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Water Pressure Gauge

Water pressure gauges are tools used to indicate the concentration of water in an enclosure. Such enclosures can be storage tanks, machinery like pressure washers, pump systems and any other kind of equipment used to store or transport water. Monitoring of water pressure is important in all kinds of devices and machines, particularly those that involve hydraulics. The flow and temperature of hydraulic fluid, which can sometimes be water, must be carefully monitored in order to ensure peak performance and safe operation.

Water pressure gauges can often be used to measure and control hydraulic pressure in such situations. Water pressure gauges are also important components in the safe and effective operation of water pumps for pools, wastewater treatment equipment, municipal water distribution and metering equipment, brewing and other beverage processing machinery, building climate control systems and a host of other contexts. Water pressures are available in a wide variety of configurations and can be used in equally wide variety of applications. High pressure water gauges can be used in operations that involve the use of very large quantities of highly pressurized water, and low pressure water gauges can be applied in less demanding, smaller scale water storage or transmission.

The greater the extent to which a fluid is compressed in an enclosure, the greater the expression of that compression in terms of forceful exertion against the enclosure’s boundaries. In other words, as more fluid is forced into an enclosure, more force is generated against the limits of the enclosure. When water molecules are forced in large quantities into a storage tank or through a tube, that compression expresses itself as pressure. Water pressure gauges measure this pressure. In order to do this, the mechanical parts of a water pressure gauge must be exposed to that pressure. Pressure gauges are attached to water storage or transmission equipment in a way that exposes the gauge to the force generated by compression. They can be attached by tubes or directly connected. At sea level, the atmosphere exerts an average pressure of 14.7 psi, commonly referenced as one atmosphere of pressure. Water pressure gauges use this number to calculate the pressure level in water. Water pressure gauges measure pressure above normal atmospheric levels. When a pressure change occurs, a metal tube within the gauge flexes, inciting a change in reading. Water pressure gauges can feature analogue indicators with needles, or they can feature digital interfaces for quicker, easier reading.

Water Pressure Gauge
Water Pressure Gauge
Water Pressure Gauge - AMETEK® U.S. Gauge
Water Pressure Gauge - AMETEK® U.S. Gauge

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