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IQS Directory provides an extensive list of soft case manufacturers and suppliers. Utilize our website to review and source soft case manufactures with our easy-to-use features which allow you to locate soft case companies that will design, engineer, and manufacturer soft case for your exact specifications. Our request for quote forms make it easy to connect with leading soft case manufacturers. View company profiles, website links, locations, phone number, product videos, customer reviews, product specific news articles and other production information. We are a leading manufacturer directory who will connect you with the right manufacturers whether you are looking for soft computer cases, poster carrying cases, or soft sided carrying cases.

  • Uxbridge, MA

    At New World Case, Inc., we make the ordering of our soft cases simple and easy. Customers simply select the product they want to purchase and can add it to the cart and check out. We also have the option to order on the phone. Visit our website today where you will find a vast amount of soft cases and much more. We look forward to doing business with you!

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  • Clinton, IA

    With Custom-Pak, ground-breaking design, industrial development and proprietary processing machinery help make our company the lowest cost producer in their industry. At Custom-Pak, we offer many of our soft cases in different sizes and a selection of 25 standard colors. Let the Custom-Pak design staff demonstrate that our soft cases are invincible. Call us!

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  • Sherman, TX

    Since 1967, Royal Case Company, Inc. has been producing highest quality soft cases and serves to all customers all over the world. Our engineering staff designs and creates soft cases to make sure they provide portability and protection. No matter how big or small your company may be we still provide our customers with our Royal treatment. Let Royal Case Company take care of you!

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  • Santa Maria, CA

    One of the top carrying case suppliers, Princeton Case West provides quality carrying cases, custom cases, shipping cases, plastic cases, aluminum cases, tool cases, computer cases, instrument cases, transit cases and ATA cases. Princeton Case West offers custom foam inserts for varying applications. From design to delivery, Princeton Case West offers the complete package at affordable pricing.

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  • West Chester, PA

    Amongst soft case companies, Packateers, Inc. is known as tough competition due to quality-constructed soft cases and affordable prices. Providing a wide range of soft case products, Packateers is one of the most resourceful soft case manufacturers. Packateers soft cases offer dependability, adaptability and durability. Call us today for your case needs!

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  • Chicago, IL

    Our soft cases come in a variety of exterior fabrics including denier canvas, vinyl, leather, imitation leather, cordura, ballistic nylon, PVC backed nylon and felt. Interior materials include: vinyl, felt, flocked fabrics, and velveteen. These products can be customized with a number of other features. Connect with us today to learn more about the range of our capabilities.

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  • Floyds Knobs, IN

    Tetrafab has been supplying high quality custom soft cases to a variety of clients for nearly 30 years. Our customers range from multinational corporations such as Microsoft and Intel, to independent startups with new and innovative ideas. Stringent quality control, a domestic customer service and design team, and hassle-free logistics have made us the industry leader in custom case solutions. Contact us today and we’ll show you why our customer retention rate is the highest in the business.

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Fieldtex Products: Custom Cases and First Aid Supplies

Soft Cases Fieldtex Products manufactures a full-line of bags and soft goods and is a distributor of first aid supplies. We manufacture soft-sided carrying cases that are used for portable electronic equipment for medical and military markets and medical and first-aid supplies. We have been supplying our products to emergency medical corps., schools, cities, towns, youth team sports leagues and general safety marketplace for years. Read more...... Read More

Tetrafab: Superior Service, Quality Cases

Soft Cases Tetrafab is an industry leading manufacturer of custom sewn soft cases and thermal formed foam EVA cases. We have truly earned our position at the top of the industry through our dedication to customer service and quality, and with an average customer relationship length of eight years, customers are obviously impressed with our products and keep coming back for more. Read More...... Read More

Time to Go Fishing, Where's the Tackle Box?

I come from a long line of fishermen. My grandfathers, uncles and cousin often go out on a yearly fishing trip to Canada. While this is mainly an event for the boys (which is fine by me because the girls get to go someplace more fun to relax in the sun and by a pool), the whole family helps out with locating all of the gear that have been put away in odd places months before. Fishing poles, tackle, line and tackle boxes of all shapes and sizes must be... Read More

Soft Cases, Protection for Any Device

With all of the new technology gadgets available today, cases are typically pushed as well. They are able to protect the new merchandise from being scratched, dinged, chipped and getting wet. Depending on the case, more protection can even be added to protect it from slight to heavy impact. However, most of us are pretty careful with our things. I recently received a Kindle for Christmas, and I have been very careful bringing that around with me so far. But, to assist in minor protection, a soft carrying case is... Read More

Soft Carrying Cases Protecting Electronics During Travel

The technology pieces we use such as computers, cell phones and tablets being rather expensive, most of us take precaution in protecting them by getting a case to keep/ and or store them in. I have a permanent case for my cell phone that stays on it at all times so that it does not break if I drop it on the ground. This is because I learned my lesson the hard way by breaking and destroying the screen on my previous cell phone. Being a previous college student, I... Read More

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Soft Cases

Soft cases are carrying cases that have been manufactured from non-rigid materials and provide less protection than hard cases. Some common materials used in the manufacturing of soft cases are vinyl, leather, canvas, plastic, suede, felt, corduroy and nylon. Soft cases are typically manufactured by sewing contractors, which are companies that provide commercial sewing services and thus produce many uniform soft cases that end up on business shelves and are sold to consumers.

Either sewn by hand or by machine, soft cases are often manufactured as custom cases which can be made to fit certain sizes and use specific materials to fit the particular consumer needs. As a result, soft cases can be made to fit almost any application and are widely used in diverse industries such as: electronics, for protective casing of electrical devices such as computers or digital cameras; industrial manufacturing, in which soft cases are used for the packaging of a multitude of finished products; construction, in which they are often used in order to carry power tools; music, for the carrying of musical instruments ranging from guitars and drum sets to tubas and trumpets; and commercial, in order to package many different retail items including clothing, bedding and other garments.

There are many different ways in which soft cases can be produced, and the method chosen can depend upon the material being used, the quantity desired and many other factors. It is rare that manual, by-hand sewing is used for any large quantity, thus industrial applications require that soft cases by manufactured by automated means. The three basic types of industrial sewing machines are straight stitch, serger and blindstitch. Industrial machines differ from residential machines in many ways including being significantly faster, able to sew much heavier fabrics and sew through more layers. In addition, the industrial sewing machines have larger motors designed to run continuously throughout the whole day and many require little to no manpower or manual operations. In order to be customized, sewing cases may at times be embroidered, which refers to a decorative embellishment made by stitching thread by a needle. Custom embroidery on soft cases can include graphic or descriptive text and images, and often used by companies and businesses that want to print their logo on their products to promote recognition of their corporate name. While the majority of industrial applications call for hard cases, soft cases are a less expensive option that allow for ease of carrying if not providing the level of protection offered by hard cases.

Soft Cases
Soft Cases
Soft Cases - Royal Case Company, Inc.
Soft Cases - Royal Case Company, Inc.