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  • The Importance of Careful Clean Room Construction

    Clean room construction is an involved process. This is true if the product is a portable clean room, a modular clean room or a permanent, highly-controlled clean room. Companies that make use of clean rooms must be able to rely on their workspaces to perform in the way that they are supposed to. For this reason, clean room construction professionals pay special attention to all of the details that contribute to good clean room construction. What are some of these details? Clean room manufacturers have at their disposal a rating...

  • Clean Room Cleanliness

    When I think of the idea of clean rooms, my first thought is always a movie I watched a million times in high school. That movie was Bubble Boy. Without giving anything away in the story, since I know everyone is going to go out and rent it now, it is the story of a boy who is born without immunities. Because of this, his mother decides the best course of action is to seal him in a giant bubble for life so that no germs could enter his body....

  • Innovated Cleanroom Construction

    Did you know the cleanroom (or clean room) was invented by a famous physicist named Willis Whitfield in 1960? However similar concepts were invented during the space race as NASA developed innovating products to improve test environments. Originally, the purpose of Whitfield's cleanroom was to control the airflow but it has quickly developed into more antiseptic conditions. Clean room manufacturing is an American industry that has boomed across the world. Nowadays there are a variety of clean room classifications containing multiple terms such as ISO, FED STD 209, Grade A,...

  • LADEE Space Craft

    By Dan Finkelstein - Allied Cleanrooms Do you remember the LADEE space craft we wrote about a few weeks ago? The mission is now well under way, studying the atmosphere of the moon. Although it doesn't really seem like the moon has much of an atmosphere, the sun does heat up the dust on the surface which causes it to rise. The LADEE is almost to the moon, and once there it will make several orbits around the moon gathering data on the atmosphere and dust. These passes will vary...

  • How to Write a Specification For and Evaluate a Design/Build Cleanroom Proposal

    by Tim Loughran & John Burton of AdvanceTEC, LLC. Introduction With the increasing emphasis on utilizing the design/build method of delivery in the construction industry, and the desire to evaluate proposals using that old adage of "apples to apples", it becomes incumbent upon the owner to create a specification which will insure that contractors have the appropriate information to propose the facility accurately. The specification (request for proposal) must be written to supply the contractor with enough pertinent information to accurately propose the requirements, yet not so detailed as to...

  • High Tech Fabrication in Semiconductor Clean Rooms

    Ever heard of Moore's law? The law states, basically, that approximately every two years, the number of transistors that can be included in an integrated circuit doubles. In other words, every two years, the amount of necessary space occupied by the transistors in a computer gets cut in half. The expression of Moore's law is that on an ongoing basis, computers are becoming smaller and smaller. Why is this? There are two reasons. First: investment in new computer technology is never in short supply. Second: the smaller and more portable...

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Cleanroom Construction

Clean room construction companies are operations that specialize in the building and supply of clean rooms, their constituent parts and their related components. Because there are so many different kinds of clean rooms, and because they are used for so many different purposes, clean room construction companies offer a wide range of products and services to accommodate the needs of their customers.

Clean room construction companies face the unique challenge of helping their customers meet strict standards of air quality and decontamination within their workspaces. These standards precisely regulate the concentration of contaminants in a confined space, and they can be extremely strict, depending on the application. For example, the US FED STD 209 Class 1 standard limits the concentration of 0.5 micrometer-sized particles in an enclosure to no more than one per cubic foot. Each subsequent step in the scale is a multiple of ten; these numbers correspond with the maximum volume of 0.5 micrometer-sized particles per cubic foot allowed in the clean room. Class 1,000, for example, allows 1,000 particles per cubic foot (normal air would be class 1,000,000). Clean room construction companies must be able create enclosures and provide equipment that can meet these standards.

Different operations require different kinds of clean rooms and clean room equipment. Class 1 clean rooms, for example, are usually host to nanotechnology development operations. Professionals in this industry require very carefully controlled environments, as particulate contamination can damage sensitive instruments and equipment. In order to ensure the sterility of a Class 1 clean room, an array of decontamination air filters, personnel decontamination equipment and air quality monitoring equipment is necessary. Higher classes, which allow for higher concentrations of particulates, require less complex equipment. While the strictest classes may need to be completely enclosed by permanent walls and equipped with permanent air control equipment, higher-class clean rooms can be built using soft, temporary or portable walls. Fabrication of moderately sensitive equipment can take place in such enclosures. Miniature clean rooms can be set up around one machine, allowing for the contaminant-free operation of the machine. Such enclosures are common in semiconductor manufacturing applications. Portable clean rooms can be modular and easily assembled, making them ideal for multi-phase fabrication operations in which a clean room environment is only needed for a short time. Clean room construction companies can offer such products along with assembly services, or they can be designed to be assembled by end-users.

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