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  • Premier Seals Manufacturing Featured Profile

    Gaskets With over 25 years of experience, Premier Seals Manufacturing has become a respected leader in the gasket manufacturing industry. We started as a one man operation in Columbus, Ohio and with a strong commitment to quality; we have risen to become a top gasket manufacturer in the industry. What has led us to become where we are today is our focus on delivering quality products to our valued customers. Premier Seal's mission is to ensure that our customers are well taken care of, and that they can rely on...

  • Preparing For Winter With Gaskets

    As much as I love the colors and activities of fall, it also means that winter is right around the corner. I like winter, for about two weeks, and then it can go back to being warm and sunny again. I don't see how this is too much to ask for. Unfortunately, winter is an inevitable end to the fall season, and requires some special maintenance in order to prepare properly for it. Most people put different tires on their car, take the screens off of their windows, stock up...

  • Fermenting With Rubber Gaskets

    When I was growing up, one of my favorite things to do was to spend the day at my grandma's house. She would make us cookies, serve ice cream for lunch and never yelled at us for watching too much television. She also had the coolest projects that she would let us help her with. My grandma's house was smack dab in the middle of a large scale farm, so naturally she had a very large garden with various vegetables. One of her hobbies was to ferment the vegetables, and...

  • Rubber Gaskets: More Popular than Metal

    Although rubber is by far the most popular material for gaskets in a multitude of industries, it is not the only substance utilized. A variety of metals are also used for specific applications, although they generally require a rubber seating surface to act as the seal since metal is not flexible enough to provide a non-permeable seal. Therefore, buying a straight rubber gasket makes more sense. The fewer parts involved the less frequently maintenance is necessary and the fewer problems pop up. The simplicity of the rubber gasket as well...

  • Custom Gaskets Speed Production and Reduce Costs

    Doug Sharpe President of Elasto Proxy Ready-to-install rubber gasketing speeds production, cuts labor costs, and reduces material waste. As we learned in our recent Make It or Buy It? series, it’s critical to consider custom fabrication in light of your manufacturing overhead (MOH) and opportunity costs. By choosing rubber gaskets that are ready right out-of-the-box, your installers can attach seals quickly, easily, and accurately. By partnering with a custom fabricator who delivers on your needs, you can also strengthen your industrial supply chain. As a global supplier of specialty sealing...

  • Bonded Gaskets and Gluing Gaskets; Elasto Proxy Announces Ready-to-Install Industrial Rubber Gasketing that Speeds Production and Reduces Labor Costs

    Elasto Proxy, supplier of specialty seals and custom insulation, announces industrial rubber products that are ready for installation right out-of-the-box. Bonded gaskets and gluing gaskets come pre-cut, labeled, and with a removable plastic liner and pressure-sensitive adhesive (PSA) that helps production personnel attach rubber gasketing quickly, easily, and accurately.      Boisbriand, Quebec, Canada Elasto Proxy, a global supplier of specialized sealing solutions, is announcing ready-to-install rubber gasketing that can save manufacturers time and money. Workers can install bonded gaskets right out-of-the-box and speed...

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The Importance of Rubber Gaskets

Rubber gaskets are rubber products used to seal spaces between two surfaces. Such seals are necessary in many kinds of equipment, especially those that involve tubing and hoses through which liquids or gasses pass. For example, when two sections of tubing meet, their point of connection must often be sealed by some kind of gasket material to ensure that no fluid leaks out though their connection point.

Most gaskets on the market today are made out of some type of rubber. Whether it is acrylic, butyl, chlorinated polyethylene, silicone, polyurethane or natural rubber, they are all classified under the term rubber. This property is very common for gaskets because of their purpose of sealing two adjoining items tightly and securely. Rubber is so flexible that it can be squeezed tightly against surfaces so make sure no liquids or gases get through any openings that could potentially be present at two adjoining surfaces. Many rubber gaskets have a large varying temperature range that they can still perform in no matter hot or cold conditions. Certain rubbers carry better temperature ranging properties than others, so the best rubber gasket can be chosen depending on the application. This is very important as gasket failure could potentially cause a lot of damage or issues within a system.

Rubber gaskets are found on windows, doors, cars, plumbing systems, engines, hoses, and many other places. They are especially critical for use when fluid is being transferred through connecting pieces when the fluid is toxic or dangerous to interact with. The gasket will ensure that no leakage or spills happen protecting the safety of the surrounding people and environment. Rubber gaskets come in a wide range of sizes and thicknesses and are most commonly made in a circular shape. Manufacturing companies will usually make a custom gasket to fit the needs of any project for a customer or client. Rubber gaskets are heavily used in the industrial industry on manufacturing machines and equipment. There are many different manufacturing processes to make certain items and they usually require working with substances and gases that can be harmful. The uses of rubber gaskets help ensure that these machines run smoothly and safely.

Rubber Gaskets

All engines depend on gaskets for sealing components that transmit fuel, oil and gasses like exhaust. In many gasketing applications, rubber is the most effective sealing material because of its fluid non-permeability, chemical resistance, heat resistance and capacity for withstanding pressure. All rubber products are elastomers, and elastomers are characterized by elasticity. This quality of elasticity is what makes rubber such an ideal material for gasketing applications. Most rubber products, when compressed and then relieved, will return to their original shape fairly quickly, assuming extreme temperatures and the presence of corrosive chemicals are not factors. If, for example, a simple O-shaped rubber gasket is used to seal the lid of a ceramic pot, the rubber pushes against the pot and its lid, which creates a seal. This is how all rubber gaskets create seals.

Different rubber materials perform in different ways when used in gasketing applications. Because gaskets are used to prevent chemicals and gasses from leaking, the material used to create the gaskets must resist degradation caused by contact with those materials. Gasoline and other petrochemicals can degrade many rubber varieties. In response to the demand for rubber materials that could resist corrosion despite contact with petrochemicals, synthetic rubber materials like EPDM, Viton, Neoprene and silicone were developed. Heat and corrosion resistance are key considerations when applying gaskets in a given context. Viton, the first fluoroelastomer ever developed, is an excellent material for the sealing of fuel lines and other avenues through which petrochemicals are transmitted. Viton cannot, however, come into contact with ketones, acetone and other organic acids. EPDM displays excellent compatibility with ketones but poor compatibility with petrochemicals. Because gaskets contribute to the safe and stable operation of machines with which people come into constant contact, the importance of carefully selecting gasketing material cannot be overstated. Improperly selected or maintained gaskets can cause catastrophic failure in the equipment in which they are applied; when carefully chosen and periodically checked for signs of stress or degradation, they contribute very significantly to equipment’s safe and effective operation.

Rubber Gaskets
Rubber Gaskets
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Rubber Gaskets - Premier Seals Manufacturing

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