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  • The Variances Among Die Cutting Manufacturers

    Die cutting is not nearly as simple and straightforward as it sounds, although this is not a bad characteristic but one chalked full of options for those requiring the services of die cut machines. There are numerous methods now utilized by die cutting manufacturers, some that are more appropriate for certain materials then others. This allows a company seeking die cutter services to choose a die cut machine that will cut their material in the cleanest and most energy and money efficient fashion. Whatever die cut shape is needed, and...

  • The Die Cutting Machines That Makes Life More Delicious

    I love Christmas. It is, without a doubt, my favorite holiday. I love the twinkle lights, and the snow, and the songs. I also love the food. Last Christmas I spent some time with my father and stepmother. My stepmother is a fantastic cook, and when I expressed the desire to make Christmas cookies she was completely on board with my plan. I am not the best cook in the world, however, and I warned her of this. She said it was no problem. We decided to make about six...

  • Die Cutting: Industrial Processing Taken from your Grandmother's Kitchen

    by Jenny Knodell, IQS Editor Think back to the last time you made Christmas cookies with your grandmother. You know, those sugar cookies shaped like candy canes, Christmas trees and snowflakes that are topped in icing and colored sugar. They are a big part of my family's holiday traditions, and I looked forward to making them every year. Creating those complex shapes was no big deal, even for a little girl. They came out perfect every time, thanks to cookie cutters, those metal cut-out shapes that ensured a high degree...

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Die Cut Machines

Die cut machines are industrial utilities used to create thin, flat products out of a wide range of materials. Die cutters are important to a large number of industrial and commercial operations, and are used in institutions like schools and some consumer products contexts.

While the greatest demand for die cut machines may be restricted to industry, the demand for die cut products is not restricted at all. In industrial contexts, die cut gaskets are essential to the safe and effective function of a wide variety of equipment. Die cut industrial products can be fashioned from metal, rubber, plastic, foam and even soft materials like felt. Commercial operations like offices often require access to decorative nameplates, logos and other similar products. Such products can be created inexpensively and in large volumes by die cutting, as can individual letters for signage, panels for electronics and a range of other commercial products. Different die cutting operations are configured differently to accommodate the broad demand for die cut products. A smaller die cutting operation may offer custom die cut products according to customer specifications, while a large-scale operation would be more likely to offer stock products in bulk quantities.

Because of the nearly infinite range of possible die cut product configurations, and because of the large number of materials from which die cut products can be created, there are many different die cutting processes, each of which is used for slightly different purposes. Laser die cutting, for example, can be used to cut through metal, rubber and most other materials with very high precision. Also, the designs for laser die cutting can be programmed into a computer and executed by computer-controlled equipment, making the process very fast and very precise. A few disadvantages to this process, though, are its comparative high cost and energy consumption compared to other methods. Steel rule dies are much simpler; they involve a pre-formed metal shape that is pressed into a material. This process is slower, but it can be less expensive and less energy intensive. Other die cutting processes include blade type rotary die cutting and ultrasonic die cutting. Overall, if planned and executed correctly, die cutting is an efficient, low-waste means by which thin, specially shaped products can be created.

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