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  • Displaying Temperature

    Pressure gauges have the power to communicate to us a reading of pressure that is currently happening in a system. They can be found in use on many different types of machinery displaying readings of the current state of a process. Types of gauges include pressure, vacuum, temperature, process, fuel, air and absolute pressure gauges. Digital and analog readouts are available in today's market. A digital gauge displays and exact readout and there is no guessing what the numbers are whereas on an analog readout it can be more confusing....

  • The Pressure Gauge at Home

    Many industrial products are only found in industrial settings, but some, like the pressure gauge, are also found in residential homes. Pressure gauges are always built from heavy duty metals and equipped with display faces of some sort so that the pressure of the system, whether it is gas, air, oil or another substance, can be read. In the residential setting, a pressure gauge can be found attached to the gas outlet outside of the home, the reading of which is checked by employees of the local gas company in...

  • Getting Healthy with Digital Pressure Gauges

    I recently read an article in the New York Times discussing blood pressure testing and what doctors currently understand about high blood pressure and cardiovascular disease. This caught my attention particularly because I have recently tested high for blood pressure; being a high-strung, overly-anxious and neurotic person, this was not surprising to me, though this recent test has given me pause to consider what I can do about this and whether or not I should go to the doctor more regularly (which I decidedly do not, being a child of...

  • Digital Pressure Gauge

    Pressure gauges are made to measure the concentration for any oil water or gases in a given area at any time. When the first pressure gauges were coming out they all consisted of numbers on a dial with little notches in-between to indicate measurements in-between two numbers and a needle that would point to the area giving a reading of the current pressure. Now this reading would tell you the current pressure at any given time, but one would always have to make an educated guess as to what the...

  • Monitor Pressure the Easy Way- Ashcroft Inc.

    The new Ashcroft® DG25 digital pressure gauge provides a 5 full digit LCD in ranges up to 25,000 psi. Available in accuracies of 0.5% and 0.25% FS, this new design boasts a minimum battery life of 2000 hours. Standard features include an IP67 enclosure, selectable units of measure, a 20 segment bar graph indicator, min-max, tare and a list of agency certifications. A backlight and rubber protective boot are also available. View the demonstration video on YouTube which is accessible from the Ashcroft website at

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Digital Pressure Gauge

Digital pressure gauges are instruments used to measure fluid pressure in an area; they are distinct from analogue gauges in that their readings are represented on a digital display for easy, quick reading. Digital pressure gauges offer distinct advantages over other pressure gauge varieties, chief among which is the easiness with which they can be read accurately.

Two people reading the same analogue pressure gauge can produce two different readings due to imprecision of markings or other factors. Digital pressure gauges eliminate this problem, indicating pressures with numbers as opposed to ambiguously positioned needles. They can also be read more quickly, which in emergency situations can mean the difference between crisis aversion and equipment failure. Those main differences aside, digital pressure gauges are similar to analogue configurations in terms of their mechanical components and basic operating principles. All pressure gauges measure the concentration of fluids in a given area. In the case of balloon helium, for example, a pressure gauge is placed near the valve to indicate the quantity of helium in the enclosure; pressure is an expression of a fluid’s concentration. Digital pressure gauges can be used to measure highly pressurized  fluids as well as low pressure concentrations. They can be used to measure concentrations of water, oil and all kinds of gases.

Digital readouts are typically small liquid crystal numeric displays that operate on battery power. When a digital pressure gauge is connected to an enclosure in which pressurized fluids are contained, the equipment within the gauge senses the pressure level and expresses it numerically on a display. The display can often feature accurate readings to one or more decimal points; analogue gauge needles can point between numbers, but a person reading an analogue gauge would have to guess at decimal values. Like all other gauge varieties, digital pressure gauges vary in terms of their configurations and applications. There are many ways in which fluid pressure is measured, and digital pressure gauges can be applied in each of them. For example, gauge pressure, which is pressure measured relative to ambient atmospheric pressure, is often measured with digital pressure gauges. They can also be used to measure absolute pressure, which is fluid pressure measured independent of the influence of ambient atmospheric pressure. The only main drawbacks that limit the effectiveness of digital pressure gauges is the difficulty of reading some models in excessive or inadequate light and the necessity to periodically change batteries.

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