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  • Santa Ana, CA

    Looking for the best modular clean rooms for your business? You’ve come to the right place! With our innovative manufacturing processes and high quality materials, our clean rooms can withstand the rigors of constant use. For more information about how we can help you with your next clean room project, give us a call today!

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  • Rancho Santa Margarita, CA

    Class One is an industry leader in the manufacturing of cleanrooms. Our cleanrooms are pre-engineered and manufactured according to the needs of our customers, and we guarantee fast, interruption-free installation. Our team's promise is to provide you with quality cleanrooms and the most cost-effective solutions.

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  • Grand Rapids, MI

    We know that your time is important to you, and every second you wait for your products are seconds you are not performing at top efficiency. That is why we promise delivery and schedule coordination to ensure our installation schedules for your modular clean rooms are fulfilled on time. No need to wait extra for installation. We will work with you to get your products there on time.

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  • Ontario, CA

    For the latest and greatest in modular clean rooms, look to us to provide the ultimate quality and value. Whether you need your room for a laboratory, test facility, or computer server, we’ve got you covered! We provide modular systems for any possible use. Our quality is high, but our prices are low. We know our customers want value and affordability in one package, which is just what we provide!

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  • Tijeras, NM

    A broad range of features are available for constructing a custom modular cleanroom that fulfills the needs of your workplace. Our CLEAN³ Modular Systems are available with features such as high-impact resistant walls, HEPA filters, and sealed and flush mounted windows. Our staff is on hand to answer any questions. Contact us today and a team member will assist you with any further inquiries.

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  • Brea, CA

    Our modular clean rooms are designed to between the vertical uprights of workstations. These particular modular workstations can be used individually, aligned into rows, or grouped together for a larger surface area. These include clear vinyl curtains, magnehelic gauge, and variable speed fan control. These units are easily assembled and the gel seal filters can be quickly replaced. Our HEPA filters are 99.995% DOP efficient on particles 0.3 micron and larger. Contact us to learn more!

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  • Belmont, MI

    Technical Air Products' proprietary LogiClean® softwall and rigidwall cleanroom design offers customers a robust, economical and efficient solution for controlling the air quality of their work environment. We specialize in modular and portable cleanroom systems that help our customers adapt to their ever-changing operations. We can also provide customers with individual cleanroom components for turning their existing rooms, work areas, or even work benches, into clean air environments.

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  • Ocean, NJ

    Are you searching for modular clean rooms? We manufacture the most durable clean rooms on the market. We strive to provide our customers with the highest quality products while demonstrating exceptional customer service. Our easy to assemble clean rooms will provide you with clean and safe work environments. These enclosures perform with superior efficiency which saves you money. Visit our website for more information!

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  • Canton, MI

    Engineering, prefabrication, installation and start-up testing are our specialties at Clean Air Technology. Our commitment to quality is reflected in our modular clean rooms. We’re capable of providing products in standard configurations, though we also specialize in the design and execution of custom orders. Our highly-trained staff is ready to meet your company’s needs.

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Clean Room Tours

When people get ready to enter a clean room, the first thing they do is throw on a awkward suit to make sure that no contaminants can be brought in with them. However, if you are the President, there is a chance you can sneak out of that step. According to the Chicago Tribune, the President recently visited a clean room at the University at Albany College of Nanoscale Science and Engineering with the Governor, journalists and several employees. A lot of work had to be done to safely shut... Read More

From Legos to Clean Rooms

As a child one of my favorite toys were Legos, they were incredible to me because you could make anything you wanted out of these small standardized shaped pieces. The end result could be any size or form no matter what the individual pieces looked like. I found this to be magnificent because I could turn a small Lego building in a giant skyscraper with ease. Similarly on a larger scale, fixed pieces of material are put together to make all sorts of things like privacy fences, cubicles in offices,... Read More

IQS Featured Profile: Cleanrooms by United Partition Systems, Inc.

by: Nicole Tracey, IQS Editor For over thirty years, Cleanrooms by United has provided their clients with the best quality modular systems on the market. As one of the most prominent names in the industry, they have set new standards in modular construction, expandable cleanroom systems, industrial enclosures and process isolation. When it comes to meeting your needs for a clean, safe, energy efficient environment, look to United for endless possibilities. Images Courtesy of Cleanrooms by United Cleanrooms by United proudly manufactures all of its products in compliance with ISO... Read More

Flexible Cleanrooms

By Dan Finkelstein - Allied Cleanrooms Cleanrooms are controlled environments that are extremely clean. Cleanrooms are used for a multitude of purposes, and one of the most widely known applications for cleanrooms is the use of pharmaceutical products such as the production of medicines. Since medicines come in such a wide variety of types and sizes, so do cleanrooms that produce pharmaceutical products. Although cleanrooms vary greatly, there are generally two styles of cleanrooms that are used in the pharmaceutical industry. The larger types of cleanrooms are often referred to... Read More

The Advantages of Modular Clean Rooms

There are a lot of advantages to investing in a modular clean room over permanent alternatives. Modular clean rooms are an excellent, economical choice for companies whose operations are shifting to include a need for a small to medium-sized controlled working environment. This is especially true for companies that are interested in such expansions and already have unused warehouse space. Modular clean rooms are often available in prefabricated form, which means that the time between order and installation is much shorter than it often can be during the construction of... Read More

The Modular Cleanroom Advantage

By Dan Finkelstein - Allied Cleanrooms Building a clean room is an important undertaking. These controlled environments require skilled builders with a proven track record of clean room construction. In terms of the actual building of the clean rooms, there are two types of construction. Traditional methods of construction work similar to those that most people are familiar with. Plans are drawn up and a general contractor is hired. The contractor then sources out materials and labor and brings them to the construction site. From this point, additional subcontractors are... Read More

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Modular Clean Rooms

A modular clean room is a clean room that is assembled on site from pre-cut components. Modular clean rooms are considered more cost effective than other clean rooms because of their basic construction and low-cost materials. These rooms can be purchased as a kit or installed by a technician. As with standard clean rooms, modular clean rooms are defined as seriously controlled environments.

Clean rooms are designed to eliminate the dust, sand, salt particles and bacteria that enter a room through clothing and human skin. Because clean rooms are sealed from outside air, supplies, people and equipment coming in and out must be tightly monitored. Anyone entering a clean room must often wear a bunny suit, which covers a person from head to toe. This avoids bringing in outside contaminants. Because of the contaminant-free nature of modular clean rooms, they have become a necessary product for industries such as aviation, aerospace, electronics, hard drive manufacturing, military parts production, medical and pharmaceutical labs, meat processing and packaging, veterinary clinics, hospitals, medical offices and operating rooms. Lastly, they are used by scientists in the fields of micro technology and bio chemistry. Clean room manufacturers and clean room distributors are constantly working to ensure modular clean rooms are meeting the standards of the industries that use them.

There are two types of modular clean rooms: the hard wall modular clean room and the soft wall modular clean room. Hard wall clean rooms use panelized wall structures that support the roof and ceiling grid. These panels are made out of a variety of materials. Pharmaceutical, USP 797 compounding rooms and medical device clean rooms most often use panels made of reinforced plastic or high pressure laminate because these materials can withstand repeated cleaning and sterilizing without breaking down. Aluminum honeycomb panels are most popular for electronic industries because this material is non-outgassing, non particle shedding, anti-static and non-combustible. Other material options for hard wall construction include pre-painted aluminum, 24-gauge pre-painted steel, vinyl faced gypsum board, structural aluminum, paper or plastic honeycomb, expanded polystyrene and polyurethane. Soft wall structures consist of tubular steel frame structures supporting a ceiling grid. This structure uses pressurized vinyl curtains with a re-sealable entrance and exit to allow for maximum cleanliness. Both room structures are designed to only allow filtered air to enter the room. The air is filtered by filter units mounted in the ceiling. These units draw outside air through a HEPA filter, which filters the air before it enters the clean room.

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