressure switches are a type of pressure transducer that senses changes in the relative pressure between two points and responds in a specified way. Differential pressure is one of the several types of measurement that are available for pressure switches. In a given application a differential pressure switch may be used to maintain a disparity of pressure in separate parts of a system, or to keep the pressure in various parts of a system equalized.

Differential pressure switches simultaneously measure the pressures at two different places in a system and compare them to produce a differential pressure reading. If the pressure is the same at both points, then the differential pressure will read zero, but if there is a difference in pressure between the two points, then the differential pressure reading will quantify the difference in terms of pressure – usually atmospheres (atm), Pascals (Pa), pounds per square inch (PSI) or bar. Differential pressure switches are programmed to react when the differential pressure rises or falls to a set actuation point, either signaling an alarm or automatically switching something on or off, for instance opening or closing dampers or louver, starting and stopping fans or motors and many other uses. Different kinds of differential pressure switches are designed to sense and react to changes in relative pressures of gases, liquids or both.

Differential pressure switches are useful in a variety of different applications. In airplanes they are used to monitor and regulate the differential between the cabin air pressure and the atmospheric pressure as it changes throughout the duration of the flight. Oil filters for internal combustion engines are regularly equipped with differential pressure switches to measure the change of pressure across the filter. Differential switches can also be used to measure flow or level between connected pressurized systems or pressure vessels, since pressure tends to equalize within a free-flowing system. Differential pressure switches come in many forms, with or without either analog or digital displays, and in a variety of housing materials including acetal, brass, polycarbonate, plated steel, glass reinforced polyester, polyvinyl chloride and cast aluminum. Electronic pressure switches are the most common type of differential switches because they are easy to program and suitable to a wide range of pressures. Electronic differential pressure switches function by measuring strain on two separate piezoresistive, piezoelectric, or magnetic sensors that are connected to a digital interface module that shows the relative pressure. Differential pressure switches are important for the utility, automotive, aerospace, appliance, pneumatics and hydraulics industries because they are able to help manage the comparative pressures of different points within a system.

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