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  • How actuators are affecting medicine and robotics

    Any science journal you read will deal with medicine and robotics. Human biology and robotics share a lot in common, starting with how closely connected and mysterious they both are and ending as widely researched, potential-infused prospects. As we seek to learn more about ourselves, how we're made and what we're composed of, we come closer to being able to duplicate our very humanity into robotic form. One fascinating way this duplication has become possible is through the use of electric linear actuators. In the world of linear actuators, robots...

  • Linear Actuators: They're Electric!

    Linear actuators, and the extended members of their family, are seen in almost every aspect of manufacturing. Linear actuators are devices that produce mechanical linear motion by converting various forms of energy into mechanical energy. Commonly used in automated assembly processes, they are most often computer controlled and are useful in many different applications. They are used as assistance in a robotics process in a wide range of industries that ranges from automotive to pharmaceuticals. Like most products and inventions today, linear actuators also come in many different variations and...

  • Electric Linear Actuators - Pushing the Limits of Industry

    Because a linear actuator is any device that pushes something else in a straight line, a lot of different kinds of things fall under that distinction. If, for example, I were to poke the wooden swan statuette on my desk with my index finger, I could call my finger a linear actuator (assuming I pushed the swan in a perfectly straight line). However, when industry professionals talk about linear actuators, they are not talking about my finger, their fingers or anyone else's fingers. Usually, when someone chooses a linear actuator...

  • Advantages of Electric Linear Actuators

    Electric linear actuators use electric power and linear action to provide accurate actuator readings. Electric linear actuators manufacturers create a wide variety of actuators powered by electricity for a variety of uses in many different industries. Different versions come in rod screw actuators, belt actuators, and screw actuators. There are also a few rodless actuators available for different uses as well. Although there are alternatives to electric linear actuators, there are many advantages that electric linear actuators manufacturers can provide to companies that other actuator types cannot. These advantages include:...

  • IDEA Drive: Programmable Actuator with Graphic User Interface

    Waterbury, CT - Haydon Kerk Motion Solutions introduces Haydon IDEA Drive stepper motor electric linear actuators. The IDEA Drive is an integrated linear actuator, electronic drive, and control unit fully programmable with an easy-to-use patent pending GUI (Graphic User Interface). Programming the actuator is through the use of on-screen buttons instead of complicated proprietary programming languages. A unique benefit of the IDEA Drive GUI is the automatic population of the motor and drive parameters based on entering the actuator part number when prompted by the user interface. Complex parameter calculations...

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Electric Linear Actuators

Electric linear actuators are devices that create linear motion through the transformation of electrical energy into mechanical energy. This linear actuator variety is typically attached to valves that are powered by an external source. Usually, single-phase or three-phase AC or DC motors are the actuation mechanisms in electric linear actuators.

Electric linear actuators can be divided into two main categories: rotary and linear. Before selecting an electric rotary actuator, important considerations include actuator range of motion and torque. Important considerations when selecting linear electric actuators include the length of the valve stem stroke, the number of turns and actuating force. Linear and rotary electric actuators are used in many applications and industries. In the automotive industry, they are used in air conditioning systems and in power door lock systems. Industrial manufacturing operations often require the use of electric actuators as control components for machinery. In agriculture electric actuators are used in many different kinds of farming machinery. Also, in power generation facilities, electric actuators are widely used in wind turbine construction applications.

Most electric linear actuators are composed of the same basic components. These components include an electric motor, a screw, a nut and gears in many cases. In an electric actuator, the nut makes possible the transformation of electrical energy to mechanical energy when it rotates along the screw. Using butterfly, ball, and plug valves, electric rotary actuators rotate from open to close. The electromagnetic power from the motor causes the rotation of the components, allowing for many stops during each stroke. A table or a circular shaft can be used as the rotational element in a rotary electric actuator. The power that causes the rotation is called actuator torque, while the full range of motion can be multi-turn, nominal or quarter-turn. In contrast to this, linear electric actuators open and close using globe, pinch, gate, diaphragm or angle valves. Because of their relative compactness, linear actuators are highly favored in applications in which space is limited. All of their working parts and actuation mechanisms often can fit into small areas that would be inaccessible to larger actuation devices. Because they service this unique purpose, the market for linear actuators is likely to continue thriving.

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