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  • Why Die Cut Materials?

    In the world of manufacturing, pressing metals into uniform shapes is paramount, especially if it is the company's job to produce a totally uniform product. To achieve such standardization of materials, companies employ molding machines. These machines not only help the company create consistent products, they also make it possible for the company to produce large numbers of product. In today's society, supply must meet demand for a business to flourish. Molding machines can shape nearly any metal into nearly any shape one might require, and they do this by...

  • Christmas Cookies and Die Cutters

    My favorite time of year is the Christmas season, and has been since I can remember. I know Christmas is everyone's favorite holiday, but I can't help following the crowd with my decision. I love everything about Christmas, the cheesy music, the good food, the family time and yes, of course the presents. When thinking about all of the good Christmas memories of my past, there is always one that continues to stand out year after year. Every year around Christmas time, my grandma and I bake a huge batch...

  • Each Die Used for Die Cut Shapes

    The game changer for die cut machines is not the size or shape of the machine structure but the die tool that is used to make the cut. Not only does the type of die define what kind of die cutting machine is being utilized, but the die cut shape being produced correctly relies heavily on what kind of tool is best suited to the material so that the die cut shape is perfect. Since multiple factors are involved, companies in the die cut industry must be well informed so...

  • The Die Cut Shape Looks Good In Uniform

    The world of die cutting is expansive. Whether you are talking about huge pieces of metal that will eventually become part of an automobile, or heart-shaped pieces of cookie dough, die cut shapes have a massive range of types and applications. What is so nice about using die cut shapes in any setting is that they offer uniformity. Maintaining consistency in shape is an important factor if you consider the industry in which the die cut shape will be employed. If you are making cookies at home, for example, having...

Industry Information

Die Cut Shapes

Die cut shapes are flat, often quite thin, products that are created by a process called die cutting. Die cutting involves using cutting tools to cut shaped products out of sheets or slabs of raw materials. Die cut shapes can be cut out of rubber, metal, plastic, textiles, foam, and many other materials.

The demand for die cut products, which includes every variety of die cut shapes, extends across industry, commerce and consumer products contexts. In industry, die cut gaskets are very important for the safe and effective operation of a wide variety of process equipment. Automobiles, for example, can make use of die cut gaskets as engine block gaskets. Die cut gaskets are most often cut out of sheet metal, though some rubber gaskets can also be die cut. Many commercial operations, particularly those whose corporate presences have risen to fairly visible status, like to make use of embellishments like nameplates and logos in their workplaces. Such decorations can be die cut, particularly those that involve very complex cross sections. In consumer products contexts, decorative die cut shapes can be used as Christmas ornaments, and die cut products are also used as faceplates for small electronics. Because the demand for die cut products is so diverse and so wide, a large number of different kinds of die cutting equipment is necessary to accommodate them.

There are many different kinds of die cutting machines. The simplest examples involve the use of thin, steel blades called dies that can be specially arranged to cut shapes out of flat sheets or slabs. Die cutters of this variety can be used to create specialized die cut shapes in small quantities, and they are also used to mass produce stock shapes. Rotary die cutting is another method. During rotary die cutting, angled blades on a cylindrical die and an anvil crush cut the material as it passes between the blades and the anvil. With this type of die cutting, the material is usually cut in continuous roll form. During steel rule die cutting, in comparison, the material is crush cut between two parallel plates. In ultrasonic die cutting, the vibrations of a metal horn generate heat and pressure; these vibrations are then used to die cut and seal the shapes. Laser die cutting, which is one of the most advanced methods, uses a concentrated beam of light to cut intricate shapes out of sheets. Each method features its own advantages and drawbacks. The right method varies based on the desired qualities of the intended product and the operating budget of the client.

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