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  • Evansville, IN 800-467-6730

    When it comes to our die cutter we have the best! We are at the top of our industry and our customers know it. Our main goal is to provide customer service that exceeds expectation every time you do business with us in hopes of keeping you coming back for all of your die cutting needs. Our company has over thirty five years of industry experience that you can trust. Visit our website today or get in touch with our customer service representatives now!

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  • Franklin, WI 800-556-7188

    CFS is an ISO 9001:2015 manufacturer of custom die cuts. We supply laser, steel rule, automated flatbed and standard rotary die cutting, dieless knife cutting services. Precision die cutting achieves tolerances as tight as +/- 0.002". Services include kitting, sheeting, perforating, kiss cutting, tabs and split liners. Printing available on die cuts in performed in our ISO Class 7 Clean Room. We supply many diverse industries including aerospace, electronics, military, medical and LED lighting.

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  • Grand Rapids, MI 616-942-7780

    At Design Converting, we take pride in our ability to present our customers with products that precisely match their designs. Our die cut shapes are the most precise in the industry. We are die cutters of many materials, including plastics, rubber, felt, cork, foam, foils, textiles, adhesives and several other examples. Visit our website to learn how our company can serve yours.

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  • Garland, TX Locations in TN and TX800-530-0091

    Heubach Corporation strives to be the best in whatever role you need us whether it is foam fabricator or a die cutter. We pride ourselves on being able to find ways for you to reduce your cost and increase productivity. You can count on us for quality products and outstanding customer service.

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  • Seattle, WA 800-537-9663

    Gardico has been providing superior products and workmanship to industrial customers since 1977. Our die cutting capabilities satisfy needs for standard and custom gaskets, pads, insulators and decorative pieces in quantities from 5 or 10 to tens of thousands. We work with stock or customer provided materials: rubber, foam, vegetable fiber, cloth, cork, felt, gasket sheet, thin plastics and foils.

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  • Carson City, NV 800-733-2648

    We strive to provide the most advanced die cutters available. We are able to supply many industries and a variety of applications such as bearings, electrical, furniture, glass, oil, power generation, vacuum cleaners, woodworking and commercial/industrial. Bring us your business and we will bring you products that last for a lifetime and won’t quit until long after you are done with them. Visit our website today to learn more!

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  • Canonsburg, PA 866-672-8100

    Founded in 1997, the National Rubber Corporation is here to exceed your die cutter needs. Precision die cutting is a process of converting sheets or rolls of non-metallic materials into die cut parts with speed, accuracy and uniformity. Die cutting is fast, consistent and cost-effective for parts that range from miniature washers to large gaskets. Accurate die cut parts applications include seals, gaskets, bumper pads, barriers, packing, vibration dampers, and diaphragms, among others.

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  • Stuart, FL 772-286-9278

    When it comes to plastic tubing ours is the best in the industry! With over twenty years of field industry experience we are dedicated to providing our customers with products that stand above the rest. Our skilled technicians will work closely with you to come up with the perfect product to fit your exact specifications. To learn more about what we may be able to do for you; visit our website today!

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Die Cutter Industry Information

Die Cutter

Die cutters are tools that are used to cut specially designed shapes out of sheets or slabs of material. There are many different kinds of die cutter configurations. The simplest die cutters consist of thin, steel blades called dies, which cut special shapes.

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Applications of Die Cutters

  • Metals
  • Rubber
  • Plastic
  • Textiles
  • Wood

They create these materials by using sharp metal dies or CO2 lasers in a cookie-cutter style cutting method. The demand for die cut products extends across industrial, commercial, and consumer products contexts. Die cut gaskets, in particular, are very important industrial components. They are essential parts of many kinds of process equipment, and they are used in automobile engines as well to create a seal between parts in an engine block. Die cut gaskets are usually made out of rubber or metal.

Die cutting is also important to many commercial operations. Plastic die cut bags are among some of the most common point-of-purchase packaging materials; they are provided to customers at checkout lines at bookstores, grocery stores, gift shops, and in all kinds of other settings. Office-based businesses, particularly those with high or emerging corporate profiles, tend to employ embellishments like office door name plates and corporate logos in their work spaces. These products can be created by die cutting. Consumers make extensive use of die cut products as well; in addition to their use as shopping bags, die cut products are used as Christmas ornaments, key chains, as faceplates for electronics, and many other examples.

Notable Types of Die Cutting Processes

There are several types of die cutting, including rotary, steel rule, ultrasonic, and laser die cutting. During rotary die cutting, angled blades on a cylindrical die and an anvil crush cut the material. With this type of die cutting, the material is usually cut in continuous roll form. This process is capable of producing die cut parts in large volumes in short amounts of time. During steel rule die cutting, the material is crushed between two parallel plates. In ultrasonic die cutting, the vibrations of a metal horn generate heat and pressure; these vibrations are then used to die cut and seal shapes. Laser cutting involves directing a concentrated beam of light at the surface of a product, creating a cut at the beam’s focal point. Laser cutting is almost always controlled by computers and three-axis laser cutting machines. This is among the most accurate, and often most expensive, die cutting processes.

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