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    For most people purchasing a laptop computer is one of their bigger purchases and maybe even an investment to have. I remember purchasing my first laptop before attending college because it was going to be something that I needed in order to be a successful student. When purchasing a piece of electronic equipment, especially when it is portable and will be going many places, it is important to get a case to protect it while it is traveling, not in use, or even in use. Some laptop computers are made...

  • Protecting Mr. Mac and PC with Computer Cases

    Can you remember the last time you went an entire day without touching a computer? I can't. I am on one everyday while at work, and come home and use my laptop every night before bed. When it comes to computers, I am a Mac girl, and those computers aren't exactly cheap. I have a two-year old Mac Book, it is my life and I don't have the money to replace it. While having to replace mine would mean a temporary end of the world to me, other computers are...

  • Safe Computer Travels

    Living in a mobile world, pretty much everything we own is made to be easily transported. College students especially do not even own regular desktop computers for the most part, opting instead for laptops that can easily be transferred from dorm rooms to class and home for the weekend. Many businessmen also find these products to be much easier, as do those who travel frequently. Laptops are simple and convenient to bring on flights on vacations and business trips. They can be used while on the plane, and can also...

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Computer Cases

Computer cases provide protection for computers and laptops during shipping, storage and transportation. While many computer cases manufacturers provide stock sizes for computer cases with standard dimensions, industrial designers and engineers also fulfill requests for custom carrying cases created for specific items such as monitors and laptops.

The materials that are used to create computer cases tend to vary. Soft cases often consist of materials like leather, cotton or synthetic materials such as neoprene. Hard cases are available as well and offer a higher lever of protection because their rigid outer shells protect the computer from moisture, dirt and physical damage. The durability and other specific attributes of the computer case often depend on the material from which the cases are made. Hard cases snap onto the computer or hold it in a box-like enclosure to protect internal components while soft cases are usually sleeves. Computer cases are generally simple in design though custom and specialty cases are also widely used. Some cases have pockets and pouches while others have dense foam that has been cut to hold the computer snugly inside. Computer cases are used by any individual or industry that needs to protect their sensitive electronic device.

Computer cases are highly customizable and can be specifically designed to accommodate a variety of computer styles and sizes. Hard cases usually fit very closely around the internal components and any changes in the hardware may require a new case. The case should match the computer to allow for easy access to USB hubs, disc drives and other ports and it is very important that the case fits around the cooling fan. Hard cases for desktop PCs are fabricated from sheets of metal that are cut and bent until they meet certain specifications. Another kind of hard computer case is placed on a laptop to act as a secondary enclosure that protects from scratches or spills. Usually made from polycarbonate plastic, these cases snap onto computer and are available in standard laptop sizes and many different colors. Plastic carrying cases are made through blow molding, injection molding or rotational molding, all of which use hot plastic and a mold to form the part. Soft cases are usually made from neoprene and have a zipper to fasten the case. The case is lined with soft lint-free material that provides some cushioning for the computer. They are stitched and sewn by hand or by machine.

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