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  • Die Cutting Is #1

    My parents and I went to a professional basketball game recently as an early birthday present for my dad. He has been a long time fan of our state's basketball team and had yet to travel to a game. There are many fun things simultaneously going on at a sports game; the video and music coming from the display overhead, the abundant food and drinks being marketed from every level, the crazed sports fans yelling crazy things at the top of their lungs. This was my dad's first time attending...

  • Die Cut Foam: The Shock Absorber

    Die Cut Foam Photo Courtesy of Thrust Industries. Foam is not a material often on display because its purpose is usually within an object or system rather then on the outside in a visible position. This is because foam is an excellent shock absorber and vibration absorber, making it the perfect padding for applications such as packaging, cushioning, inserts and insulation. All of these applications can be utilized in a variety of sizes and shapes, which means a production process that is flexible and quick is necessary for creating foam...

  • Die Cut Foam: Protecting and Cushioning

    Foam is a very widely used material that is used in many products, applications and services. It can be found in furniture, protective cases, cushions, padding, packaging and many other places. As a great protective material, foam often helps house sensitive products that are kept in a case such as a camera or camcorder. These pieces of foam are cut out custom to match the exact size of the product so it eliminates any movement during travel that could potentially damage the item. Die cut foam like this has become...

  • IQS Newsroom Featured Profile: Design Converting, Inc.

    Die Cutting The mission of Design Converting, Inc. is clear cut: to be the choice supplier for plastic die cutting, foam die-cutting, rubber die-cutting, fabrication and secondary services to its valued customers. Offering further processes such as laminating, screen-printing and stamping, DCI has grown both in service capability and in customers since our formation in 1996. Read More......

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Die Cut Foam

Die cut foam products are shapes cut out of foam sheets by a die cutter. Die cutters are stamping or rolling tools that cut specially designed shapes out of flat sheets. Die cutters can also be used to cut shapes out of metal, plastic, wood, rubber and other materials. Die cut foam is used to make several different products.

Die cut foam offers shock and vibration absorption when used in packaging, inserts, insulation, and cushioning. Gaskets, seals, cushion pads, insulators, vibration mounts, sound dampening products and a wide variety of other products can involve die cut foam in some way. Die cut foam is especially popular as a permanent packaging and cushioning material. Many expensive, portable electronics or other sensitive equipment that is stored in casings while not in use or for travel are secured in their cases by specially-shaped, die cut foam products. Camera lenses, for example, can be protected by carefully formed, die cut cushions that are long lasting and impact-absorbent. Die cut foam is also popular as an acoustically absorbent material for use in recording studios and radio stations. Also, novelty products like sports team promotional materials are often made of die cut foam.

All die cut foam products are made in die cut machines. Every die cut machine can be specially configured to create a specific shape. During the process of die cutting, thin blades, called dies, are used to cut out shapes in various types of materials. Different types of die cutting include flat and rotary laser die cutting, blade type rotary die cutting, ultrasonic die cutting, and steel rule die cutting. Die cut foam can be produced by any of these types of die cutting. A foam is technically any material in which gas bubbles are suspended. In the context of die cut foam products, foamed synthetic polymers are the most common raw materials. Neoprene, polystyrene, polyethylene, PVC and polyurethane are just a few examples of common raw materials that are turned into die cut foam products. Each raw material offers different qualities of softness, strength, durability, shelf life and resistance to high or low temperatures. Carefully selecting the right die cut foam material for its application is important for every professional considering the use of die cut foam products.

Die Cut Foam
Image Provided by Thrust Industries

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