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  • Santa Maria, CA

    One of the top carrying case suppliers, Princeton Case West provides quality carrying cases, custom cases, shipping cases, plastic cases, aluminum cases, tool cases, computer cases, instrument cases, transit cases and ATA cases. Princeton Case West offers custom foam inserts for varying applications. From design to delivery, Princeton Case West offers the complete package at affordable pricing.

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  • Waxahachie, TX

    Americase designs and manufactures commercial duty carrying cases for any kind of transportation including: military, airlines, and educational facilities, manufacturers of electronics and hazardous materials. Americase specializes in anodized aluminum, mil-spec and molded watertight plastic cases.

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  • Chicago, IL

    Our commitment to customer satisfaction is evident in our wide selection of stock inventory case options. Custom Case Company, Inc. designs quality products while considering the needs of our customers. Customization is an essential part of what we do. Our professional team has extensive experience, allowing them to create a case that best suits your custom project. Allow us to meet your carrying case needs by contacting us today!

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  • La Verne, CA

    Seahorse has been manufacturing hard, waterproof protective cases for over 20 years. From micro cases to large rolling cases, we offer various sizes, configurations and accessories to protect and secure your valuables from impact and damage. Our cases have been engineered to withstand the elements and ensure that your goods are protected. Designed and manufactured at our Southern California facility, all of our cases proudly come with a lifetime guarantee.

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  • Elkhart, IN

    Providing the highest quality of products along with professional service, MTS Products is your number one source for instrument cases serving the music industry. We offer injection molded and wooden cases made to withstand student abuse and fits 95% of all instruments. We also offer protective cases for items of any shape and size including plastic, aluminum, tool, computer and soft cases.

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  • Jackson, WY

    S3 manufactures waterproof, crushproof cases and participates in the sale of HPRC cases of Italy. All S3 cases are made in the U.S. with stainless steel pins and high impact ABS. All cases carry a lifetime warranty and are virtually indestructible. Give us a call today!

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Gun Carrying Cases Industry Information

Gun Carrying Cases

Owners of firearms are very careful that they store their weapons in a secure place where they are not vulnerable to damage, rust, or other factors that may cause deterioration. Careless storage of firearms could lead to significant scratching on the barrel and handle of the gun. To avoid these problems, gun carrying cases are used as a convenient firearms storage and transportation solution. The gun can be placed in a case and then set in the back of a truck or on a boat during a hunting trip. When a case is used, owners don’t have to worry about damage from movement during transportation or exposure to the elements. There are different types of rifle cases, so it is always advisable to research the best possible option depending on use, cost and environment.

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Applications of Gun Carrying Cases

The primary purpose of the case is to protect the firearm from any kind of damage so the gun can be used for a longer period of time. Gun cases are sold at most major sporting goods stores and hunting equipment stores. Small briefcase-sized cases can even be purchased for handguns or extra ammunition when traveling to a shooting range or on an extended hunting trip.

Gun Carrying Case Design and Customization

The case is the approximate length of the gun and may have extra room for ammunition storage. A convenient carrying handle is part of the case design, and secure latches are fixed at several points around the lid so that the case can be firmly shut. It’s important for the case to seal tightly so that water is not able to get in if something is spilled on it or if it is left out in the rain. On the interior of the gun case, a cushioned foam lining helps absorb the shock from abrupt impacts and protects the gun from scratches by limiting movement. Sometimes the cushion is cut to match the exact dimensions of a specific gun model so that it is held firmly in place during transportation. The exterior shell of most gun carrying cases is made using a heavy duty plastic with ridges that help to make it stronger. Even if weight is applied to the case, it won’t break or allow the firearm inside to be damaged because it is so strong and durable.

Some gun owners prefer to have a custom gun case. They take their time to have an expertly designed gun case using the best combination of materials for their rifles and equipment.

Factors to consider before settling on a custom case are:

Type of Case
What type of case is the gun owner looking for? Whether it’s hard or soft, or a large gun traveling case, you should determine which case will work best with your equipment.
Interior Protection
Gun case foam would work well here. Sometimes, the equipment may have different needs or specifications that foam will not help. In such cases, gun owners may consider a custom chassis or shock mounts.
The gun owner may have his/ her own design or could work with a professional to create a design that best fits the budget and schedule.
Things like purge valves, lid stays, custom logos, and coasters should not be left out. It is vital that the equipment arrives at the destination without impact and taking into account factors such as aesthetics, humidity, and pressure.

Notable Types of Gun Carrying Cases

Long Gun Cases
Shotguns or rifles are best stored in a long gun case. Long gun cases should be waterproof and heavy-duty. They come with padlock holes or locks to ensure the safety of the weapon. Foldable handles and wheels help increase portability. A good example is the Pelican gun case. The Pelican gun case, which is a hard sided gun case, comes with gun case foam and gives gun owners a chance to design their own foam.
Hard Gun Cases
Offers proper protection for a gun or rifle, especially when it comes to traveling long distance when compared to a soft rifle case. When traveling in a vehicle, it is easy for guns to get damaged or have their sights knocked out of zero. This gun case also offers security. If a rifle case can be locked and stored away, then the likelihood of a passerby spotting it reduces greatly. A metal gun case, leather case, and a plastic gun case are examples of hard gun cases. Aluminum is a common type of metal gun case. It, together with a plastic gun case, is among the most affordable gun travel cases. These cases also provide the best security among gun carrying case. The leather case is both beautiful and expensive and is more prone to theft cases. It is, therefore, advisable to choose metal or plastic when security is paramount.
Soft Gun Cases and Soft Rifle Cases
Unlike the hard sided gun case, the soft gun case is made from lightweight materials such as leather, canvas, and polyester. Most of the time, these cases are lined with soft materials to provide padding. Sometimes, carrying a hard rifle case to a hunting expedition might be cumbersome. The soft gun case is more convenient than the hard rifle case and is light enough to carry around. It works well when security is not paramount. The canvas gun case is one of the most common types. It can be made from a selection of materials, such as waxed or oiled cotton, and is relatively secure. The gun can easily slip in and out, which adds to the convenience. It is also very affordable among other gun cases. A soft rifle case is not as secure as a hard shell gun case, but it is more suitable when carrying a gun in use.
Tactical Gun Cases
A case that will give you extra ammunition and storage for your accessories so that everything is under one roof. Predator hunters and tactical operators who may require everything to be within reach but want to reduce their shooting gear load out should go for a tactical rifle case. A tactical rifle case can be either hard or soft.
Locking Gun Cases
Makes it easy for the gun owner to control who will handle the firearm. When traveling, it’s essential to lock your gun safely. The container should be completely secure and prevent the firearm from being accessed. If a gun owner’s case can be easily accessed, then the gun cannot travel. Most gun cases that guns are purchased in are not ideal as a travel gun case.
Multiple-Gun Cases
Some people may require to travel and want to put all their guns in one case. Multiple gun cases come in handy when having more than one case isn’t convenient. We have double rifle cases, 2-gun case, and 4-gun cases. A 2-gun case, also called a double gun case, carries two weapons. With a double gun case, a gun owner can easily transport two handguns. A double rifle case would be ideal instead of carrying two rifle cases. A 4-gun case should provide enough storage that securely holds four guns. A 4-gun case is ideal for military, law enforcement, and gun enthusiasts. It should be a lockable gun case where the owner can comfortably store, secure, and transport their rifles confidently.
Small Gun Cases
Also called a pistol case. Because pistols are so small, many cases can accommodate two pistols. There are many small gun cases that are specifically designed to fit a particular pistol as well as holding its accessories, such as cylinders and magazines. The small gun case is designed to accommodate a small gun, therefore, it is compact, lightweight, and much easier to transport. An example is a 9mm gun case. The 9mm gun case is built to fit the exact type of gun. It may have added space for a few accessories.
Pelican Rifle Cases
Associated with the military. They offer the guns, pistols, rifles, and other weapons the toughest possible protection. For one to get the most out of their gun’s firepower, then proper storage is necessary. The protection that a Pelican rifle case offers prolongs the life of a firearm. It is for this reason that law enforcement personnel and the military choose Pelican gun cases. They go through extreme use and abuse yet still come out on top. Pelican is a mark of quality in the gun world and should be appreciated as such. Pelican cases are known for protecting firearms and accessories; however, these gun carrying cases have other uses. They can be used for long electronic and industrial equipment as well as compound bows. All Pelican cases are padlockable on the hasps to ensure the safety of your bow, firearms, and other equipment.
Waterproof Cases
All cases, whether soft or hard, small or large, must be waterproof. It is essential for them to be waterproof. A gun may be able to withstand rain and other climatic conditions, but to place a gun in a wet case or one that can easily get wet is to subject it to problems such as rust. All guns must be cleaned and thoroughly dried before being placed back in their cases.
Gun Range Bags
There are many gun bags and cases in the market, so finding the right gun range bag should not be too difficult. These bags have removable pistol pouches. Each pouch holds two handguns at most. Some gun range bags have webbing that enables the gun owner to attach accessories and additional pouches to the bag. The bags have multiple internal pockets that allow for the smaller items to be kept organized and are easily accessible when needed. Some of these bags are carried like a briefcase, while others have a shoulder strap included to carry heavier loads, especially when carrying a lot of ammo. When gun enthusiasts fill the range bag with the right gear, it makes their shooting experience valuable, especially if there is limited shooting time at the shooting range.
Transporting Gun Cases
First thing to do when traveling is to secure the rifle in a gun transport case. A travel gun case should be declared to the airline when the bag is checked in at the ticket counter. The lockable gun case should be secure and prevent access to the firearm. Lockable gun cases that are easily opened aren’t permitted on board. Unloaded guns or rifles may be transported in a locked hard-sided container. The container is marked as checked baggage only. The firearms and ammunition must be declared to the airline when the bags are checked at the ticket counter.

Gun Safety Considerations

Proper gun storage is an essential responsibility for a firearm owner. Whether it's a hunting gun or a personal firearm, you must ensure that the weapon is always securely and appropriately stored in gun bags and cases. When moving from one place to another, a gun travel case would be ideal. The gun should be retrievable should you ever need to use it, but it should also be kept away from unauthorized persons. Storing the gun in a gun carrying case is a key safety measure that will guard your gun against unauthorized use.

Factors to Consider When Traveling with Firearms

Every firearm that one travels with must be declared when presented for transport. Airline limitations and fees apply. Guns and rifles must be unloaded and locked in a hard sided gun case. It should be transported strictly as checked baggage. The passenger retains the combination or key of the lock unless there is an official request to open the gun transport case to ensure it complies with the regulations. Firearm parts, such as clips, magazines, firing pins, and bolts, are not permitted in carry-on baggage, but the gun owner can put their gun travel cases containing the parts in checked baggage. One must comply with the specific laws concerning gun possession in the area because they vary locally, by state, and internationally.

If a passenger has replica firearms, including toy replicas, his/her replica firearms may only be transported in checked baggage. A gun owner should check the U.S. Customs and Border Protection website prior to traveling internationally with a gun or rifle in checked baggage. The website will provide the necessary requirements and information before traveling.

Rifle Case Maintenance

One should always make sure that the firearm is unloaded before storing it. When confirming whether or not it’s unloaded, the gun owner should make sure that the barrel is pointing in the safe direction. In terms of short-term storage, it is advisable to store oiled and cleaned firearms in a hard shell gun case. The firearm should simply be inserted and the case closed. One should also check for moisture. When gravitating more towards long term storage of a rifle or gun, it is highly recommended to ensure that the foam is completely dry. The firearm, especially the barrel, should be completely cleaned. The barrel must be free of all copper and lead residues and coated with gun oil, preferably one that is long-lasting and penetrating.

Whenever possible, the gun or rifle should be placed into a gun sleeve before the case is closed for long term storage. It is possible to buy rust-inhibiting insects to reduce the chances of corrosion. In areas that are high in humidity or where the humidifier works frequently, it is recommended to store the rifles in a waterproof case. The seal of the case will protect the case from moisture, therefore, shielding the firearm. One should also keep in mind unexpected things, such as a chemical accidentally spilling on the case. Cleaning a quality rifle case's exterior is relatively easy. The first step for a gun owner is to remove the foam lining. Foam normally absorbs moisture, which it will retain in the case when it is closed and cause rust in the firearms. Next is to set the case aside where it will dry out, and the moisture will evaporate. The outer shell should be washed with mild detergent or soap solutions, then rinsed with clean water. When the case is kept clean, the rifle remains clean as well.

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