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  • Aurora, IL

    Equipto is a premier provider of packaging solutions (COTS) for computerized equipment, offering quality solutions for the communications, data and power industries. Equipto offers precision designed and crafted metal enclosures that can withstand what most others cannot. For heavy duty, affordable and superior products and services, choose the quality of Equipto— you’ll be happy you did!

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  • Columbus, OH

    We put a focus on durability when it comes to our metal enclosures. These enhanced products are competitively priced and we have the most reliable customer service teams. We utilize extensive testing to ensure our customers that our products are guaranteed to shield your components. We ambitiously fulfill every single request and you will not be upset with our products. Please visit our website for more information!

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  • Houston, TX

    Nema Enclosures Mfg. is a leading provider of NEMA-rated electrical enclosures. Serving a wide variety of industries including chemical/petrochemical, traffic control, power generation, telecommunications, with high-quality products and services. Visit our website for more information.

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  • Freeburg, IL

    Hubbell® Wiegmann® is your complete enclosures solution! We offer NEMA enclosures, stainless steel enclosures, JIC enclosures, non-metallic enclosures and aluminum enclosures as well as wireway systems. For 75 years, we have been serving the needs of a broad range of industries. For more information about our capabilities, contact Hubbell® Wiegmann® today and a representative will assist you.

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  • Longmont, CO

    Mountain Secure Systems is a leading supplier of rugged electronics (i.e. rugged data storage solutions and sealed rugged hard drives) and legacy interface conversion solutions (converting Fibre Channel & SCSI to SATA) to the aerospace and defense industries, as well as in-flight entertainment solutions for commercial aircraft. In addition, MSS offers outdoor wireless network solutions for video, voice and data applications. Our products withstand the harshest elements of land, sea, air & space.

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Preventing Explosions with NEMA 7

A NEMA enclosure is a an electronic enclosure that has been certified for a particular use by the organization NEMA. NEMA stands for the National Electric Manufacturers Association. There are over 450 companies that allow NEMA to regulate their electronic enclosures for safety and potential uses. NEMA guidelines help factories and companies identify the capabilities of a particular electronic enclosure. NEMA enclosures come in a variety of different types depending on the use for the enclosure and what the enclosure is made out of. Most NEMA enclosures are used to... Read More

Metal Enclosures Protect Sensitive Components

Metal enclosures, like so many other industrial utilities, make a nearly anonymous contribution to industry. While the heavy machinery, high-tech fabrication tools and other more visible utilities get all of the recognition, metal enclosures hang in unlit closets, seemingly bland, seemingly boring. Metal enclosures may seem boring. But they're also very important, and the companies that build them make a very meaningful contribution to industry. Their products make the more exciting industrial processes possible. Most metal enclosures are little more than a few sheets of metal that are either fastened... Read More

Stainless Steel Enclosures Make Sense

It makes perfect sense to use stainless steel as an electronic enclosure construction material. Consider the reasons why electronic enclosures are used. In industrial contexts, electronic enclosures are used to protect sensitive electronic equipment from the hazards endemic to industrial environments. Just a few of these hazards include dust and dirt exposure, aerosols and accidental impact. In commercial and institutional contexts, dust and impact hazards are also present. In consumer contexts, exposure to elements and especially impact exposure are very real hazards. What's the best way to protect circuit boards,... Read More

Non-Electronic Metal Enclosure Uses

When I think of a metal enclosure, I typically think of electronics enclosures. Metal boxes protect all kinds of technology and equipment from radiation, electromagnetic rays, and damage from physical sources. However, I thought much less about the other uses for metal enclosures. Although there are literally hundreds of applications for enclosures, only a few of them include housing computer parts or electronics. All of the other uses for the metal enclosures are as varied and wide as there are projects in the world. Some of the uses for metal... Read More

Now Offering Wire Harnesses and Cables

Compac offers an extremely versatile line of off-the-shelf shielded enclosures plus the additional capability of customizing our standard product lines, manufacturing to your specs, from prototype to production. To further support the design function Compac offers a broad selection of RF accessories, gaskets, coaxial attenuators, coaxial terminations, filter feed-thrus, connectors, mounting bars, etc. The Compac concept is geared to fast, accurate, dependable deliveries that meet the most demanding delivery schedules. Low Cost to Your Exacting Specifications Short Lead Times Prototype to Production Quantity Finished Product Ready for Assembly With... Read More

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Metal Enclosures

Metal enclosures are boxes, containers and other fabricated shapes that are used to house, store and otherwise enclose objects. Stainless steel enclosures, aluminum enclosures and many electrical cabinets are all types of metal enclosures. Compared to other fabricated metal products, metal enclosures can be quite simple. However, metal enclosures are among the most important and widely used metal enclosure varieties.

Every building that makes use of electricity is host to at least one electrical enclosure made of metal; fuse boxes are important electrical regulation equipment that regulate power output and prevent electrical fires. Outdoor electrical meters are also essential to the effective operation of electrical components in homes and business. Both fuse boxes and electrical meters are housed in metal enclosures that protect them from exposure to contaminants like dust and dirt as well as from accidental impact. In industrial contexts, metal enclosures are often essential to the safe and effective operation of electrical components. Many industrial operations produce large volumes of dust and debris, which could impair the function of unprotected electrical or mechanical components. Metal enclosures provide this protection in a wide variety of settings.

Metal enclosures range in their possible configurations from very large, as is the case with housing for electrical substation equipment, to very small, as can be the case with consumer light switch fixtures. They can take simple, regular shapes like rectangles and squares, or they can be rounded, circular, cylindrical or designed in any other appropriate shape. Especially in the case of electrical equipment housing, metal enclosures can often be easily stamped or punched with holes to allow for the transmission of cords, wires and cables through the metal. They can be fitted with heavy doors, or they can be fitted with glass, allowing for easy monitoring of equipment within the enclosure. Metal enclosures with glass doors are often popular choices for technical directors of theatres and concert halls; sensitive audio and video equipment, which often must be protected from contamination and impact, can also generate unwanted noises, which can be disruptive during performances or presentations. Metal enclosures with glass doors confine these noises while allowing technical staff to monitor their equipment. Many varieties of metal enclosures are rated by agencies like the National Electrical Manufacturers Association (NEMA); these ratings give professionals an effective and easy way to evaluate the protective and functional properties of enclosures before they buy them. Such agencies are necessary because of the many varieties of important equipment that are housed in metal enclosures; traffic regulation computers, telecommunications equipment and security monitoring equipment are just a few examples.

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