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  • Garden Grove, CA

    CustomFab USA has been a trusted American sewing contractor since our inception in 1990. Our 77,000 square foot high-tech manufacturing facility allows us to produce and ship a myriad of products. We have experience serving industries such as medical, sporting goods, military, aerospace, pets, and travel. With unparalleled customer service, a skilled manufacturing workforce, and tried-and-true processes that protect your intellectual property, you can count on our team to meet your needs.

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  • Brookfield, WI

    LJ Design & Manufacturing is an elite sewing contractor specializing in custom sewn industrial and medical products. Since 1844, we have partnered with B2B innovators in healthcare/medicine, transportation, wearable technology, veterinary medicine, military, government, sporting goods, luggage, manufacturing and more. Highly technical products and materials are our specialties. Contact us today to get started!

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  • McCordsville, IN

    Our dedicated team of professionals is here to bring reliable and dependable products to you! At Fabri-Tech, we use our 85 years of experience to exceed your expectations. Our comprehensive process for tarps, soft luggage, pouches, and many other products are unrivaled in quality. We place emphasis on our efficient process and the highly customizable options with design. Check out our website today for more details!

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  • Gardena, CA

    Since 1979, we, at Way Out West, Inc., have been dedicated to the art and precision of contract sewing. Our team boasts extensive expertise in various sewing processes and projects, making us a reliable partner for your diverse needs. We focus on industrial sewing production at scale, servicing the military, aerospace, medical, healthcare and safety industries. We take pride in our ability to deliver high-quality results that meet and exceed our client’s expectations.

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  • Sheboygan, WI

    We sew custom-size filter bags and tubes, transfer and filtration sleeves, windsocks, cheese bandages, filter sheets, and tray liners as well as aprons and backpacks. We use FDA-approved materials for food-contact applications. Our industrial sewing machines do single- and double-needle stitches, overedge serging, and safety, chain, lock, and overlock stitching. Cotton, nylon, and poly-cotton blend threads in many colors are available. We fabricate air filters and dust collection filters.

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  • Blaine, MN

    At Red Fox Innovations, our philosophy is and always has been simple: we succeed when our customers succeed. With that approach, and by offering a wealth of experience and cutting-edge technology, we have become a trusted name in the cut & sew contract manufacturing industry

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  • Brooklyn, NY

    At CSE Packaging, we stand as a trusted leader in the realm of custom sewn products, offering a comprehensive suite of design and manufacturing solutions tailored to meet the diverse needs of our clients. With an extensive history of excellence in the industry, we have solidified our reputation for delivering unparalleled quality and craftsmanship in every project we undertake.

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Cut and Sew Industry Information

Cut and Sew

Cut and sew is a practice of fabric designing that dates back to ancient ethos. Since its inception, this practice has progressed as more and more ideas for its modernization have been developed by the designers.

Modernization of this old practice includes inducing creative ideas into the design along with using different inspection methods to produce an eye-catching garment.

Cut and sew practices or methods have a competitive edge over the traditional methods as they allow the designer to be creative in each and every phase of the production before the finalized garment is ready to be dispatched to the customer.

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Process of Cut and Sew

Preparation of the Spec Sheet
This is necessary to examine all the necessary measurements of the garment and produce a pattern.
Making of the Paper Pattern
This must be done by a professional. It is required to indicate any minor detailing errors and rectify them.
Sample Garment
To test the prototype of the design fabric on a model in order to get an idea of how it will look on customers. Moreover, corrections can be made upon the inspection results.
Finalizing the Design
The final revision of the designing process takes place and any remaining errors are eliminated before it is ready for the final production phase.

Advantages of the Cut and Sew Method

There are many reasons that make the cut and sew methods shine prominently from amongst a multitude of other fabric design practices. Following are some of those several reasons:

Uniqueness and Flexibility
When the customers buy readymade clothes, they are restricted to the design that has already been produced on the fabric. If they want that piece of garment with a little bit of alteration in the design, unfortunately, they cannot. This is where cut and sew manufacturing steps in to serve rightly, as it allows the customer to give designers their preferred design to be etched on the garment. This particular benefit makes this method not only unique from others but also flexible too.
Self-Learning Opportunity
The range of benefits for cut and sew methods are not only limited to the customers but it is also a great opportunity for the designers to hone their creativity. By engraving different designs according to the customer's demands, a designer learns to improve his/her artistic skills.
Diversity of Customers
Cut and sew methods also come in handy as the product of these practices are not only for a specified age group. The methods of cut and sew can be employed to produce beautifully designed garments for customers of all ages. With resizing facilities, a wide range of customers can be attracted towards a brand opting for the cut and sew methods of fabric designing.

Improving Cut and Sew Manufacturing

For a brand to lead uniquely, a cluster of working principles must be followed. Likewise, the following are the areas that can be further worked on to produce a perfect cut and sew business model:

Transparency in Shipment
No business can ever be a success without having a delivery service experiencing delayed dispatch of orders. The customers must be informed honestly about the shipment schedules and expected arrival date.
Quality Priority
Quality can never ever become a second priority when dealing with the cut and sew manufacturing business. Quality will never be compromised when the customer demands are rightfully considered.
Pricing Strategy
What makes a business model stand out is its unmatchable quality in economical prices. The garments crafted creatively through cut and sew methods must be sold at prices according to the average buying range of the customers.