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  • Akron, OH

    Premier Seals ranks among the highest in quality and customer care, manufacturing EPDM gaskets for a variety of applications and recognized as a high quality gasket and sealing supplier to a wide range of customers, such as the automotive, industrial, agricultural, military, medical and the food industries. With 30 years of experience, Premier Seals has the knowledge to meet your requirements.

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  • Seattle, WA

    As a supplier of EPDM gaskets since 1977, Gardico is dedicated to customers in all industrial sectors needing standard & custom gaskets of superior workmanship. With die cutting, slitting, water jet cutting, assembly, laminating & adhesive capabilities, Gardico works with a variety of foam, fiber, felt, cork, plastics, metals & numerous other materials to meet all of their customers’ needs.

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  • Carson City, NV

    Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer Rubber is the material of choice for many applications due to its resistance to heat, weather, and ozone. If you are in need of a high quality EPDM gasket that is built to last, look no further than REDCO! To learn more about EPDM and what these gaskets can do for you, visit our website!

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  • Canonsburg, PA

    National Rubber Corporation is an outstanding choice for your EPDM gaskets needs. Our EPDM gaskets are made to exceed your expectations and we are committed to making sure you are happy with our product. Whether your requirements for custom extruded parts are large or small, multi-dimensional or simple, our engineers will help in finding the solution to meet your needs. Our staff of experts enjoys the challenge of devising custom extruded solutions for the most exacting applications.

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  • Chandler, AZ

    We offer the best in EPDM gaskets in the industry. We have a knowledgeable staff and offer excellent customer service to small and large customers alike. We provide everything you need with high quality materials and offerings. We offer a large inventory of products that you can purchase and start using right away. Contact us today for more information about our products or services!

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  • Danbury, CT

    Vanguard is a manufacturer of engineered high-performance elastomer products. We manufacture our custom rubber seals and gaskets using materials such as EPDM, silicone, and isoprene elastomer. Our custom gaskets are used in numerous industries, including medical equipment, HVAC equipment, architectural and window seals, and more. Contact us today and we will help you get the right gasket for your application.

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Many gaskets are utilized in environments that involve water, whether they are constantly wet because they are the protective seal in a piping system or because they are serving as a window gasket in a car that occasionally gets wet from rain or snow. Either way, a waterproof gasket is a popular idea, so that the material does not deteriorate quickly and cause problems in the system, object or vehicle it is a part of. One material used to make gaskets that is naturally waterproof is EPDM, short for ethylene... Read More

EPDM Gaskets: How to Waterproof

Gaskets Photo Courtesy of Grumen Manufacturing. Many gaskets are utilized in environments that involve water, whether they are constantly wet because they are the protective seal in a piping system or is serving as a window gasket in a car and occasionally gets wet from rain or snow. Either way, a waterproof gasket is a popular idea, so that the material does not deteriorate quickly and cause problems in the system, object or vehicle it is a part of. One material used to make gaskets that is naturally waterproof is... Read More

Why Choose EPDM

When purchasing gaskets, a plethora of material options are available, so many in fact that it can be incredibly difficult to distinguish the characteristics of one from another. So how does one choose which material will best suit for their gaskets, the environment those gaskets will be utilized in and the application? Gaining a general knowledge of all materials is a good idea, but since this amount of research is time-consuming and straining, better to depend on the experts. One option they will often suggest is EPDM, for a variety... Read More

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EPDM Gaskets

EPDM (ethylene propylene diene monomer) gaskets are a type of rubber gasket composed of the synthetic rubber of the same name. EPDM gaskets are installed on a variety of surfaces, where they provide a seal between one surface and another. They exhibit all the excellent qualities of EPDM, which include resistance to weather, resistance to ozone and ultraviolet light, resistance to harsh chemicals and acids, resistance to aging, resistance to wear and incredible resistance to water. (EPDM is considered to one of the most waterproof rubbers in the world.) EPDM gaskets maintain their form even under great duress; they are typically able to work in environments with temperatures between approximately -60? and 300?. In addition, EPDM has a significant amount of elasticity and viscosity. Due to both its literal and figurative flexibility, EPDM gaskets have applications in a great many industries, including aerospace, automotive, architecture, construction and power and utility. Among the most common EPDM applications are automotive weatherstripping and window and door sealing.

To create EPDM, which is a polymer, manufacturers must first trigger a chemical reaction between its ingredients. This chemical reaction creates a compound comprised of mixed particles and clusters of large, repeating molecules. After the compound has been created, they must vulcanize it, or cure it with sulphur. The reason for this is that the presence of diene in EPDM makes its polymer structure transform into an unsaturated polymer structure. To strengthen it, vulcanization, which results in the formation of crosslinks between the the polymer chains of its molecules, must be performed. As a result of vulcanization, the rubber is more durable and less sticky. Without the strength imparted by vulcanization, EPDM would be much more vulnerable, would break down more easily and would, ultimately, not last nearly as long.

Typically, EPDM gaskets are made using the die cutting process. Die cutting is a cold-working process that uses shears or other cutting tools to cut stock material. The cutting blades are almost made of some sort of steel alloy, such as stainless steel. Die cutting is typically divided into the sub-processes of shearing and shearing-type operations. Put simply, if the manufacturer is using straight cutting blades, the process is known as shearing. Meanwhile, if the manufacturer is instead using a curved blade, the die cutting process is a shearing-type operation. A die cutting procedure very commonly used to make rubber gaskets of all kind is “dinking”. This process, known in metalworking as “clicking,” uses shears to cut webs of materials. Dinking calls for special dies that are pressed into materials either with a mechanical press or with a hammer. They may be referred to as either dinking dies or hollow cutters. Die cutting is used to create EPDM gaskets of all shapes, lengths, widths and depths. After they are cut, they can be further worked into all kinds of forms, including rubber foam gaskets, sealant strip and gasket tape. Sealant strip is a closed cell material, meaning that rather than absorbing elements, it blocks them. Thus, it can work very well for waterproofing applications. Likewise, EPDM gasket tape also made up of closed cell rubber material. It is an excellent tool for sealing narrow and hard to reach spots.

While EPDM is an excellent rubber material, it does have its shortcomings. The most disadvantageous of them is that becomes ineffective if and when it comes in contact with certain substances. These include aliphatic and aromatic hydrocarbons, concentrated acids, gas, halogenated solvents and oil. If any of these pitfalls prove to be a dealbreaker for an application, customers may also consider the alternatives of neoprene or silicone gasket material. Each has something to offer. First, neoprene can withstand an onslaught of chemical flow and it is fairly water resistant. Second, silicone can maintain its effectiveness and form in high temperature applications than EPDM can. Also, it is more efficient. Nevertheless, EPDM persists as an excellent material that has superior resistance to atmospheric influence, and, while it cannot withstand all chemicals or substances, it can withstand a variety of animal oils, oxygenated solvents, steam and water-based chemicals. Outside of the gasket world, popular applications for this lovely rubber include stints as: pool liners, belts, hoses, washers, radiators and playground turf. For more details about EPDM gaskets and how they might help your application be warmer, drier, cushioned or more secure, contact a gasket manufacturer today. Don’t worry if you don’t know where to start; just check out the many skilled and experienced companies we have listed on this page.

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