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  • Santa Maria, CA

    With complete plastic case responsibility from the design to the end product, Princeton Case West serves as comprehensive plastic case manufacturers. As a leader amongst plastic case companies, Princeton Case West offers a full range of in-house services for a competitive edge. Princeton Case West provides a standard line of plastic cases as well as custom plastic cases for unique storage needs.

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  • Sherman, TX

    Royal Case Company, as premium carrying case suppliers, designs carrying cases based on industry specifications, including athletics, industrial and law enforcement. Through versatility and innovation, Royal Case Company offers a diverse carrying case product line including computer cases, plastic cases, aluminum cases, instrument cases, transit cases, custom cases, shipping cases and tool cases.

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  • Chicago, IL

    Our cases come in various configurations such as soft sewn cases, hard cases, model cases, exhibit cases, and more. We are experts in contract sewing and there is no project too complex for our experts. With manufacturing experience dating back to 1994 we are confident we can provide you with a top of the line custom carrying case.

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  • San Dimas, CA

    Custom Case Group (CCG) partners with Pelican, Anvil, Zarges, and Wilson to create custom cases for the aerospace, equipment, fire/rescue, hazmat, industrial, medical, military, OEM, oil and gas, shipping, and trade show industries. We also feature DroneHangar, a line of custom cases for drones and UAV/unmanned vehicles. Our engineers specialize in custom rackmount, carrying and shipping cases. We can build the case you need.

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  • Saskatoon, SK

    SBC Case Industries has provided carrying case solutions for over 22 years, and has proven to be elite carrying case manufacturers. SBC Case provides premium carrying cases to customers such as Home Depot and SaskTel. SBC Case is one of few carrying case companies that provide such a wide carrying case product range at a single source, including custom carrying cases, soft cases and hard cases.

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  • Jackson, WY

    S3 manufactures waterproof, crushproof cases and participates in the sale of HPRC cases of Italy. All S3 cases are made in the U.S. with stainless steel pins and high impact ABS. All cases carry a lifetime warranty and are virtually indestructible. Give us a call today!

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Plastic Cases Industry Information

Plastic Cases

Industrial work is filled with challenges. The daily grind of keeping on schedule, adhering to a standardized process, and ensuring you have the right containers for shipment, distribution, and storage is not without its difficulties. Workers in other fields follow a similar pattern. The various professions require practitioners to assemble, carry, and protect specialized tools to work sites that are filled with hazards.

The science and engineering behind these containers has made significant advances in the last thirty years. Methods for the industrial fabrication and manufacturing of plastics differ, but injection molding still dominates in their production. The principles of making a hard case are as follows. Thermoplastics of different kinds and qualities are heated above the temperature at which they become moldable. The pliable material is then forced into cavities between molds of various shapes and is then cooled so that it becomes solid again.

The ultimate product of this process is the molded plastic case. Molded plastic cases are popular with workers in a variety of industries. They provide an easy and versatile means of carrying and protecting equipment. They are lightweight and stylish and enable you to organize your items inside in the way you think is most fitting.

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Design of Plastic Cases

Molded plastic cases can be custom-made for specific kinds of tools and jobs. When on the job, you want to be able to reach into your case and grab things quickly. This can only happen if they are laid out in a way that makes intuitive sense to you. Such an orderly system leads to greater efficiency, and in any case cuts down on the amount of time you must spend rummaging around inside.

These cases feature smooth edges, which is important in an environment in which you are constantly running up against other people. They are also easy to close and open. As every onsite worker knows, this is an indispensable feature as it saves you from expending unnecessary time and energy wrestling with the latch on the case.

The cases are manufactured using high-density polyethylene plastic; they also sport double wall construction which ensures that whatever is put inside them will be properly protected. Molded plastic containers and cases were once seen by manufacturers as being too fragile, vulnerable, and dangerously unstable to be effective in the extreme conditions they would need to be used in. Nowadays, there is not one credible manufacturer that can do without plastic cases.

Types of Plastic Cases

There are different cases for different lines of work. The following selection of case types is small but adequate in its representation of what most companies need to carry out their work. Each style and size of a plastic case have benefits for various industries. The list below is meant to lay out the advantages of each kind of case.

Waterproof Case
For those who work in and around water, keeping tools, clothes, equipment, and other sensitive material dry is a constant challenge. Water is an extremely corrosive material. Wherever it comes into contact with it immediately starts to degrade and destroy. Those working in offshore oil fields, shipyards, beach fronts, or other sea-facing environments must find ways of protecting their gear against sea water. Work in exposed outdoor areas can leave equipment vulnerable to rain, which is also a major concern.
Jobs at, on, and underneath the sea vary. One size, shape, and kind of case will not fit every circumstance. Someone doing underwater photography, for instance, will need a case that is rugged, lockable, and portable. They will need a case that can not only withstand deep submergence for hours at a time but also the rough terrain of the sea floor.
Waterproof plastic cases are ideal for such a purpose. If you work in a marine-oriented profession, you are no doubt in search of companies that can offer an airtight, waterproof case in which to transport your materials. It is possible to find companies that not only offer such cases but can provide custom-made designs.
Specialty designed waterproof cases have found great use and popularity with scuba divers, marine science workers, and underwater photographers. If you are in one or more of the above professions, then you should search for the waterproof plastic cases manufacturer that is right for you.
Hard Plastic Case
Workers in tough, demanding environments need a way to transport and protect their tools and equipment. Flashlights, glass products, sensitive electronic equipment—these must all be used in difficult and rugged places. Using a hard plastic case is one of the best ways to get them safely in and safely out of such areas.
One of the great advantages of using such a case is that it is lightweight and thus easy to transport. It is also forged from polymers that are durable enough to protect the contents inside against a harsh environment.
Hard plastic cases are used by the military; they are also used by construction workers to house and protect items on a site. The customized foam interior will mold the contents of the case for gentler and more cushioned stability and security.
Plastic Carrying Case
There is an easy and simple way to get to and from your work site with all that you need. A plastic carrying case will alleviate the fears and concerns you might have of damaging expensive and sensitive equipment. Such cases are made from the highest quality material. They can also be designed to meet your exact specifications.
Indeed, one of the great innovations that have occurred over the past decade is affordable custom-made plastic carrying cases. Not every work situation is the same in every respect. You may, for example, be required to work in a small and confined space. This is often the reality of those working in mining industries.
Whether you work as a supervisor, a highly specialized technician, or a well-trained laborer, the conditions of underground mining operations put you in a different world—a world that requires the right pieces of gear if work is to be carried out efficiently, effectively, and safely. Coal, gold, silver, and other types of digs compel individuals to move around and work in very tight spots. They are also some of the harshest and most brutal environments in existence. Equipment can easily be banged up and damaged in such spaces. That is why you need a plastic case that is tough enough to withstand the environment and small enough to be carried without difficulty.
Plastic Case with Foam
A hard, durable, high-quality plastic case is perfect for those working in a difficult environment. However, you need strength and steeliness only on the exterior of the case. The inside ought to be soft and gentle and well-suited to what may be any number of fragile and sensitive pieces of equipment you must carry around with you.
A plastic case with foam is useful for carrying, presenting, and protecting various items; it is ideal for protecting your valuable equipment. You may have the kind of job that requires you to take easily damaged equipment into an area filled with hazards. The protective shell of a plastic case is well-suited to meet this aim.
However, exterior threats are not the only ones to concern yourself with. Electronic and digital gear is vulnerable to permanent damage or at risk of being smashed to pieces from violent, jolting contact with the hard interior surface of a case. The best way to prevent that from happening is to purchase a high-grade plastic case with foam.
Large Plastic Case
The job you have at hand may require using a large plastic case. The task in front of you may require a simple, transparent storage and transport case. These can usually be ordered in bulk. They tend to be boxy and plain, but they nevertheless provide the kind of protection and ease of movement you require.
A thinner, sleeker, more compact form of this case is also available. It is ideal for carrying a large number of tools to a work site. It is possible to insert foam pieces into the case as a protective measure. A number of foam piece molds can be ordered to your specifications and switched out depending on the particular tools you need. A large plastic case makes it easier—that is, lighter—to carry even single pieces of equipment, as the weight is distributed more broadly and evenly.
Small Plastic Case
Working in a cramped, confined area is not without its challenges. A small plastic case can help you get through the day with more effectiveness and dispatch and effectiveness.
If you must carry tools and special equipment in an enclosed work space, a small plastic case can be invaluable to you. They feature tough and rugged exteriors and are outfitted with malleable foam that will keep your items undamaged and well-preserved as you move quickly from one spot to another.
Such cases also have smooth edges, which prevents you from hurting other workers when you move about. They also make it easier for you to organize your equipment so that you are able to see and grab what you need quickly.

Plastic Case Applications

Manufacturing and other industries and services have found many uses for plastics. Construction, offshore oil drilling, marine science, and underwater photography are all areas in which plastic containers are widely used.

Things to Consider When Purchasing Plastic Cases

Finding plastic case manufacturers that can design, engineer, and produce cases to your company’s specifications is a great deal easier than you may think. The industry is no longer dominated by a few large companies putting out standardized cases that firms are forced to make work for them. Today’s industry is composed of a range of smaller, highly competitive, highly adaptable companies that use the latest technology to offer flexible solutions to customers.

Finding the Right Plastic Case
You may not know exactly what you need. But you do know the job that needs to get done, the work habits of the crews assigned to it, and the conditions under which they will labor. This is a perfectly solid starting point for most plastic case manufacturers. Given the most basic information on the tasks your people must complete, they will be able to get you the plastic case that most suits the job—and do so in a way that is timely.
No matter what it is you have to secure and protect—from an ultra-sensitive camera to a lightweight laptop—you will be able to find a company able to deliver the plastic case solution for you. Most have the in-house customization abilities and a staff with the knowledge, skills, abilities, and experience to create the case that your people will find safe and useful.
Customizing Cases
There is no reason to risk purchasing off-the-shelf plastic cases. In most instances, you can get a custom-made case for nearly the same amount of money. This is not an exaggeration. It is the habit of most people to assume that items that are customized to the exact needs of the client must be considerably more expensive. But this is not the reality with plastic cases. Design and molding technologies have advanced in a way that has significantly reduced the cost of making a case to spec. You should take advantage of this fact by working with companies that customize the products they offer.
Finding Cases Online
Your search must begin online. The small, robust, and agile companies described above are best found through the virtual medium. Not only will you be able to contact them in that space, you will also be able to get a free quote and even begin the process of assessing which one is best equipped to provide you with what you need.
Finding Companies Through a Directory
A quick search directory will help you get through the process even faster. These sites contain a list of the top companies that produce plastic cases. Through them, you will be able to fill out and send a quote form. You will also be able to access the website, blog, profile, location, phone number, product videos, and product information on each company.

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