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Process equipment refers to machinery that is utilized in order to alter the condition of a material or part. Processing is an integral part of many industries, as a way to alter materials in order to better suit their intended application. In order to meet a wide range of demands, there are many different methods used in processing applications including the application of high or low temperatures, deformation using a harder material and also the use of other reactive substances such as in chemical process equipment . Essential components in the industrial industry, process equipment is also used in industries such as food and beverage, petroleum, marine, pharmaceutical, electronics, aerospace and more. Able to be grouped into types of processing equipment, such as fluid process equipment or stainless process equipment, process equipment manufacturers often provide both new and used process equipment. Some of the most common types of industrial process equipment include heat exchangers, cooling towers, ultrasonic cleaners, mixers, tube forming machines, balers and lubrication equipment.

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