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  • Importance of Tire Air Pressure

    A pressure gauge is a device that will measure and report the pressure level or liquid or gas that is concealed in any closed system. Pressure gauges are used heavily in the manufacturing industry because of the large machines used in that field. With these large machines being is use it is important to know their pressure at all times, so built in on an outside display is a pressure gauge. Pressure gauges are also found in many other applications, from smaller machines to automotive and household use. For example...

  • Oh, The Humidity!

    Yesterday was the 4th of July, so I went to go see the fireworks with some friends. That particular day was scolding hot. We laid on a miniscule square blanket on a warm cement bridge, bathing in sweat as we waited for the sun to go down. To make matters worse, it had rained recently and the air was very humid and sticky. It was all worth it to experience people screaming America and other patriotic screams while watching bomb-like explosions in the sky. When people talk about humidity they...

  • New TPMS Technology to Eliminate Tire Pressure Gauge

    On the way home from an out of town social gathering with a full car of roommates and friends we stopped at a gas station to refuel and stock up on snacks. The driver and shotgun rider went into the store while the three in the backseat remained in the car. That's when a man walked up and knocked on the window to say your tire is a little soft. We sat there dumbstruck and just stared at the nice man. Now this man was just being helpful but we...

  • Flying High on Air Pressure Gauges

    Owning and operating a vehicle begs a lot of maintenance, particularly when it comes to gauging the various pressures involved. Back in the day, up until around the 80's in most places, gas station attendants would do it all for you in one, easy stop in some cases for free, no less. If your tires were low on air, for instance, they would fill them right up while you sat comfortably in your car seat listening to the radio or doing the Sunday crossword. Slip the guy a tip through...

  • The Importance of an Air Pressure Gauge

    When I was in high school, my friend and I were driving around in her car and we noticed one of her tires looked a little flat. We thought that it might be a good idea to pull over to a gas station and put more air in that tire so that exactly what we did. Hooking the air station to the tire we filled it up until it looked right again. A few weeks later my friend was suddenly finding that her car was not driving correctly as usual...

  • The New Ashcroft® 2008S Panel Builder’s Pressure Gauge

    The new Ashcroft® Type 2008S panel builder’s gauge incorporates exclusive, field-proven performance features into a rugged, all welded front-flanged pressure gauge. The gauge dial measures 63mm in diameter and combines stainless steel wetted parts and case along with the patented PowerFlex™ spring suspended movement to ensure superior reliability and longevity. Liquid fill and PLUS! Performance™ are also available to dampen potential pointer bounce caused by vibration and pulsation. The Ashcroft® 2008S is the high quality choice for monitoring pressures in a wide variety of installations, including oil and gas control...

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Air Pressure Gauge

Air pressure gauges are tools used to indicate the pressure of a gas within an enclosure. Fluid pressure is the measurement of the concentration of molecules in an enclosure; that presence manifests itself in terms of the force that the molecules exert against the boundaries of their enclosure. The word “fluid” technically can be used to describe a liquid or gas, and pressure gages used to measure the concentration of liquid in an enclosure closely resemble gas pressure gauges in terms of their construction and operating principles.

While the term “air pressure gauge” is not descriptive only of pressure gauges that measure air concentrations, it is limited to the measurement of gas concentration and excludes the measurement of liquid pressure. Air pressure gauges are important to industry, commerce and even in consumer products markets. They are used to determine gas concentration levels in gas storage tanks used for industrial processes, they are used to prevent explosions in boilers and they can be used to measure tire air pressure. Gas pressure is an expression of quantity, and measuring that pressure is the means by which the fullness or emptiness of a gas container can be determined.

There are many contexts in which air pressure gauges are employed, and the number of different gauge configurations is equally large. Barometers are examples of simple air pressure gauges; they are used to measure atmospheric pressure. A firm understanding of how a barometer works lends itself to a richer understanding of how more complicated pressure gauges operate. A barometer features a fluid in a container that is partially open to air exposure. The level of the fluid in the barometer indicates the level of atmospheric pressure in the barometer’s immediate area. When the pressure increases, the level of the fluid in the barometer rises; when pressure falls, the fluid level also falls. All air pressure gauges accomplish this same task, though each configuration varies in the way in which it is accomplished. Bourdon gauges, for example, involve a strip of metal that changes shape based on differences in fluid pressure. Bourdon gauges are used to measure pressures relative to ambient atmospheric pressure. This means that the idle needle position on a Bourdon gauge indicates current atmospheric pressure; any needle position relative to the idle position indicates a pressure relative to current atmospheric pressure. Other gauge configurations are capable of measuring pressure regardless of atmospheric pressure. These configurations are called absolute pressure gauges. Different configurations are appropriate for different applications.

Air Pressure Gauge
Air Pressure Gauge
Air Pressure Gauge - AMETEK® U.S. Gauge
Air Pressure Gauge - AMETEK® U.S. Gauge

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