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  • Bunny Suit Buddy System in a Ballroom? It's Clean Room Talk

    by Rebekah Fuller, Editor at IQS Sounds like a party doesn't it? But I'm talking about the seriously controlled environments of clean rooms used by scientists and manufacturers in the fields of micro technology and biochemistry. Working on smaller and smaller scales means that specks of dust and other particles are big, boulder-size deals, plus bacteria, static electricity and humidity are concerns as well. That's why workers need to suit up before entering any clean room environment this is where the bunny suit comes in, and I'm not talking about...

  • Cleaning and Other Types of Clean

    While the time for spring cleaning may have passed, fall cleaning is quickly approaching us. I started to become a major fall cleaner before school would start each year, and I guess the practice has yet to leave me. It is nice to be able to clean things out in the fall as the temperatures begin to fall. Getting one last thorough clean before winter sets in. Yet, when I think about what clean is to me, I realize I fall very, very short from clean room standards. While a...

  • Maintaining the Cleanroom Standard

    By: Dan Finkelstein of Allied Cleanrooms Cleanrooms come in many different shapes and sizes, but they all share in maintaining a cleanliness standard. The level of cleanliness varies based on what types of items are being produced in the cleanroom, but there are many general cleaning principles that apply to all cleanrooms. Once a standard has been established for your cleanroom, it is important to have this written out with task lists and level of frequency in which the room needs to be cleaned; some cleanrooms require frequent cleaning while...

  • Air Showers

    By: Dan Finkelstein of Allied Cleanrooms A cleanliness standard is of the utmost importance for cleanrooms. Air showers are an easy way to maintain a clean environment with preventative action. Simply put, air showers blow high speed jets of air at clean room personnel before entering a clean room. This air, in turn, blows off particulates and contamination from operators or equipment before entering the clean room. How does an air shower work? It starts with the cleanroom personnel entering into the air shower which typically has locking doors coming...

  • Western States Sales Provides Cleanroom Apparel in a Variety of Styles

    Western States Sales’ launderable cleanroom suits are available in styles such as ESD Distek garments with a 4% carbon grid, Autoclavable suits, flame resistant Nomaex or Maxima FR, and fluid repellent fabrics. Each garment can be sewn to meet a wide range of requirements and come with several accessories: Boots with Molded Soles – Shoe Covers Non Slip Soles Eyes Only Hood - Open Face Hood – Face Veil – Bouffant Caps Cart Covers – Cleanroom Blanket Covers – Fanny Packs Cleanroom,...

  • The Importance of Clean Room Clothing

    The words clean room are just as likely to evoke images of people in protective clothing as they are to evoke images of actual rooms and equipment. As important as all of the constituent equipment in a clean room is, the protective clothing often worn by users of clean rooms is just as important as much of the actual clean room equipment. This is true for a number of reasons. One of the principal purposes that clean rooms serve is air contaminant control. Humans are a primary source of air...

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Cleanroom Supplies

Clean room supplies are all of the equipment, components and constituent parts that make up clean room systems. Air filters, sterilization chemicals and application tools, fans, vents, work surfaces, building materials and all other components related to the structural and functional properties of clean rooms fall under the category of clean room supplies.

A clean room's design and equipment affects its performance. Properties like structural design, air filter and vent position, air filter and vent composition and all other properties related to a clean room’s configuration affect decontamination capacity. The higher the decontamination standard, the more vigorously controlled each of a clean room’s properties must be. Portable and modular clean rooms, for example, are generally not capable of generating the extremely low decontamination levels that are possible in permanent clean rooms. For this reason, they are less likely to employ light-scattering particle measurement equipment or any of the other kinds of advanced equipment installed in more advanced clean rooms. But as the decontamination standard of a clean room rises, the impact that all clean room supplies have on performance also increases. Infectious disease research laboratories, which require highly controlled testing environments, make use of harsh sterilization chemicals. Work surfaces in those environments must be corrosion-resistant so as not to contaminate test samples with vapors or particulates generated by corrosion. Stainless steel, for example, can corrode if exposed to bleach.

Clean room supplies must be selected carefully because of the strictness of the standards set for clean room operation. The United States government, the ISO and other international standards setting organizations assign ratings and classes to clean rooms depending on their capacity for decontamination. US FED STD 209E standards rate clean rooms based on how many 0.5 micrometer-sized particles per cubic foot are considered acceptable within a given clean room. Class 1 clean rooms contain no more than one 0.5 micrometer-sized particle per cubic foot. This is an extremely low contamination level, and in order to achieve it, no fibrous building materials, furniture or clean room clothing can be brought into the enclosure. Even certain kinds of paper cannot be brought into Class 1 clean rooms because of some paper varieties’ fibrous qualities. Some clean rooms are equipped with adhesive mats designed to pick up particles on the floor that may have been tracked in by workers. Such advanced clean rooms employ complex combinations of filters, monitoring equipment and other methods of keeping contamination low, but every factor contributes to the capacity of a clean room to become decontaminated.

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