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  • Milwaukee, WI

    Our tarps can be manufactured to suit any individual company’s needs. We specialize in creating customized marketing products for our customers, and if you need anything cloth and marketing related, or unique package designs and new fabrications, we are the right company for you! With over 30 years of experience, we are knowledgeable and keep up to date on the latest marketing and design trends.

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  • Hendersonville, NC

    MARC provides quality-driven in-source services and cost-saving solutions to companies nationwide. They take pride in assuring each customer receives personal service, top-notch quality assurance, just-in-time delivery and cost effective pricing for all of your tarps and other needs. For all products, contact a company you can rely on, call MARC today to receive a quote on your project!

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  • Sherman, TX

    Create a work of art or enhance your finished goods with custom bags and cases from Royal Case Company. RCC has been a leading manufacturer of custom sewn products for over 40 years. Our cases, bags, holsters and leather goods have appeared in nearly every industry around the world in many different professions. Trust a proven leader with your next project.

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  • Fortuna, CA

    Left in Stitches offers creative product design and development from concept to production. We are one of the few contract sewing shops that specializes in working with small businesses and startup companies. We design patterns, complete customized embroidery, and much much more. Contact us today!

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How to Make Drop Cloth Curtains

Tarps Many tarp manufacturers make other products as well, including drop cloths and other larger, more industrial pieces of fabric. While drop cloths are highly useful at protecting the floor and furniture during painting, there are also many other uses you can use for the fabric. Large drop cloths made by tarp manufacturers are inexpensive pieces of fabric that can be used to make nearly anything. With a little dye, or even without it, you can create beautiful, inexpensive curtains to cover the windows in your home. Follow these simple... Read More

Personalize Your Life with a Homemade Tarp

Tarps A tarp is a highly versatile product with uses in nearly every area of life. Tarps cover furniture during a move, protecting it from rain, snow, or dirt. Tarps can provide shelter in the hot sun or rain during a camping trip. Tarps can also protect the ground during painting, wall refinishing, or other household projects. Tarps can also protect furniture from dust while the owners are gone. These are just a few of the many uses for tarps. With a little imagination, you can come up with many... Read More

The History of Tarps

Tarps Tarps have been around for hundreds of years. The original use for a tarp was on the high seas. Sailors used to cover sheets of canvas in tar to protect goods from salt spray and water damage during transit. Over the years, the tarp has had several various uses, but usually remained as a way to keep dirt, water, and other contaminates off something, whether it was furniture, people, dirt, or any other number of things. Over the years, different materials have been used to make the tarp. Tarps... Read More

How to Choose Quality Tarps

Not all tarps are created equal. Some tarp manufacturers create tarps for low cost, sacrificing quality along the way. However, when bad weather strikes, you want the highest quality tarp possible protecting you from wind, rain, and dew. You don't want to be caught out in the rain on a week-long camping trip just because you purchased a low-quality tarp with inadequate protection. Use these helpful tips to help you avoid cheap tarps and choose a high quality tarp that will last for years and withstand any weather conditions. Material:... Read More

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Tarps are large protective covers used to protect objects from unwanted exposure to moisture, dirt, dust or other hazards. The word “tarp” is short for “tarpaulin.” Tarpaulin is believed to be derivative of the words “pall” and “tar,” the combination of which would indicate a covering coated with tar. Modern tarps certainly fit this description, at least to a point; they are used as coverings and are known for their water resistance.

Among the most recognizable tarp varieties are polypropylene tarps, which have come to be known as polytarp in some places. Polytarp is often blue in color and comes in large, square or rectangular sheets. The sheets are usually fitted with metal grommets to make the attachment of ropes or other cordage possible. Polytarps are very popular waterproofing materials in camping applications, in building construction and in many other contexts. Polytarp may be the most popular and recognizable tarp variety, but other water-resistant sheets are also referred to as tarps. Tar-coated canvas, though outdated and much less widely used compared to polytarp, qualifies as a tarpaulin variety. Other plastic materials like PVC are also used to manufacture tarps. In addition to their uses as protective coverings, tarps are used extensively as advertising surfaces on billboards and during commercial tenancy or ownership transitions. For example, if a company buys a commercial space, it may place a printed tarpaulin to temporarily identify itself until a permanent sign is installed.

Because there are many contexts and applications for which tarpaulins are required, tarp manufacturers produce tarps in a variety of configurations. Polytarps are the most versatile tarp variety. Because they can be used in so many different situations, they are among the most widely produced tarp varieties. The same polytarp composition and configuration might be found on the shelves of a sporting goods store as well as in an automotive repair shop. Such tarps usually feature a lattice of interwoven polypropylene strands overlaid with a polypropylene sheet. This combination of weave and sheet make the tarp waterproof and stretch and tear-resistant. Non-plastic tarp varieties resemble polytarps in terms of their construction. Canvas tarps, for example, feature woven canvas overlaid with a waterproofing material, which gives the tarp some of the same qualities as polytarp, though to a different extent.

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Tarps - Custom Faberkin Inc.