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  • Pressure for Quality

    My uncle is involved in dirt bike and street racing with his motorcycles. He loves and is good at it, but he invests a lot of time into his bikes. As a mechanic, he often fixes his bike right on the track. Recently I've learned about results in a race corresponding to tire pressure on a bike, and I think this makes the need for a quality pressure gauge vital. If my uncle is going to check his tire pressure on site, he's going to need a gauge with an...

  • Low Pressure Gauges and How They're Used

    Many kinds of low pressure gauges can be found in the home, whether it be for a pump, air compressor, air filter, gas burner or respirator. One common place where low pressure gauges can be found is the kitchen. For an example, my aunt has always been a big fan of canning food and oftentimes when doing so depending on the food being canned a pressure cooker is used to kill the wanted pathogens that can cause disease. Such pressure cookers typically employ roughly 10 pounds of pressure per square...

  • Diving Deep with Differential Pressure Gauges

    I was both fascinated and terrified by submarines as a child. The idea of this large and monstrous creature looming beneath the depths of the dark and enigmatic sea incited strong images and feelings in me and they continue to be, to this day, things of mystery and intrigue. The modern submarine evolved from what is called a bathyscaphe , which is defined as a free-diving self-propelled deep-sea machine designed for underwater travel. Because most submarines are intended for extreme depths, being able to maintain pressure equalization while operating such...

  • The Basics of Proper Pressure Gauge Selection

    by Rebekah Fuller, IQS Editor To all extreme feminists out there, I apologize, but I readily admit that there are some things I would rather just have a man do for me. I'm all about being an independent woman making a living and supporting myself; however, when it comes to things mechanical or electrical that's just what they are to me thingies. Say I encounter a pressure gauge in real life: I wouldn't give much thought to the thingy. I'm good just as long as my tires have the right...

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Differential Pressure Gauges

Differential pressure gauges are instruments used to measure the difference in pressure of a gas or liquid between two points. Pressure gauges are used to measure fuel, oil, water, air and vacuums. They indicate the internal pressure within vessels or systems and are used particularly for environments where the pressure changes frequently, therefore requiring constant monitoring.

A differential pressure gauge's components are housed in a metal enclosure; materials include stainless steel, cast iron, bronze, brass and aluminum. The windows are usually double-strength glass. Specific pressure gauges have additional materials such as plastic or rubber. Differential liquid pressure gauges are themselves filled with certain liquids including oil, glycerin and silicone. Pressure gauges are often used in tandem with protective accessories like shutoff valves. Other accessories include pipe coils, chemical seals and secondary valves to minimize condensation and to allow calibration against an external pressure source such as atmospheric pressure. Differential pressure gauges have two inlet ports that monitor the pressure in two separate vessels. These pressure gauges are used in applications where it is important to take two measurements and compare them, determining which vessel or system has the highest flow velocity, for example. Differential pressure gauges are utilized by manufacturing and industrial plants and companies.

Differential pressure gauges perform subtraction in order to indicate the difference between the two readings. This eliminates the need for an operator or computer system to watch two gauges and perform the math. It is fast and efficient to have the information immediately and constantly displayed in one location. There are three main types of differential pressure gauges: Bourdon, diaphragm and piston. The Bourdon gauge has two C-shaped or coiled tubes connected to the chambers or pipes where the pressures must be read. When pressure increases, the tubes uncoil. The motion of the two tubes is registered and a mechanical linkage compares the readings. Diaphragm gauges use two hermetically sealed membranes that flex in accordance with the pressure. The ports of the membranes are open to each other to compare pressures. Piston type differential pressure gauges are also called deadweight testers because they counterbalance the pressure of a fluid with a solid weight or spring. As is the case with all three kinds, the difference is measured by a sensor and indicated on the gauge. The results may be displayed as analog, such as a needle on a dial, or they may be digital with numbers on a LED panel.

Differential Pressure Gauge
Stainless Steel Differential Pressure Gauge
Differential Pressure Gauge
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Stainless Steel Differential Pressure Gauge – Ashcroft® Inc
Differential Pressure Gauge – Ashcroft® Inc.

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