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  • The Advantages of Freelance Sewing Contractors

    Custom Sewing The world of contract sewing is as large and varied as the amount of sewing projects and designs available. There is a sewing contractor for nearly every type of sewing in the world, from sewing seat cushions for boats to creating high-end fashion designs. Contract sewing companies range in size from tiny one-person operations to huge corporations that work on creating the designs from famous and well-known brands around the world. With all the variety out there? How do you know which company will best fit your design?...

  • 5 Benefits of Hiring a Custom Sewing Contractor

    Custom Sewing Sewing contractors are a necessary part of any small to medium fabric-based business. Most businesses cannot handle the amount of sewing required by customers, and must send the work to contractors to save time and the expense of sewing each item personally. Custom sewing contractors work with smaller clients to create customized pieces based on client designs and offer customized changes based on customer requests. In addition to the above benefits, customized sewing companies also provide the following benefits to clients: Freedom to build your business The time...

  • 3 Reasons to Use Custom Sewing

    The world of custom sewing is large and complex. There are thousands of custom sewers and sewing companies in the United States that will help you create customized pieces for everything from simple pillows and blankets to complicated wedding dresses or uniforms. Some people may feel that custom sewing is unnecessary for their products, but customized sewing actually provides many benefits to customers of all sizes. Taking advantage of these benefits will help foster customer relations and go a long way toward expanding your customer base. Customized sewing gives customers...

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Custom Sewing

Custom sewing services provide sewn products according to customer specifications. Although custom products are often exclusive, numbers are not necessarily limited to small quantities. Contractors for custom work range from one-person tailoring operations to large manufacturing companies.

Along with individual consumers, custom sewing provides specific products to several industries. Medical, military, automotive, hospitality, aviation, construction and transportation are just a few of the many industries that often contract for unique and specialized sewing. Costumes, protective covers, quilts, clothing and tarps are commonly customized products. While customized sewing is responsible for the design and crafting of many original products, alteration services are also included in the custom category. Tailored design allows the consumer to have a much more hands on approach to their product than in commercial sewing and industrial sewing as decisions are often made by them or with them rather than for them.

Because custom sewing must fit specific needs, contractors must be chosen carefully to agree with those needs. The volume and requirements of a particular design idea should first be considered when selecting sewing services as the capabilities of contractors can vary significantly. The production run should match the capabilities of a firm as run times will differ as well. Some suppliers are limited in terms of the type of fabric used, as their machines may not be able to handle heavy fabrics such as canvas and corduroy. Custom sewing equipment varies depending on the contractor and the requirements of the order. Sewing machines can range from hand held to commercial grade and from manual to computer-programmable. Often if only a few of a given product are needed, hand cutting and patterning may be used, while larger orders may entail fabric cutting tables and pattern software. Unlike commercial and industrial sewing, the relationship between custom sewers and consumers is often very close as the manufacturer must meet specific needs of the individual. To ensure that consumer needs will be met, custom sewing contractors often meet personally with clients to determine the specifics of design and production. While a meeting is not always necessary, potential clients should provide some design dimensions such as a sample, a photograph, a sketch or engineering drawings of the intended product. Many companies also require quantity and yearly usage estimates to ensure the proper shape, size and materials are selected. Often a sample or prototype is provided before final production at little or no cost to the consumer.

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