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  • Milwaukee, WI

    With expanded manufacturing, warehouse and distribution space, JONCO Industries is able to supply faster access to raw materials, larger storage capacity for clients’ products and easier, faster distribution. This means all you commercial sewing needs can be met timely and efficiently. For quality products, and fantastic customer service, look to JONCO.

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  • Hendersonville, NC

    When it comes to commercial sewing, the options are vast. The best option is to choose a company who specializes in the products that you offer. Our specialties are products for the military, medical, and law enforcement industries. We provide products that are specifically suited to these industries. Find out how we can make custom products just for you when you give us a call today!

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  • Floyds Knobs, IN

    We have nearly 30 years of experience designing and manufacturing custom sewn products for international brands such as Microsoft and Intel, while also helping countless startups launch new and innovative products as they grow their business. Our stringent quality control, domestic customer service and design team, and hassle-free logistics have made us an industry leader in custom case solutions. Contact us today and we’ll show you why our customer retention rate is the best in the business.

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  • Sherman, TX

    Create a work of art or enhance your finished goods with custom bags and cases from Royal Case Company. RCC has been a leading manufacturer of custom sewn products for over 40 years. Our cases, bags, holsters and leather goods have appeared in nearly every industry around the world in many different professions. Trust a proven leader with your next project.

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  • Fortuna, CA

    Left in Stitches offers creative product design and development from concept to production. We are one of the few contract sewing shops that specializes in working with small businesses and startup companies. We design patterns, complete customized embroidery, and much much more. Contact us today!

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Improving the Garment District

Commercial Sewing The garment district in New York has been home to many commercial sewing companies and designers for hundreds of years. However, the district has seen a decline in recent years. The district has long been known for the housing of sewing contractors and other manufacturing-style businesses. This has brought the image of the district down. Many landlords and building owners in the district are trying to revive the area. Efforts include rebranding the district to make it seem cool and hip, bringing in new expensive retailers and clients,... Read More

The Importance of Sewing Quality

Commercial Sewing Commercial sewing is different from individual sewing. Individual sewers craft each piece at once, and one person completes the entire project. When this happens, it is easy to see any mistakes and adjust the project for quality control and construction. In commercial sewing, however, the process is much different. Typically, each worker sews one piece of the project only, such as sewing on buttons or sewing up one or two seams. The assembly line production for sewing is highly effective at turning out products quickly and efficiently. However,... Read More

6 Categories of Commercial Sewing

The world of commercial sewing is large and encompasses many different fields. Some sewing companies only sew one type of item, while others sew multiple types. Most people are aware of sewing factories in China, South America, and Thailand, but there are actually quite a few sewing companies right in the United States as well. Your local commercial sewing company may specialize in one of the following areas: Beading: Some commercial sewers focus on adding beads to cloth designs and other fabrics. Special beading machines make the sewing go faster.... Read More

Sewing Contractors: Advanced Home Economics

by Breana Cronk, IQS Editor Today, most high school curricula focus on the math, reading, history, science and writing skills of every student. Just a few generations ago, this was not the case. Sure several of the students still retained this focus, but nearly half, particularly the female half, learned more practical' skills such as cooking, sewing and home decoration. Though many schools still offer such courses, to both male and female students, they have largely been dropped from the core curriculum. While equality is most definitely progress, one thing... Read More

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Commercial Sewing

Commercial sewing encompasses a variety of services involved in the mass production of uniform fabric merchandise. These operations require the use of heavy duty sewing equipment. Many industries use commercial sewing to manufacture an assortment of products.

Military, transportation, clothing, sporting and healthcare production often utilize commercial sewing contractors to produce uniform merchandise such as upholstery, protective covers, hosiery and flags. Because these products often require heavy fabrics or many layers of fabric to be sewn together, commercial sewing machines are heftier than consumer grade machines. Many sewers are self-oiling with the intention of being run for hours at a time. The machines are most often made of metal with plastic components to ensure durability. A metal case houses a machine motor, the size of which varies with style, use and production needs. Commercial sewing organizes production layouts around the design and volume needed, often creating assembly lines to pull together a completed product. Many commercial machines carry out only one specific job, such as zippers or welting, per machine, though more sophisticated equipment may be programmed to perform a number of different tasks.

The words “commercial sewing” are used to describe operations that offer sewing and other related services. Product engineering and fabric cutting based on client designs are also integral elements of the commercial sewing industry. Commercial companies often use sewing pattern software that allows design measurements to be entered in and sent to the sewing machine with options to automatically configure size changes. These programs are most commonly used in clothing production as many sizes of the same merchandise may be required. Commercial sewing businesses often have in-house engineering to oversee computerized patterns. After patterns are made the fabric must be cut. This may be done at the sewing company, but several independent fabric cutters also work in conjunction with manufacturers as more equipment requires more space. Fabric cutting equipment includes, but is not limited to, die electric heat sealers, strip cutters and cutting tables. Once a design is engineered and fabric is cut, the materials and pattern program are sent to the sewing machines themselves. Some machines are automated while others are operated manually. A variety of stitch options and accessories are also available on commercial grade models. Hobbyists and artisans have come to make use of commercial sewing equipment on a small scale, though commercial sewing machines are used mainly by manufacturers, apprentices and professionals who operate them continuously.

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