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Rail Mounted Gantry Crane – Konecranes, Inc.Cranes, also known as overhead cranes, bridge cranes, hoist cranes or lifting cranes, are machines used to lower, lift and transport loads of all shapes, sizes and weights up to approximately 1,000 tons.

Typically, cranes are powered either by electric batteries, internal combustion or a hydraulics system. They typically consist of either one or two support beams, a hoist or hook, wire rope or cables and sheaves. Cranes are built out of steel or stainless steel. This is because these metals provide the greatest support, durability and corrosion resistance.
Believe it or not, cranes were first invented by the Ancient Greeks, who used them in the construction of tall buildings. Many years have passed since then and the crane has evolved over time. However, cranes are still used today in the construction of tall buildings. In fact, today, cranes are highly useful in a number of settings. These include auto manufacturing plants, building construction sites, oil rigs, paper mills and refineries, among others. In these settings, they attend to applications like raw materials handling, hot metal storage, the construction of paper machines and heavy press rolls, the maintenance of paper machines and heavy press rolls, material hoisting and steel refinement. Learn More

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Gorbel Inc.
Fishers, NY | 844-268-7055

Brehob Corporation
Indianapolis, IN | 800-632-4451

Konecranes, Inc.
Springfield, OH | 937-525-5533

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Electric Hoist Manufacturers

Electric Hoists – Brehob Corporation Hoists are used to facilitate the raising, lowering, and transport of goods and materials in industrial settings where conveyor systems or cranes are not feasible or functional. The hoist incorporates the use of a cable, rope, or chain with a pulley or system of pulleys to provide the lifting capabilities. They may be manually operated or powered by pneumatic air, hydraulics, or electricity.

The most widely recognized hoist systems are found in elevators, although there are thousands of other applications throughout many industries, including automotive, paper, mining, forestry, gas, petroleum, shipyards, energy, and nuclear.

Hoists used in pharmaceutical applications may be required to lift very heavy loads in a clean room environment. Food service hoists must meet sanitary standards for safe food handling. Those used in production facilities may have to withstand extreme temperatures, harsh or toxic environments, or continuous heavy operation. Hoists may even be explosion proof for use in areas where flammable materials are handled.

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Konecranes, Inc.
Springfield, OH | 937-525-5533

Brehob Corporation
Indianapolis, IN | 800-632-4451

Gorbel Inc.
Fishers, NY | 844-268-7055

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Forklift Manufacturers

Lift Trucks – Doosan Industrial Vehicle America Corp.Forklifts, also known as forklift trucks, are essential vehicles to industrial and commercial warehouses. In these settings, they lift, move and load heavy product-storing pallets. Because this is such a universal warehouse application, forklifts can be used in many different industries, from paper and pulp to industrial manufacturing. In particular, forklift trucks are popular on construction sites, storerooms and loading docks.

Forklift trucks make the task of stacking loaded pallets on top of each other much easier. Pallet stacking is a common way to maximize floor space. The only limit to how tall forklifts can make these stacks is how high they can reach.

Forklifts are controlled by a driver, who has access to controls that allow them to move the forklift and raise and lower its lift mechanism. Usually, forklift trucks operate using gas power and hydraulic hoses. There are many different types of forklifts, including sideloaders, reach trucks, picker trucks and narrow aisle forklifts. Sideloaders are used primarily to assist in heavy duty lift applications. Meanwhile, both reach trucks and picker trucks are useful in warehouses for access to equipment, products and other types of inventory. Finally, narrow aisle forklifts, as their name suggests, are designed to fit and move within small spaces. Learn More

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Heli America
Atlanta, GA | 404-975-3143

Marengo, IL | 800-871-5438

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Hydraulic Lifts Manufacturers

Double Arm Scissor Lift – Autoquip CorporationHydraulic lift systems are used to raise, lower, support and move heavy objects or work surfaces. platforms like work surfaces. Typically, they’re used in industrial and manufacturing settings, but they can also be used privately for accessibility purposes. There are many different kinds of hydraulic lifts. Examples include lift tables, scissor lifts, aerial lifts, platform lifts, vehicle lifts and pallet lifts.

Lift tables are used to position work materials at an ergonomically beneficial access point to workers. Scissor lifts get their name from their base, which is crossed and stretches like an accordion when lifted. You can extend the platform or basket on the top of a scissor lift reaches the height you desire. Of course, scissors lifts can’t extend indefinitely. Fortunately, aerial lifts, a type of scissor lift, can usually extend as high as you need. Typically, they can reach between ten and fifty feet in the air. Meanwhile, platform lifts, also known as elevated work platforms, are very large. Vehicle lifts, used in auto repair and inspection, are one of the strongest types of hydraulic lift. Pallet lifts, also known as transformers, are used to in warehouses to raise pallets during material handling and shipping applications. Learn More

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Advance Lifts, Inc.
St. Charles, IL | 800-843-3625

Ontario, CA | 800-358-8833

Burr Mobile Lifts
Battle Creek, MI | 269-966-3122

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Rope Manufacturers

Rope Suppliers – CSR Incorporated Ropes are woven or twisted cordage varieties have been used as hauling, suspension, watercraft mooring line and in many other capacities since before recorded history. Ropes are composed of fibers that are twisted together. Those twisted fibers are then twisted together to make strands, which are then twisted or braided together to create rope. The direction that the fibers are twisted is often opposite of the direction in which the strands are twisted in order to cause internal friction, which reinforces the rope's strength.

Rope suppliers offer many different types of rope, including twine, marine rope, and elastic cords, all of which are made from either natural or synthetic fibers. Natural ropes, such as manila rope, sisal rope, linen rope, jute rope and cotton rope, are made from plant fibers. Synthetic ropes, such as nylon rope, polyester rope, polypropylene rope, polyethylene rope, and Kevlar rope, are stronger and made from more advanced manufacturing processes. The demand for ropes is high throughout the world, especially in the marine, construction, manufacturing, arborist, recreational, hobby, rigging, safety, sporting goods, and defense contracting industries.

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CSR Incorporated
Sellersville, PA | 888-218-6366

Atlantic Braids
Chute a Blondeau, ON | 613-674-2728

Sterling Rope
Biddeford, ME | 800-788-7673

All Gear, Inc.
Northbrook, IL | 847-564-9016

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Wire Rope Suppliers

Wire Rope Assemblies – Loos & Company, Inc.Wire rope consists of multiple strands of wire filament which themselves are twisted together before being wound helically around a core. First used for mining in Germany during the mid 1800's, wire rope has become a staple in heavy industrial processes such as mining, oil rigging, bridge construction, marine applications and others that require various heavy-duty lifting and support applications such as cable railings.

Manufacturers and distributors identify the differences in wire cable by listing the number of strands and the amount of wires per strand so that anyone that orders understands the strength of the cable. Sometimes they are also categorized by their length or pitch. More complex wire rope identification codes connote information like core type, weight limit and more. Any additional hardware like connectors, fasteners, pulleys and fittings are usually listed in the same area to show varying strengths and degrees of fray prevention. Learn More

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Tyler Madison, Inc.
Apple Valley, MN | 888-638-3604

Sandin Manufacturing
Michigan City, IN | 219-872-2253

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