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Leading Companies:

  • Santa Maria, CA 805-928-8840

    As quality carrying case manufacturers since 1964, Princeton Case West offers soft cases and hard cases from a reliable single source. By offering carrying case services such as complete foam fabrication, CAD design & specialty tooling, Princeton Case West goes above and beyond other carrying case companies. We offer cases such as hard cases that are made with exceptional workmanship at low costs.

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  • Chicago, IL 773-585-1164

    Are you in search of reliable hard cases? Turn to Custom Case Company, Inc. for trustworthy solutions. No matter the size or shape we can assist you with the very best products at an affordable price. We aim to exceed your expectations and work with you every step of the way. We look forward to work with your business!

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  • Baltimore, MD 410-547-7877

    Packaging Strategies is a leading foam fabricator with over 30 years experience in the design and manufacturing of flexible foam packaging solutions and products. With state of the art in house engineering and computer controlled fabrication machinery PSI has become one of the leading suppliers in the industry. Foams products include flexible polyethylene’s, polyurethanes, cross linked. Specializing in case and container inserts and cushion and vibration analysis PSI is an excellent choice for your next project.

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  • Poway, CA 858-467-7900

    Caseman offers both custom & stock shipping, carrying & rackmount cases for commercial, industrial & military applications. Authorized dealer for Pelican, SKB, Anvil, Parker, Platt, Philly & more. We specialize in custom foam interiors for computer, tradeshow & sensitive equipment needs.

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  • West Deptford, NJ 800-505-8179

    For over 75 years, Philly Case Company has been a leader in the carrying cases industry. We offer a wide variety of carrying cases with customization to fit our customer's needs. Our years of experience and expert team allow us to manufacture high-quality products while continuing to grow.

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  • Orange, CA 714-637-1252

    SKB Corporation has been a leader in the carrying case industry since 1977. We pride ourselves on our high-quality products and expert team. SKB offers a wide range of products and customization to meet our customers' needs. Contact us today.

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Hard Cases Industry Information

Hard Cases

Various industries use hard cases to safely and efficiently transport sensitive products and equipment. Hard cases are heavy duty and protective. They are made from various rigid materials for the purposes of transit and shipping. These cases are capable of protecting their contents from damaging elements, such as dust, moisture, vibration, and shock. In addition, they are waterproof, crush-proof, flame resistant, static-proof, and can be fabricated to be humidity-regulated.

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Applications of Hard Cases

Out of all types of cases, hard cases provide the most protection. Hard cases can be made from such materials as titanium, wood, plastic, and aluminum. These cases are used for a multitude of applications, from travel and shipping to protecting everyday items. Hard cases are designed to house items like cosmetics, tools, glasses, medical equipment, electronics, and instruments. Hard cases are highly recommended for the storage of fragile, valuable, or breakable items to ensure they travel from place to place without getting damaged. There are some cases that feature a set of handles and wheels that allow for smoother and easier movement.

These cases are used extensively in such industries as music, optical, emergency, medical, travel, outdoor, business, athletics, and automotive, and can be found storing items, such as firearms, musical instruments, audio production equipment, electronics, hearing aids, first aid supplies, and camping equipment. Other items that hard cases are recommended for include jewelry, documents, medical supplies, monitors, computers, and electronic devices.

Hard Case Design and Customization

Traditionally, hard cases have been simplistic in design. However, over the years, more custom options have become available. Hard cases may contain packing materials, such as wood shavings, rubber, foam, shelving, special racks, heavy foam, and packing peanuts. Hard cases can be the size of briefcases and contain compartments for organizational purposes.

Hard cases can be easily found and can be manufactured in a multitude of shapes, materials, and sizes. Popular materials that are used to fabricate hard cases include aluminum, steel, wood, and various plastics, such as linear low density polyethylene (LLDPE), rotationally molded polyethylene, carbon fiber, fiberglass reinforced polyester (FRP), and high density polyethylene (HDPE).

Many hard case manufacturers offer the option of customizing their cases for optimal organization, storage, and protection. For example, the packing material within the case can be cut in the shape of the items being stored. Other protective measures may be taken as well, such as the addition of spring loaded handles, twist latches, heavy duty swivel casters, buckles, aluminum framing, fortified steel, shock mounts, rubber gaskets, zippered pockets, or straps. The chosen material, the packing material, and all of the aforementioned additional features can play a significant role in strengthening the case and protecting both the case and its contents from shock or fractures.

Manufacturing Process of Hard Cases

Cases can be made by way of blow molding or rotational molding. In the process of blow molding, a hollow part is created by the application of pressurized air to a stream of hot plastic. In the process of rotational molding, a mold is rotated as a plastic resin is shaped. An additional process that can be used in hard case fabrication is injection molding, which involves the pouring of hot plastic into a mold cavity and leaving it to cool and harden. Metal cases are fabricated by fastening a thick sheet of metal to an extruded metal frame, and the corners are sometimes reinforced with steel plating for further protection during transportation. FRP plastics contain fibers that are fastened together by stitching, braiding, knitting, or weaving, and then bonded to a tough plastic surface or a matrix.

Benefits of Using Hard Cases

Many frequent fliers favor hard luggage over soft luggage due to how roughly airline luggage is handled. Soft luggage is prone to tearing, and fragile items are more prone to breakage when contained in a soft case. Hard cases can be custom designed to safely house items such as electronic tablets and cell phones and protect them from damage if dropped. The case absorbs the impact and greatly reduces damage done to the electronics. Hard cases that are water tight and made from plastic are also available for sensitive items if they must be around elements that may cause further damage, such as water or sand. Hard carrying cases help to keep these types of tools safe and eliminate the risk of injury.

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