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  • Milwaukee, WI

    Our company has over 30 years of industry experience in the world of contract sewing. We can sew a variety of products for our customers, including canvas bags, industrial curtains, banners, uniforms, and a whole lot more. Our goal is to provide you with quality fabric products that meet your specifications. We offer a wide range of services to customers in any industry. Contact us today to learn more!

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  • Hendersonville, NC

    At Marc Inc, you can rely on the highest quality products possible. Their fabric parts are cut by a computer controlled Gerber system and then sewn on programmable machines where possible. For the more specific and custom products, manual sewing can be preformed with great care under their Quality Control system that ensures complete satisfaction for your canvas bags and other needs.

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  • Floyds Knobs, IN

    Tetrafab has been designing and manufacturing custom sewn products, including a wide variety of canvas bags, for nearly 30 years. Our stringent quality control, domestic customer service and design team, and hassle-free logistics have made us an industry leader in custom case solutions. Contact us today and we’ll show you why our customer retention rate is the highest in the business.

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  • Sherman, TX

    Create a work of art or enhance your finished goods with custom bags and cases from Royal Case Company. RCC has been a leading manufacturer of custom sewn products for over 40 years. Our cases, bags, holsters and leather goods have appeared in nearly every industry around the world in many different professions. Trust a proven leader with your next project.

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  • Fortuna, CA

    Left in Stitches offers creative product design and development from concept to production. We are one of the few contract sewing shops that specializes in working with small businesses and startup companies. We design patterns, complete customized embroidery, and much much more. Contact us today!

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Canvas: The New Plastic

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The Best Uses for Canvas Bags

Perhaps there is nothing more useful than a canvas bag. Canvas bags are tough, flexible, durable, and above all, washable. These versatile bags have usefulness in every part of life, from taking towels and supplies to the beach, to carrying your gym clothes each day. In honor of these amazing bags, let us take a few minutes to explore the many uses for canvas bags. Diaper bags: Canvas is the ideal material for a diaper bag. It is sturdy, and is simple to wash if mashed baby food or other... Read More

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Canvas Bags

Canvas bags are carrying and storage tools made out of canvas, which is a heavy-duty woven fabric made of cotton, linen or other natural fibers. Canvas bags are used throughout industry, commerce and in consumer products contexts in a wide variety of applications.

In industry and commerce, canvas bags are used for the storage and transportation of small objects in large quantities. The agriculture industry in particular requires access to large quantities of canvas bags in order to store and ship coffee beans, cinnamon sticks and other small agricultural products. Consumers use canvas bags for carrying groceries, books, art supplies and an extensive variety of other relatively small objects. As sustainability becomes marketable and gains its own brand identity, consumers are increasingly attracted to canvas grocery bags as alternatives to plastic and paper bags. In such cases, the bags can be printed with logos or slogans. Canvas is also used extensively by painters as painting surfaces, and it has limited applications as clothing; it is largely limited to use as outwear because of its coarseness compared to other clothing materials.

Canvas bags, like all other sewn products, come from industrial, commercial or custom sewing operations. Canvas bags that are produced on an industrial scale are usually employed in industrial contexts; the kind of canvas bag used for the storage and transportation of agricultural products has few uses in contexts outside of the agriculture industry. Because of the specificity of their intended application, canvas coffee bean sacks, for example, are not useful for the hauling or storage of any materials other than coffee beans or other agricultural products of similar size. Canvas bags produced on a commercial scale are somewhat more versatile; they are usually characterized by more careful construction and are softer. Such bags can be employed in light industrial tasks as well as by hikers or soldiers for the carrying of heavy supplies. Custom sewing operations work with canvas in limited quantities. A custom sewing operation is more likely to offer custom embroidering than custom canvas bag sewing. However, some canvas bag producers may also be involved in screen printing or embroidering their products, which qualifies them as custom sewers by broad definitions. 

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