Pressure Sensors & Pressure Controls

The measuring and controlling of pressure are an essential part of industrial operations. Getting accurate and meaningful data assists in determining the quality and stability of a final product. Pressure measuring devices supply a wide array of data such as levels, volume, flow, and density.

Though we may use pressure as a general term, there are various types of pressure. The meaning of pressure is force being applied to a unit of area. When pressure is applied to a surface, it spreads equally over the entire surface. Fluid pressure can be a liquid or gas with absolute pressure being the force applied by a fluid on a surface. When pressure is applied by air, it is referred to as atmospheric pressure.

Since pressure is such an important aspect of manufacturing processes, there are several devices used to measure and monitor it. Included in the group of tools are flow meters, leak detectors, pressure gauges, pressure switches, level switches, and pressure transducers. Each of these technical instruments offers data and information to assist producers in the manufacture of their products.

The term flow meter is a generic term that describes a variety of instruments used to measure the flow and movement of fluids and gases. After being fitted into a pipe, a flow meter provides data on the movement of a gas or liquid. The types of things that flow meters measure can include the pressure, rate, volume, and mass of the material. This information is used to control the various factors of an application.

A very critical and necessary instrument, especially where gas is present, is a leak detector, which is designed to identify any leaks in a system, provide data regarding the amount, and composition. Leak detection is used for determining gas and water leaks as well as other liquids. There are a variety of methods used to detect leaks, which include visible indicators, flame ionization, ultrasound, and sound. The purpose of a leak detector is to identify changes in pressure and flow rate.

Level switches are used in storage tanks to monitor the level of the material in the tank. They can be used for the measurement of levels as well as being able to control levels. To determine the level of a substance, a level switch has an electrical switch that activates when the level in the container reaches a critical point.

Pressure gauges are sometimes confused with flow meters since they are used to monitor liquids and gases in a pipeline. The use of pressure gauges goes beyond measuring the pressure in a pipe and includes measuring and displaying the pressure in an enclosed space or container. Pressure gauges are designed and manufactured to monitor specific substances or a general range of substances depending on the application.

A less complex form of pressure measuring device is a pressure switch that is designed to activate when the pressure in a material reaches a critical level. At that moment, the switch is programmed to trigger an alarm, emergency signal, or light to advise controllers of the danger. When a pressure switch is placed in the substance to be monitored, it is supplied with the pressure level that indicates unsafe or critical conditions.

An essential part of any form of pressure sensor is a pressure transducer, which converts physical force into electrical energy. Pressure transducers are a critical part in the manufacture of pressure sensors since they activate the sensor to supply data. The energy from the transducer produces an analog electrical signal.

The measure and monitoring of pressure is important for the protection of industrial operations and workers. By being able to observe flow rates, volume, pressure, and other factors, industrial managers are better able to control production processes and operations.

Flow Meters

Flow Meters - HydraCheck A flow meter, also spelled "flowmeter," is an instrument used to measure the flow of a liquid or gas in a supply pipe. The device is fitted into a pipe to gauge the quantity of gas or liquid passing through it.

Many flow meters measure the volume of the material flow, while other flow meters measure the speed, and still other flow meters measure material mass. For the most part, flowmeters are used to infer mass flow through calculations that flow meters and flow monitor instruments make after taking various flow measurements, such as absolute pressure, differential pressure, viscosity, and temperature. Learn more about flow meters.

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Leak Detectors

Leak Detectors Suppliers - Furness Controls Leak detectors are equipment designed to identify and locate liquid or gas system leaks and determine the amount and composition of a leak, using sound, visible indicators, flame ionization or ultrasonic waves. They indicate changes in pressure, flow rates and/or locate excess fluids or gas. Learn more about leak detectors.

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Level Switches

SITRANS LG Guided Wave Radar Level Transmitter - Siemens Process InstrumentationLevel switches, also sometimes called level control switches, are measuring utilities that indicate material levels in storage enclosures or transmission equipment; in some cases they can be used both for level measurement and level control.

A level switch indicates these levels by means of an electrical switching action. Some of these devices could also be classified as level sensors or level indicators; those terms are restricted to systems that measure levels but do not control them. Learn more about level switches.

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Pressure Gauges

Pressure Gauge ManufacturersPressure gauges, alternatively spelled as pressure gages, are instruments used to measure and display the pressure of a gas or liquid inside a closed system or vessel. They are capable of working with various liquids and gases.

To accommodate their many different applications, manufacturers make many different types of pressure gauges. Some are designed to measure specific substances or conditions. Examples of these include: water pressure gauges, air pressure gauges, oil pressure gauges, temperature gauges, gas pressure gauges, fuel pressure gauges, differential pressure gauges, and vacuum pressure gauges. Some of the uses of these gauges are more obvious than others. Water pressure gauges, of course, monitor the pressure of any water-based system. Learn more about pressure gauges.

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Pressure Switches

Pressure Switches - Tecmark CorporationA pressure switch is a device that senses changes in fluid pressure and responds in a specified way.

An actuated pressure switch makes or disrupts electrical contact in order to either trigger an alarm or switch something on or off.

Switches are programmed to activate at certain pressure points, and may be designed to make contact either on pressure rise or on pressure fall. Learn more about pressure switches.

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Pressure Transducers

SITRANS P Pressure Measurement Components - Siemens Process Instrumentation Pressure transducers are devices that convert any physical force being exerted on them into electrical energy. In the simplest and most general definition, a transducer is any device that converts energy from one form to another. Pressure transducers take energy gained from pressure and convert that energy into electricity.

Transducers are key components in pressure sensors (also called pressure transmitters), and though the terms are frequently used interchangeably, a pressure transducer is technically just one part of a pressure sensor. Learn more about pressure transducers.

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