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  • Santa Ana, CA 800-394-7699

    As a manufacturer of modular buildings, including inplant modular offices, exterior steel buildings, guard buildings, fork liftable and crane liftable buildings, multi-level buildings and mezzanines, Abtech offers turnkey installations or packages for install by end user. Our modular structures are constructed of steel, are free-standing & manufactured under strict quality control methods.

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  • Grand Rapids, MI 877-380-1860

    Clean Rooms International designs and manufactures class 1000 clean rooms, clean room components, workstations and air handling equipment. Having a sterile clean room to your specifications is our job and that is why we offer clean rooms in a wide variety of configurations. Our company specializes in designing flexible solutions for many industries throughout the world.

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  • Ontario, CA 800-959-0878

    Designer, manufacturer and installer of class 1000 clean rooms and controlled environments specializing in turn key applications nationwide. Single pass or re-circulating systems available with options for temperature control, humidity control, pressurized or negative pressure and sound deadening. Cleanrooms by United offers solutions that meet or exceed federal and ISO standards.

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  • Tijeras, NM 505-286-3944

    Our class 1000 cleanrooms will exceed your expectations exponentially. Each cleanroom features durable walls, flexible floor space, flush connections and dual ceiling systems. Our innovative processes allow for versatile design, and our customer support team will work with you through the whole process—from conception to installation. For the highest quality cleanrooms, contact us today and speak with a CLEAN³ representative.

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  • Brea, CA 800-989-1422

    At our core we desire to support you with the highest quality products for your clean room environments. Our class 1000 units are not only durable but also ergonomically beneficial for your work area. Our top-of-the-line models are ideal for general use, laboratory, static control, and clean rooms. Our products exceed the ANSI/BIFMA standards and we offer long lasting customer assistance to insure your satisfaction and your investment. Contact us or visit our website for more information!

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  • Belmont, MI 800-595-0020

    Are you searching for a Class 1,000 clean room? Technical Air Products' proprietary LogiClean® softwall and rigidwall cleanroom design offers customers a robust, economical and efficient solution for controlling the air quality of their work environment. We specialize in modular and portable cleanroom systems that help you adapt to your ever-changing operation. Our engineers can help you design a cleanroom to meet your clean air requirements. Please contact us for more information.

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  • Ocean, NJ 732-493-8400

    Our product lines include air showers, cleanroom filtration, cleanroom fumehoods, cleanrooms, cleanroom storage, through wall pass-thru systems and much more. If you are in need of a reliable class 1000 clean room then our staff at Atmos-Tech Industries can assist you with finding the best solutions for your needs. Give us a call today!

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  • Canton, MI 800-459-6320

    Looking for the best in class 1000 clean rooms? We can help! We offer the latest and greatest technology in the world of clean rooms. Our products are manufactured from the highest quality materials so you won’t have any stress wondering about the suitability of our products! We will work with you to create customized designs just for you! Look us up online to learn more!

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5 Questions to Ask Yourself When Designing a Modular Cleanroom

  People often come to us for a budgetary price for their cleanroom project without much information about their needs. A cleanroom is an investment and a real asset in a company’s strategy and needs to be well thought through. Many decisions must be taken when building a cleanroom, and these will affect the cleanroom performance, ergonomics and cost. The following 5 questions are, in our opinion the first ones to be asking when initiating a cleanroom project. 1) Which Class, Regulations or Other Norms Must You Comply With?... Read More

What Is a Cleanroom?

More than a room that is clean, a cleanroom is defined in the ISO standard 14644-1 as: “A room in which the concentration of airborne particles is controlled, and which is constructed and used in a manner to minimize the introduction, generation, and retention of particles inside the room and in which other relevant parameters, e.g. temperature, humidity, and pressure, are controlled as necessary” Minimizing the introduction, generation and retention of particles in a cleanroom is done in 3 ways: – Supplying the room with a large quantity of air... Read More

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Class 1000 Clean Rooms

Class 1,000 clean rooms are rooms in which the concentration level of airborne particles is controlled so that they never exceed 1,000 particles per cubic foot. Class 1,000 clean rooms are the second lowest classification in Federal Standard 209 standards. The International Organization for Standardization (ISO) equivalent standard of Class 1,000 clean rooms is ISO 6.

Some of the primary applications that Class 1,000 clean rooms are used for include inspection, patterning and integration tools like non-contract profilometry, flip-chip integration, thin-film deposition and laser micromachining. As a result of these diverse applications, Class 1,000 clean rooms are utilized in industries including pharmaceutical, scientific research, medical, electronics, semiconductor, food processing and industrial manufacturing. However, since Class 1,000 clean rooms are lower level clean rooms, they may have all of the requirements for certain higher-grade applications. For instance, they may not have an air shower at the entrance and may not require individuals to wear special shoes, although some still do; everyone wears a head-to-toe bunny suit to keep skin and hair particles out.

Some of the many contaminants that Class 1,000 clean rooms are used to keep out include human hair, dust particles, paint, air conditioning debris, lint, skin flakes and lubricants. The most common sources for these contaminants are people, tools, fluids, the facility and the product that is being manufactured. In order to keep these pollutants out and meet the standards of strict regulations, acrylics, steel, stainless steel, aluminum and polycarbonate are generally the materials that are used to fabricate the walls of Class 1,000 clean rooms. This class of clean rooms can be any of the 3 major designs of clean rooms: ballrooms, which are large and open rooms that are parts of the actual building; modular, which is a temporary and small room within a room; and soft wall, where the walls are made of tightly stretched or free-hanging fabric. In addition to availability in any of these designs, Class 1,000 clean rooms may also range in size from huge, open spaces to tiny chambers. In addition, temperature control and electrostatic discharge control are just a few of the different options that are also possible in this class of clean rooms.

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