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  • Santa Ana, CA

    As a manufacturer of clean rooms, including inplant modular offices, exterior steel buildings, guard buildings, fork liftable and crane liftable buildings, multi-level buildings and mezzanines, Abtech offers turnkey installations or packages for install by end user. Our modular structures are constructed of steel, are free-standing & manufactured under strict quality control methods.

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  • Redmond, OR

    BASX Solutions has been designing and manufacturing truly modular cleanrooms since 1984. These are durable, scaleable, portable cleanrooms and are available in both softwall and hardwall designs. Our products meet the highest industry levels, from Class 100 to 100,000. Call for a free quick quote.

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  • Grand Rapids, MI

    For the very best of clean rooms, look no further than Clean Rooms International! We can provide the ultimate in quality, customer service, durability, and unique designs just for you! Our customers are important to us, which is why we always strive to exceed your expectations and desires. We work hard to provide you with durable products for less. Contact us today for more info!

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  • Carrollton, TX

    Since 1976, we at Mitchell Technical Sales have been dedicated to delivering excellence in quality cleanroom design, manufacturing, installation, certification, and maintenance. Our journey has been marked by innovation and expertise, ensuring that every project we undertake reflects our commitment to precision and cutting-edge solutions.

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  • Corona, CA

    Cleanrooms By United is the industry’s premier manufacturer of modular clean room systems. We design, manufacture and install our clean rooms to meet our customers’ unique requirements. The custom, flexible, modular construction of our cleanrooms makes them easy to expand, reconfigure, or relocate as your cleanroom needs evolve. Contact us today for your next controlled environment project, with solutions available from ISO-5 to ISO-8.

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  • Denver, CO

    Our complete line of clean rooms will meet your needs. We are the experts of the clean room industry and our engineers can work with you to determine which clean room models work best for your business. We offer a variety of softwall, bio-clean, hardwall, and micro-clean options, all of which are manufactured with the highest standards. You will not be upset with our products. Contact us for more information!

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  • Fremont, CA

    Bayside Interiors is able to provide the design, engineering and construction of clean rooms. WBayside Interiors Inc. has been around since 1984. We also specialize in the construction of strut framing systems and facility support systems.

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  • Ocean, NJ

    Here at Atmos-Tech Industries we build softwall cleanrooms that are built to last and save you money. We supply a large selection of quality materials to meet your needs. These clean rooms feature sealed corners which prevent air loss and our entryways are manufactured from the highest quality vinyl. Our unique systems are easily adaptable which will keep your business clean and safe. Please contact us or visit our website for more information!

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  • Canton, MI

    Our design staff is qualified with over 30 years of clean room experience. Our clean rooms are made from the highest quality materials and use a modular design that can be modified to suit any needs. We always stick to the standards for ISO Std. 14644, class 1 to class 9 modular rooms, so you can rest assured that our products will get the job done right! Contact us today to learn more!

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  • Brownsburg, IN

    Welcome to Cleanrooms USA, where we pride ourselves on delivering unparalleled expertise and innovative solutions in the realm of cleanroom technology. At Cleanrooms USA, we are dedicated to providing cutting-edge cleanroom environments that meet the stringent requirements of industries ranging from pharmaceuticals and biotechnology to electronics and aerospace.

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Softwall Cleanrooms Industry Information

Softwall Cleanrooms

Soft wall cleanrooms are enclosures that are atmospheric and climate-controlled, and are used in industries that involve carrying out sensitive testing, fabrication, and research processes, such as biotechnology research, medical testing, and semiconductor fabrication. Soft wall cleanrooms differ from hard wall cleanroom systems in several ways. The walls of soft wall cleanrooms can be made from fabric pulled taut by a frame, or translucent plastic strips that hang from a ceiling or other overhead fixture. In addition, they are not stationary once installed. They are much more portable than hard wall cleanrooms, which are usually permanently in one place once installed. Some varieties of soft wall cleanrooms come in a modular design for easier and quicker disassembly and reassembly.

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Design of Softwall Cleanrooms

Soft wall cleanrooms are lined with curtain dividers, which are typically made from vinyl, as cleanrooms can only be constructed using materials that are non-fibrous, non-corrosive, and avoid generating static electricity. Curtain dividers are especially useful if more than one process must be carried out within the same environment. Soft wall cleanrooms can also feature a tubular steel frame that supports the curtain walls, mounted filter units that draw outside air and deliver the clean air into the cleanroom. Soft wall cleanrooms can be used for processes that do not require drastic amounts of decontamination. Soft wall cleanrooms have several advantages, which include simple installation, easy configuration, entryway options, and portability in some varieties. Because of these advantages, soft wall cleanrooms are a more economical option than their hard wall counterparts, especially if a strictly controlled and decontaminated environment is not necessary for the processes at hand. Soft wall cleanrooms are capable of achieving a high level of decontamination in its own right when working in conjunction with other equipment such as double doors, air filters, and protective clothing (sometimes referred to as bunny suits).

Applications of Cleanrooms

Cleanrooms were initially used in the aerospace industry to aid the manufacturing process of sensitive hardware, but an increase in demand has led cleanroom manufacturers to fabricate these chambers for a multitude of industries such as microelectronics, research and development, defense, biotechnology, manufacturing, food processing, and pharmaceuticals. In accommodating this variety of industries, numerous types of cleanrooms were developed as well. One variety is known as soft wall cleanrooms.

Government Standards and Specifications for Cleanrooms

Governmental bodies such as the U.S. Federal Government and the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) have implemented rating systems that classify cleanrooms. The rating systems differ from each other, but both are carefully observed by cleanroom manufacturers. One of these rating systems, the US FED STD 209E, is based around the volume of 0.5 micrometer-sized particles per cubic foot in the cleanroom’s atmosphere. The higher the number of particles, the higher the rating. If a cleanroom must maintain an extremely low level of contaminants in its atmosphere, a set of high efficiency particulate air (HEPA) filters must be installed, which work in conjunction with sterilizing chemicals, personnel decontamination systems, and other measures. It is more difficult for a soft walled cleanroom to achieve this high of a decontamination level than a hard walled enclosure. Meeting Class 1 standards is much easier to achieve with a permanent, hard walled cleanroom that features double doors and decontaminating air jets. However, for some sensitive applications, a Class 1 level of decontamination is not necessary. There are many applications, including high-tech operations, for which Class 100, 1,000, and even 10,000 cleanrooms will suffice. For example, a class 100 cleanroom can be used for processes that could cause chemical reactions, as it is made of materials that will not release fibrous contaminants into the air. Another example is Class 10,000 cleanrooms, which are not as strictly controlled and are appropriate for less-sensitive applications, such as processes that will not wear away flexible acrylics or plastics.

ISO Standards for Cleanrooms">ISO Standards for Cleanrooms

The ISO standards rate cleanrooms on a scale of 3 to 8, with 3 being the most effective. To compare the ISO rating system with its federal counterpart, an ISO Class 5 cleanroom is the same as a cleanroom that is rated Class 100 US FED, due to both cleanrooms permitting up to 100,000 contaminating particles per cubic meter. There are some industries that use the EMP EU system, which is the standard system of the European Union, and the BS 5295 system, which is used in Britain and uses cubic meters to measure airborne contaminants.

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