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  • An Invitation to Excellence

    When my best friend was planning her wedding, I helped her with a lot of the details. For example, we did a lot of flower shopping and research, menu planning, and even had long discussions about the kind of wedding invitations she wanted to use. The flowers she ended up choosing were daisies, the food was a delicious-sounding spread of down-home comfort foods, and the invitations were a stunning mixture of both simplicity and detail. I was particularly interested in the invitations, as my friend is very into paper design....

  • Lasers Leap Across Industries

    During my time in high school, I worked at a scrapbook shop that specialized in laser cut outs. Actually, the term laser cuts was in the name itself. We had all of the other scrapbook amenities as well, scrapbook glue and stickers, we even offered classes every once in a while where people could bring in their projects and work on them in a fun space, but the majority of what we sold were laser cutouts that people could then paste into their desired scrapbook design. I was just a...

  • The Latest Advances for Die Cutting Companies

    Every industry is developing cutting edge and innovative techniques to improve efficiency, energy utilized and the amount of materials wasted in the manufacturing process, among other factors. For die cutting companies, a couple of recent advances have been made and are being utilized. CO2 laser cutting has greatly improved the quality of die cutting possible while also lessening the cost factors, while ultrasonic die cutting is achieving the same sorts of positive results but in a different fashion. Many die cutting companies are now using one or both of these...

  • Laser Die Cutting: Into the Future

    Lasers were once considered a tool of the future, a heat generated power that we imagined in the same category as flying cars and servant robots owned by those in the general public. However, lasers have been utilized in the industrial world for awhile now, and are able to do work crisply, cleanly and quickly. Other, more traditional methods are still used too, such as in the die cutting industry, but certain applications are much improved by the development of the laser die cutting machine. Laser die cutting is almost...

  • Laser Die Cutting Vs. Traditional Die Cutting

    Intricate, cut-out patterns on business brochures might be the most creative option for my business, but how can I make it the most cost-effective? Quantity and intricacy will play the biggest role in deciding which method I should use: laser or traditional die cutting. If I want to create a work brochure with simple shapes and designs, and I have a considerable quantity I need produced, the traditional die cutter will be my choice. The traditional die cutter utilizes a specially cut piece of metal, or die, which stamps out...

  • Exponential Growth for Laser Die Cutting

    Laser die cutting has been a proven method of precision forming in this decade, but where does the technology go from here? Researchers and innovators are reaching out for new procedures and technologies to further expand the laser revolution. These newer fabrications are designed for deeper boring, micro-trimming and extensive scribing. Laser cutting devices are now being manufactured for higher accessibility and compact designs with plug-and-play usability. Advancements like these have been a catalyst for making the technology more affordable. These new lasers are now obtainable for previously unthinkable environments...

Industry Information

Laser Die Cutting

Laser die cutting applies a fully-focused laser beam instead of a die in order to convert material into custom shapes and sizes. Performed on three-axis laser cutting machines that are typically computer-controlled, laser die cutting is used to cut materials that would not be possible to cut through conventional steel rule die cutting.

Able to cut to extremely tight tolerances, laser die cutters easily handle the most intricate of designs. Since laser die cutting is a high-speed process, laser die cutting companies are able to offer quick turnaround times. Also, since there is no die, and laser die cutting requires fewer workers, the process ends up being cost-effective as well as producing an improved product. Laser die cutting is available for almost any material including abrasives, elastics, rubber, adhesives, marble, glass, stone, wood, plexiglass, plastics, polymer films, styrene, acrylics and fabrics. From these materials, laser die cutters are able to produce labels, sleeves, cartons, architectural model cutting, stencils and custom display signage as well as a multitude of other applications. Common industries that utilize laser die cutting include automotive, paper, packaging, medical, electronic, textile, nameplate and construction.

The focused beam of laser die cutters makes it best suited for the energy transfer necessary to cut metals by melting or burning the material along a cut line. Assist gas such as nitrogen or carbon dioxide are used in conjunction with laser cutting to prepare newly cut surfaces for painting or corrosion resistance. There are three different types of lasers used in laser die cutting: C02 lasers, Nd:YAG lasers and Nd lasers. The most common type used by laser die cutters is a CO2 laser, which are one of the highest power continuous wave lasers. Much less commonly used are Nd lasers, which have low-repetition speed but are high energy lasers, and Nd-YAG lasers, which are very high energy lasers. As laser die cutting is usually computer-controlled, laser die cutting machines follow a pre-set design generated from a CAD program that is connected through a stepper into a CNC machine. The CNC automation enables the production of a large volume of uniformly converted materials. In addition, laser die cutting machines are available in two different configurations: flat laser die cutters and rotary laser die cutters. Flat laser die cutters are used to cut flat materials, such as sheet metal, while rotary die cutters are used to cut rolled stock materials, such as rubber rolls.
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